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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you own, manage, monetize or promote your content on different search engines, then SEO is the essential skill you need. Whether you are a website owner or want good traffic on your sites, you need SEO everywhere. In this article, we forward you the best overview of the SEO basics you have been looking for. We certainly do not claim that this guide will expose any secret automatically ranking your site on Google. However, we have enlisted some of the very best practices that will make it easier for you to understand the algorithm better.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of growing the traffic on your website based on search results. It imbibes practices like keyword research, shaping content, tech audits, and link building. In simple words, SEO means to make your content appropriate to increase its visibility when people search for them in different search engines like Google or Bing. The more visible your page is, the higher is the chance of getting ranked first. Articles that are ranked higher gain more readings, grab more attention, entice the prospective audience, bring in sponsorships, and ultimately make more money.

SEO is all about making minor changes to your content and website. As an individual, such changes may seem incremental, but in combination with other optimization that can make a significant impact on your website’s performance on organic search results. Regardless of its popularity, any webpage needs to incorporate the very basics of SEO, to begin with. Popular sites polish those parts to bring ineffective results. , they make the website according to the users and ensure that their experience remains positive

How Does SEO Work ?

Google or any other search engine uses a combination of guidelines to show pages on relevant searches. Such algorithms are tough to comprehend and consider thousands of different factors to determine the ranking of their SERPs. However, some core evaluation factors determine the worth of a site and how it should be ranked.

Page Links

Links from other popular websites play a significant role in ranking a site on search engines. A link in network marketing is seen, and other websites give a vote of quality. Since no owner will like to link a poorly framed website, it plays a determinate role in page rank. Any site that incorporates links for several other sites gains attention in the eyes of the engine. Results are even further accelerated if the linking sites are authoritative.

Quality Content

Apart from the links mentioned above, search engines also scrutinize the content you publish on your web page. A significant part of SEO revolves around creating content relevant to the target keywords that the users are looking for.

Structure of the Page

Your page structure should also follow the SEO guidelines from the start. Since webpages are encoded in HTML, their code skeleton should be as such that it increases its evaluation capacity. Along with this measure, adding relevant keywords in the content title, URL, and proper subheads, making the site more crawlable, can also significantly impact the SEO.

Different Types of SEO

We mention here the four core types of SEO that can get you started:

Also known as on-site SEO, this process revolves around optimizing the content solely. It can include anything starting from body, keywords, headers, meta titles or descriptions, and much more. Some key points that you need to keep in mind while working on On-site SEO are as follows:

On Page SEO

Do through keyword research before you start writing on a topic. Any keyword you choose should have high relevance, have a high search volume, and not be too competitive all at the same time. After you find the right keywords for you, consider placing them wisely. Make sure you give thorough instructions to your team to incorporate the keywords as they write.

Your metadata should give the brief for your content in a concise but crisp manner. They tell the search engines and the readers about the content they are expected to read. Make sure your meta titles and descriptions should have proper keywords.

Off Page SEO

Anything that is happening outside of your website is Off-page SEO.it is about creating exposure and building trust in your company so that it attracts more sales. A significant portion of off-site SEO includes link building, which is about making reputed waisted to link back on yours. It includes:

The first step that you take towards off-site SEO is pitching your articles. You will find many blogs that will allow you to pitch to them through published posts. All you have to do is find a blog relevant to your content and incorporate a link back to your site.

Do thorough competitive research and analyze the backlink profiles they provide. Find out the sites that will allow you to hyperlink.

Local SEO

Local SEO is about making a determinate online presence to promote your products and services to local consumers. Generally, your website rank is dependent on your business profile on Google. Your GMB profile can increase your listing prospect since only 44% of business owners compete for this step before making content.

Technical SEO

The ever-evolving tech SEO is all about actions that make search engines find your website faster. To have an enhanced user experience, technical SEO should be satisfactory and should include

Now Google has made sure to include a variety of loading times as one of the ranking factors. So, make sure your website speed is faster. Keep your template as simple as possible, restricts redirects to a level, or you can optimize your interface.

Your site should be mobile-friendly, as more users are now dependent on cell phones than desktops. Make sure your site performs smoothly on mobile and can make quick navigation.

Importance of SEO for Every Business

People across the globe do trillions of searches every year, making SEO a primary part of digital marketing. SEO practices make your brand more discoverable online than ever before.

Higher Ranking on Search Engine

When a user searches for a service or product online, he is most likely to choose form the five suggestions that the search engine like Google usually gives. An SEO website with good content gets preference in the queue and gathers more visibility. Once your article is ranked higher, more people will mostly visit to your site and avail the services you are forwarding.

Increase Traffic

Even after having good services in hand, your website will miss potential customers if SEO is not properly sufficed. On the other hand, SEO increases organic (non-paid) search engine traffic to your website, making more visitors to your page that ever.

Building The Trust

The higher is your SEO score, the greater the trust of people in you will be getting. While searching for something, an average user trusts the recommendations provided by Google or any their search engine themselves. Hence, on ranking higher, an additional perk is added to your services in turn. In the user’s mind, he will never really doubt your intent since your webpage will be Google approved.

Improved User Experience

A well-optimized article is easy to navigate and people will garner information very quickly. Nobody wants to read an article that is poorly structured and that is quite challenging to read. Once it happens, Google will automatically rank your page lower due to its lack of good user experience. By catering to user experience, search engines like Google extract the necessary information needed to show results that are relevant. It generally tries to convey as many readable details as required. So, if an average user faces difficulty in navigating your website, Google will probably face the same problem. So, always make sure to make content that is SEO inclusive of improving the user’s experience.

Expansion opportunities

SEO provides ample opportunities for the growth of your company. The more traffic that you will derive, the more revenue you will generate. Any well-optimized article is more likely to make more transactions and generate more business opportunities. Once customers like your service, they will share your page with others on different social media platforms. Expanding your business has never been this simple before.


While improving your online presence seems like a mountain of work, SEO can make matters simple. Search engines like Google may continue to change their policies; your focus should only be on creating high-quality content. So instead of trying to keep up with Google, you can invest that time in building up your SEO more efficiently. Many among us are weed put by focusing too much on the algorithms, which ultimately affects their quality. So, make sure you include all that your heart desires while keeping watch over a bit of optimization. Keeping all the above information in mind, you can get your marketing strategy rolling in no time. 

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