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What is a Business Process Management System? 11 Best BPMS Software in 2022

Best BPMS Software
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If you are looking for a decent Business Process Management, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the meaning of Business Process Management and some features of the top 11 BPMS software in 2022. Business Process Management Systems are extremely important as it helps in improving your business’s systems and processes. If you need to regularly analyse, improve and advance your business or need a coordinated and in-depth integration of non-IT and IT departments for process refinement. Read this article before you choose a Business Process Management System for yourself.

What is a Business Process Management System?

A business process system allows the execution, modelling, maintenance, and design of the business processes and the employees responsible for managing them over different physical locations and departments. You should get a business process management system for achieving the highest productivity and efficiency as they are designed specifically to assist businesses in optimising their daily business processes.

List of the top-rated BPMS software in 2022


Kintone offers a customisable business process management system used by companies at Volvo Trucks North America, Shiseido, Japan Airlines and more than 23,000 organisations globally. They have a different approach to business processes that allows you to build different business apps with a. useful drag-and-drop interface. It also helps you manage actions around your recorded data with workflows to adjust it easily. is a popular and useful business process management tool as it has eliminated a lot of trimmings that management tolls typically have and are instead focused on visually intuitive and simple layouts that assist in clarifying the work’s exact sequence. has numerous project management features such as project management, reporting, resource management, collaboration and time tracking. For instance, the users can attach and upload documents to cards, mention teammates, leave comments, etc.


Kissflow offers a digital workspace app which has no-code process management features which adapt easily to all the business process systems over various platforms. It is considered to be one of the top BPMS. It has fantastic features such as data and user scalability, real-time analytics, an easy interface, and has around 50 apps such as Employee Onboarding and Travel Reimbursement.

Kissflow has high-quality features and functions since they are a viable no-code option for any business process needs, such as project board building, collaboration tools, case flow handling and automated processes.

Process Bliss

Process Bliss is a popular BPMS for small and medium businesses and teams. They provide a tool to its clients which has a fantastic workflow builder which supports decision branching, file and data capture, loops dependent due to data, within a normal process flowchart view, and strong template features. It is incredibly user-friendly and makes it easy for non-technical people to start a business process.

Process Street

Process Street offers a process-driven tool that works well with a Business Process Management System workflow plan. Even though Process Street does not provide as much as a Business Process Management System tool in the case of reporting and analytics, it’s the perfect tool for teams with document-driven workflows.


Orchestly is a BPMS tool that assists you in managing, optimising, and automating daily business workflows and routine operating procedures on a drag and drop platform. This tool was developed for enterprise and medium businesses in any field, and it assists in automating workflows for departments such as IT, Legal, Marketing, HR and Finance.

It offers customisable forms, which makes it easier to collect business information. A drag and drop workflow builder, which does not require in-depth technical skills, can help map out simple and complex workflows in a flowchart in minutes. It enables you to automate stages depending on time or condition, eliminating the need for manual labour.


Trisotech has an excellent modelling capability of a Digital Enterprise Suite, enabling you to communicate and describe your organisation’s plan visually, explain your goals using pre-set templates, analyse the value and quality of work using Six Sigma and Lean concepts, and assign responsibility to things.

The application is incredibly useful as it supports various modelling business processes via BPMN and integrates seamlessly with business rules via case management and DMN using CMMN, which assists in automating and designing complex processes.


ProWorkflow was launched in 2002 and developed as a Business Process Management System tool to assist communication needs and internal workflow. After logging into this tool, you will see a user-friendly dashboard that displays a graphical summary of the current status of your company’s completed, upcoming, and active work. You can easily see invaluable data about your company, such as active tasks and projects, invoices and quotes, recent logins, time tracked, and recent actions.

Moreover, you can also view a ‘Recent Work’ tab through which you can easily see who is working on what tasks. It provides easy-to-use communication features which are already integrated into your emails.


iGrafx provides business transformation software which thoroughly supports workflow automation, compliance, risk, RPA, governance, customer journey, etc. It is designed to synchronize and connect the data between process and customer while also allowing scalability.

iGrafx offers excellent skills in plotting analysis of upcoming or hypothetical process changes. The process documentation is extremely flexible and intuitive after settling on a set direction.

IBM Blueworks Live

IBM Blueworks Live provides a business solution which helps in improving, automating, and documenting workflows easily. It provides many useful features such as embedded tutorials, drag and drop process mapping, a centralised business process repository, starter templates, real-time collaboration, etc.

Blueworks is extremely easy to navigate as it is extremely intuitive. You can easily get started on simple tasks such as building and capturing processes by using the discovery map.


Novacura Flow is a BPMS that connects you to an ERP. It has useful features such as notifications, offline work options, inbox, barcode scanning, etc. It enables you to develop business logic-oriented, low-code applications and push them to the clients. They provide a wide range of tools such as workflows, connectors, Gantt charts, browser and multi-platform compatibility, easy flow design, and drag and drop capabilities.


Business Process Management Systems are extremely beneficial to all types of businesses. They help businesses in reaching their goals quicker, cheaply and efficiently. It offers a systemic approach to achieving your goals. It significantly increases the flexibility and efficiency of the workflow. Before choosing a BPMS tool for your company, you must know all the features of the top-rated tools. Go through this article carefully to find the best BPMS tool for your company.

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