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DDoS Protection | Mitigate Threats, Reduce Costs


A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is a mechanism of delivering a variety of malicious cyber-attacks for extortion, vandalism, and money laundering. In the past year, many of these attacks have been aimed at disrupting or halting public services from banking to communication networks to stock exchanges. A distributed denial of service attack can overwhelm a server’s bandwidth and/or a victim’s system resources.

In this article, we examine the root causes of a DDoS attack as well as how to mitigate and prevent these cyber-attacks from happening in the first place.

Root causes of a DDoS attack

Root causes of a DDoS attack include the following:

  • Malicious attacks by hackers to disrupt service availability
  • Compliance violations, or lack thereof
  • Insufficient network or IT security measures
  • Poorly designed applications -Unprotected third-party services
  • Vulnerable infrastructure A DDoS protection service can help mitigate threats and reduce costs.

Identify the target of the attack

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a form of attack that prevents legitimate traffic from reaching the target. As a result, it causes a denial of service for that target’s customers. These attacks can be mitigated through DDoS protection services, but the attackers will adapt to these measures and find a new way to attack.

In order to protect against these attacks, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the attack methods. While DDoS attacks originate from a wide variety of sources, the three main categories include network-based, application-layer, and protocol attacks.

Analyze the traffic to identify the source of the attack

DDoS Protection is a key service to protect and monitor your company, and our service not only provides protection against DDoS attacks but also enables you to mitigate threats and reduce costs. Our team of experts has the experience to understand the risks that your business faces and deliver appropriate solutions.

  • Investigate to identify the source of the attack
  • Implement multi-layered protection to make it difficult for attackers to penetrate your environment
  • Build, test and manage your protection in real time
  • Monitor attacks as they happen and take action as soon as possible

Many of the attacks are so complex that they are hard to trace. Without an understanding of how network attacks are being perpetrated, you cannot protect against them, whether they are new types of DDoS attacks or more advanced ones.

Filter inbound traffic for malicious traffic

DDoS Protection is essential for any business to protect their valuable data. DDoS Mitigation Solutions provide valuable defense against DDoS Attacks. Some DDoS Protection Service providers offer DDoS Attack Protection Services and can help you mitigate threats and reduce costs. Cyber threats and the related cost to the global economy have been estimated to be worth over $600 billion annually. One of the most common threats is a DDoS attack.

Always on defense

A cost-effective and efficient solution to mitigate and protect against any DDoS attack is the Prolexic – DDoS Protection Service. The service has been providing high-performance, reliable, and scalable protection from DDoS attacks since 2003. The Prolexic – DDoS Protection Service shields the network from such threats as SYN, UDP, and ICMP floods, and prevents servers from becoming overloaded.

Multiple layers of protection

Multiple layers of protection are a crucial aspect to have when looking at a DDoS Protection company. First and foremost, one should be looking for a business that offers a variety of mitigation solutions in order to address a broad spectrum of attack types. Secondly, it is important to have a company that can monitor, mitigate, and respond to current and future security threats in a timely manner. Lastly, one should not overlook the importance of a backup plan.

Reduce the risk

DDoS Protection can be expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Reduce the risk of a DDoS attack with a DDoS protection service from a leading provider of a suite of DDoS mitigation solutions. Expertise is the key to a successful DDoS attack defense. By using leading mitigation solutions, you can reduce the likelihood of an attack taking place, thus minimizing the damage.

Allowing for more devices to be accessed

DDoS Protection by Mitigating Threats, Reduce Costs Allowing for more devices to be accessed DDoS attacks are on the rise. Despite improvements in infrastructure and security, data centers are still vulnerable to these attacks. This is because DDoS is often used as a smokescreen for other nefarious activities like human trafficking, ransomware, child pornography, and money laundering.

Achieving better security

DDoS Protection is the solution to mitigate the impact of an attack. They come in three variants: –

  1. Infrastructure-based mitigation
  2. Cloud-based mitigation
  3. Hybrid

The best option for an organization depends on what resources it needs to protect, whether its network or data center is colocated, and how much it costs to switch carriers.

Minimizing downtime

DDoS Protection is the best way to mitigate all potential threats to your company and reduce downtime. With a DDoS protection service, you’ll be able to avoid costly downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

  • Mitigate threats with DDoS protection services
  • Reduce costs with reduced downtime
  • Improve productivity with remote workers

Protection for your most critical data

DDoS Protection is the best way to protect your data centers. With DDoS protection, you’ll be able to reduce downtime, improve productivity, and mitigate threats.

  • Protect your most critical data with DDoS protection
  • Reduce downtime with DDoS protection
  • Mitigate threats with DDoS protection services

Help minimize expenses

DDoS Protection Services will help you mitigate all potential threats, reduce costs, and improve productivity. And it gets better – if you’re a business with a data center, we can help with those as well.

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