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Best 11 Mobile App Development Agency in the UK


Mobile app development is everything related to creating software for mobile phones and digital assistants, generally for android and iOS devices. You can find the services preinstalled, or you need to download them on your device from the application store or via a web browser.

Swift, HTML5, Java, and C#, are the programming and markup languages employed in this software. To be approachable, successful, and pertinent, companies must advance the mobile apps their clients, associates, and staff need.

Mobile app development may look tough and complicated to many. As soon as you have chosen the OS platform, you must overwhelm the limits of mobile devices and get your application past the possible obstacles of dissemination. The lucky thing is that by adhering to certain rules and the finest practices, the app development journey can be simplified. Below we have mentioned the list of the top mobile app development agencies. Read further to know in-depth about each.

Top-Rated Mobile App Development Companies in the UK

Hyperlink Infosystem

This company is a renowned mobile application development company familiar with every needed technical program and its execution and marketing services.

Why do You Need to Hire Hyperlink Infosystem for Mobile App Development

  • The company is equipped with 51 to 249 employees.
  • The mobile app service provided by Hyperlink InfoSystem can cost anywhere from 10000 to 25000 Dollars.
  • They create ascendable and tough applications by harmonizing the business model and the skill that got approved.
  • The teams at Hyperlink InfoSystem stick to a responsive development practice leading to top-notch quality and sturdy application.

Pros of Hire Hyperlink Infosystem to Create a Mobile App

  • The clients can rely on them
  • They provide excellent support
  • They have an experienced team of specialist


This is among the most eminent mobile application development companies in the United Kingdom. The reason for its eminence is its pioneering move towards mobile application development by emphasizing top-notch products.

Why do You Need to Hire Brightec for Mobile App Development

  • The company has created applications for organizations in numerous areas. For example, supermarkets, education, and pharmaceuticals.
  • It is equipped with a team of nearly 11 to 50 employees.
  • The developers at Brightec possess a lot of experience in building up personalized mobile applications for both AndroidAndroid and iOS devices.
  • The developers are likely to earn anywhere around 100 to 149 dollars an hour.
  • At Brightec, mobile application development is divided into four segments: Discover, Develop, Define, and Ongoing Development.

Pros of Hire Brightec for Creating a Mobile App

  • Affordable services
  • Personalized mobile apps for android/iOS
  • Focus on several areas

Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is a worldwide renowned mobile application development agency. The services at DCI begin from the concept stage to spread business consultation, product development, marketing research, multiple platform marketing, and extents via server and client support actions.

In the field of information technology, DCI has experience of more than 19 years. The experts at DCI are aware of the complexity of developing a mobile application.

Why do You Need to Hire Dot Com Infoway for Mobile App Development

  • The development team at DCI offers digital transformation, product engineering, technology consultation, business enabling, digital transformation, and business process automation.
  • The other major services that DCI offers are IoT app development, web development, ChatBot, Wallet Integration, Blockchain Development, Mobile application and games marketing, and digital marketing.
  • The charges for an application to be developed by DCI can be somewhere around 1000 Dollars.
  • At DCI, there are over a hundred tech and marketing solution professionals.

Pros of Hire Dot Com Infoway for App Development

  • A big team of professionals
  • Offer numerous services
  • Globally popular


iTechArt is another top, reputed mobile app development agency in the UK. iTechArt has developed more than 300 apps for various clients and businesses.

The company has a solid focus on clear interfaces and intuitiveness, and due to this, it outshines within cross-platform applications for access to larger markets with no skimping on code excellence.

Features of iTechArt for Mobile App Development

  • The company offers AndroidAndroid, iOS, and cross-platform mobile app development.
  • They are equipped with a well-experienced team of experts.
  • The team at iTechArt develops seamless IoT applications building long-term value across all the stages of the development procedure.
  • The applications developed by our engineers are high-performance, which allow tracking and control over linked devices.

Pros of Hire iTechArt for Mobile Development

  • Experienced developers
  • Have a great reputation in the market
  • Been in the business for many years                                     


Fueled operates with various startups and major companies. Also, it is among the top-rated mobile application development agencies in the UK. Thus, they are able to develop convincing, thriving, high-quality applications and sites.

