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What Are The Applications Of Waterjet Machines in Industries


Many sectors are recognizing the advantages of high-pressure water jets. Waterjet technology, one of the fastest-growing precision machine processes today, successfully enables a wide range of sectors to benefit from considerable efficiency gains and high production while being incredibly cost-efficient and ecologically friendly.

This article will go through a variety of industrial applications for waterjet machines.

What Materials Can a Waterjet Cut?

A question may arise in your mind what materials can a waterjet cut? Waterjet machines can cut any metal, including hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, and a variety of exotic metals that are difficult to cut with conventional equipment or processes. Waterjet cutting delivers a flawless edge with no burn scars, cracking, or excessive burrs. Furthermore, because waterjet is a cold-cutting process, no heat-affected zones exist.

The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technology

The waterjet cutting technique comprises a high-pressure waterjet propelled from the cutting tip at three times the speed of sound. When working with tougher materials, the water jet is combined with an eco-friendly natural abrasive powder, which serves as the real ‘cutting tool.’

Waterjet technology, which is becoming more common in the machine tool processing landscape, stands out for its great adaptability and cutting precision, as well as its ease of use. Because it is a cold-cutting process, it produces no mechanical or thermal deformations on the material. Because the surface of the cut contour is properly polished, no extra processing is required, and the procedure is completely ecologically sustainable.


Waterjet cutting systems are distinguished by their extremely high cutting precision and ensure waste-free manufacturing.


Waterjet technology is simple to use: the setup procedures are uncomplicated. The key advantages for the client are the cold-cutting process and the increased production because of considerable time and cost savings, primarily because no additional processing is necessary. The WaterCad-CamTM software, which has a configurable user interface and is loaded on every machine, is simple to use. With a few clicks, the personalized work program for any material and thickness can be selected and run.


Waterjet solutions enable you to cut any form, size, or material up to 300 mm in thickness. It can readily cut diverse materials such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, composite materials, metals, and alloys by utilizing the same tool and settings for most operations.

Waterjet Machine Applications in Industry

Waterjet Machine Applications in Industry

Many manufacturers are curious about the uses of waterjet cutting equipment. If you’re curious about the uses of waterjet cutting machines, here are some examples.

1. Architectural Industries

Art and architecture work hand in hand, and accurate cuts are critical to achieving product beauty. Waterjet cutting produces impressive results that showcase pure art, whether it is an interior design art piece or stones to place in the yard.

Waterjet cutting is used in the architectural sector in the following ways.

  • Marble, granite, and other stones are cut for flooring or signs.
  • Precision cut metals for different artworks around the home or workplace
  • Cut the doors and windows to size.
  • Make table tops, murals, stone furniture, and so forth.

2. Aerospace Industries

Waterjet cutting equipment is essential in the aerospace sector. In this case, extreme accuracy is essential to create diverse components since zero error is one condition for maintaining safety.

Here’s how waterjet cutting benefits the aerospace sector.

  • Produces jet engine components
  • Create turbine blades.
  • Create airplane composite materials.
  • Automobile Manufacturing

Waterjet cutting is required for several microscopic components. Here’s how water jet cutting in the car business works.

  • Produce clutch components for race vehicles.
  • Illustration of a custom-built motorbike.
  • Make motorcycle brake discs and other components.
  • Create exhaust system flanges.
  • Automobile decorative brackets
  • Make copper head gaskets.
  • Create model stores.

3. Electronics Industries

Waterjet cutting is required in the electronic sector in the following ways.

  • Remove the electrical casings and panels.
  • sever the wires
  • Create both sorts of circuit boards (populated and unpopulated)
  • Create control panels.
  • Make generator components.
  • Lift and elevator profile cutting
  • Metal fittings must be cut.
waterjet cutting

4. Industry of Food

Many stainless steel and plastic goods are used in the food sector. Waterjet cutting machines are used by equipment vendors to make various utensils, cooktops, and other food industry components.

Below are a few examples of where water jet cutting is required.

  • Developing a variety of mechanical components for food processing joints
  • Building food handling and packaging equipment
  • Making machinery responsible for beverage production
  • Manufacturing bespoke gaskets for a variety of industries

5. Medicine Industries

Again, several components must be designed precisely in the medical industry. Waterjet cutting is useful in their creation. Here are some examples of how water jet-cutting equipment may aid the medical industry.

  • Making surgical instruments out of steel
  • Making an artificial limb out of cotton
  • Brace and other orthopedic appliance fabrication
  • Creating test prototype gadgets
  • reducing the thickness of thin plastic

6. The Glass industries

While waterjet cutting can cause tempered glass to shatter, stained glass can be cut in the same way while ensuring industrial safety. Here’s how waterjet technology may help you work with glass.

  • Create window panels
  • Make quartz and glass lens blanks.
  • Glass-cut components are utilized in the medical and electrical industries.
  • Make an art decoration
  • Create laser components for the high-tech sector.
  • For educational reasons

Water jet cutting is used in many architectural schools to teach students about Industrial safety equipment suppliers and the necessity of precision cuts in multiple industries, as well as safety precautions to be followed while through the procedure.

waterjet cutting applications industry

Final Words

Water jet cutting with speed blast might help you get the desired effect. Waterjet cutting outperforms all other cutting methods, making it appropriate for all industrial activities of any size.

If you are contemplating waterjet cutting for your business or industry, TechniWaterjet has a wide selection of waterjet cutters. These waterjet cutters are highly dependable, industry-leading machines that can handle everything you throw at them.

TechniWaterjet also offers suitable software for their waterjet cutters. These programs have pre-loaded CAD designs for rapid cutting and the option to develop any unique designs. Contact us, and we will provide the best waterjet cutting services in and around the UK.

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