Why do You Need to Hire Fueled for Mobile App Development

  • It aims to assist entrepreneurs in shaping and expanding their businesses.
  • They understand the issues of the clients and offer the ideal solution.
  • The team at Fueled does not compromise on anything when it comes to providing quality products.
  • They have the most passionate and creative people on their team.

Pros of Hiring Fueled for Mobile Development

  • Working with Fueled can get you mobile apps/sites of great quality
  • Assist at nearly every stage.

Netsells Group

Netsells is among the fastest-growing app development companies and is also among the most renowned companies to produce cutting-edge sites and apps for more than 300 organizations worldwide.

Why do You Need to Hire Netsells Group for Mobile App Development

  • They have worked for numerous clients, counting NHS, Capita, Jaguar Land Rover, Leeds University, and Stihl.
  • Prices for each product are around 100 to 149 dollars per hour.
  • Equipped with a workforce of about 51 to 2000 employees.

Pros of Hiring Netsells Group for Mobile Development

  • Have a great experience in this field.
  • Offer quality services to clients


This is a major technology consulting company in the United Kingdom. Digiryte primarily focuses on mobile, social, cloud, IoT, and analytics. They offer mobile applications, web app development, as well as enhancing current products, business growth consultation, and business automation.

Why do You Need to Hire Digiryte for Mobile App Development

  • The revenue generated by the company is about 5 million dollars per year.
  • The company’s top clients include Hilton, GNC, NHS, Marriott, and the Queen Mary University of London.
  • The cost for a project to be developed is about 50 to 99 dollars per hour.

Pros of Hiring Digiryte for Mobile Development

  • Emphasize mobile, cloud, analytics, and IoT.
  • Web app development, business growth consultation, mobile apps


Tapptitude work on products for recognizing and building simple procurement flows, producing value early for preserving users, and creating a sturdy substructure.

Why do You Need to Hire Tapptitude for Mobile App Development

  • The charges for a project to be developed are anywhere from 25 to 49 dollars an hour.
  • Palate Wizards, Rindle, Flycleaners, Tap2Map, and Tenor, are their key clients.
  • The revenue generated is about 5 million dollars yearly.

Pros of Hire Tapptitude for Mobile Development

  • Have a sturdy infrastructure
  • A popular name among mobile app development companies.

Innofied Solution

Innnofied Solution has an executive team with great industry expertise. They have kept an excellent client experience for the primary day. The company has made over 300 satisfied customers, which is a great accomplishment.

Why do You Need to Hire Innofied Solution for Mobile App Development

  • Cordial, Octopull, Level, ProSkool, and Bidride are its major clients
  • The yearly revenue generated is about 8 million dollars.
  • The cost for a project to be developed is anywhere between 25 to 49 dollars per hour.

Pros of Hire Innofied Solution for Mobile Development

  • Offer quick, seamless services.
  • More than 300 happy customers

The Distance

This is another top-rated mobile app development agency that builds intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. They have great industry experience in designing and developing built-in applications for various clients.

Why do You Need to Hire The Distance for Mobile App Development

  • The company has about 62 employees.
  • Their charge for developing a project is around 100 to 149 dollars an hour.
  • Virgin Trains, Slimming World, NHS, and Bentley are their top clients.
  • The yearly revenue generated is about 11 Million Dollars.

Pros of Hire The Distance for Mobile Development

  • Builds intuitive apps for Android/iOS
  • Possess years of industry-experience


Apadmi has been developing mobile applications and excellent business solutions for many years. The company has a team of passionate developers working efficiently on mobile technology and assisting businesses in knowing their potential.

Why do You Need to Hire Apadmi for Mobile App Development

  • The number of employees working at Apadmi is 170.
  • The charges for a project are somewhere around 150 to 199 dollars an hour.
  • The annual revenue generated is 20 Million dollars.
  • United Utilities, Charles Stanley, Land Rover, Sail GP, and The Drum are their top customers.

Pros of Hire Apadmi for Mobile Development

  • Team of passionate people
  • Top-notch and affordable services


Today, mobile application development is constantly evolving. Also, mobile devices and mobile apps that make things easier are the most common methods for people and companies to connect online. If you are thinking that your business needs the Mobile App then you may review the above options for Mobile App Development.

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