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Best Halal Buffets Restaurant in London


Halal is an Arabic term referring to allowance, while Haram is an illegal practice, as mentioned in the Islamic culture. The holy book of Muslims, the Quran, is considered the divine declaration. According to the book, the foods they are allowed to eat are known as halal food. There is a custom in which animals are killed cruelly while they are being alive as well as in good shape. This method is known as Zabihah. Animals are killed in a way to minimize pain. Their throat is being ripped off at one go using a cutter. All the blood from their body gets drained. By this, the suffering becomes less.

Latest and Top-Rated 10 Halal Buffets Places in London

Aroma Buffet W12

The restaurant serves a variety of mussels, prawns, and crab sticks, such as sesame prawns or chicken toast, crab law, and Thai prawn crackers. Lamb curry, as well as a variety of chicken items, are presented to customers. Also, desserts, soft drinks, and alcohol are available there. All the food is freshly cooked. The ambience of the place is soothing and grand.

  • Location: Shopping base, Trinity square- W12. 8PP, London, UK
  • It is located on the first floor
  • Timings: 12pm-6pm
  • Contact: +44 20 8746 7625

Feast And Mishthi

Here, mouth-watering Bangladeshi food is made to serve people. Perfect flavours are given in food with a pinch of oil. It is linked with Zomato, through which customers get access to order food online at their homes. It is a possible application that displays the menu so people can easily choose. A variety of food options are served along with drinks. 20% discount is allocated on takeaway orders if placed through the restaurant’s website.  

  • Location: 247 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DB, UK
  • Timings: 8:30am-11pm
  • Contact: +44 20 7377 6112

Chaudhary’s Buffet Restaurant, London

It serves multiple cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Pakistani, and Indian in inexpensive ranges. This restaurant gives a homely space. Catering services are also available for organizing various parties, birthday celebrations, or weddings. Delicious food is the speciality of this place.

  • Location: Fore ST, 198-202, London, N18 2JD- UK
  • Timings: 5pm-11pm ; 1pm-11pm (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Contact: +44 7747 736667

Spice Village

They offer luscious dishes of Gujarati, Indian, Chinese and Chinese cuisine. The food offered is entirely halal and does not contain alcohol. Grilled meat, kebabs, and a variety of chicken items are served. Smoky flavour and juiciness are maintained in the taste along with the affordable price. The friendly staff is available.

  • Location: Ilford IG1, High Road/ 266-268
  • Timings: 5pm-11pm ; 2pm-12am (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Contact: +44 20 8553 1177

Royal Nawab

It’s a bit expensive restaurant situated in Ealing. Another branch in Manchester is also going to open shortly. One more restaurant with the availability of four hundred and fifty seats is going to open in Ilford. High standard halal food is served.

  • Location: 7 Hoover building, Western Avenue, UB6 8 DB- Greenford
  • Timings: 5pm-11pm ; 1pm-11pm (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Contact: +44 20 8998 6151

AL Qasr Ilford

It offers all kinds of food, like halal, vegan, and gluten-free. Providing a taste of Indian and Pakistani food is the main goal. There is no availability of alcohol. Banquets are well organized for arranging any party. Freshly cooked food is served in a great environment and is well serviced. Covid-19 restrictions are carefully taken into consideration.

  • Location: 308 Ley St, Ilford IG1 4BS
  • Timings: 5pm-10pm ; 1pm-10:30pm (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Contact: + 44 20 3583 2189

JRC Global Buffet Wood Green

It is located in the mall of Wood Green’s shopping centre. They offer different cuisines, including Mexican, Chinese, French, and Brazilian. This restaurant offers many branches in London: Watford, Croydon, Wembley, and Ilford. You can make various choices from chicken, salads, Sushi, Biryani, and Pizza to desserts. Alcohol is available in this restaurant but comes with separate charges. Certain drinks are included in the buffet, like soft drinks, coffee or tea. The overall price for enjoying the buffet ranges around £10.

  • Location:  Unit 18 ‐ 1st Floor East side the Mall Shopping Centre, 159 High Road, London N22 6YA, UK
  • Timings: 12–3pm, 5:30–10pm
  • Contact– + 44 20 8881 1155

Khan’s Restaurant

They serve delicious halal food like biryani or butter chicken. The freshness and taste are always taken up for serving food. Halal dishes are 100% pure. Plenty of cocktails made up of fruits are also available here. Area of specialization consists of butter chicken, fish curry, methi gosht, and mutter paneer. There are extensive choices in main courses that go over seventy in range. Ice creams, gulab jamun, Kulfi, and even ras malai are served as desserts. They even serve cobra free, which does not contain alcohol in it.

  • Location: 13-15. Westbourne Grove/ W2 4UA
  • Timings: 1pm-10:45pm (Friday to Saturday) ; 1pm-9:45pm (Sunday to Thursday)
  • Contact: + 44 20 7727 5420

Wok’S Cooking Halal Chinese Restaurant

It serves a variety of delicious Chinese food items. It consists of noodles, dim sum, omelettes, seafood, curry, meat, chicken, and mushrooms. It has beautiful decor. Staff service is polite.

  • Location: 1453 London Road, Norbury/ SW16 4AQ
  • Timings: 3pm-11pm ; 1pm-11pm (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Contact: + 44 20 8679 9405

Palm Riverside Lounge

It is situated on the North side of London and offers great food and royal interior décor. The view of the River Thames makes it the main benefit point of attraction for its customers. There are plenty of mocktails and food ranging from grilled prawns, lamb cutlets, roast lamb, spinach fatayer, palm salad, and murgh masala. Freshly made juices of fruits are also available, made up of apple, lemon, mint, and orange.

  • Location: 94- Point Pleasant/ SW18 1PP. UK
  • Timings: 12pm-12am ; 12pm-1am (Friday and Saturday)
  • Contact: + 44 20 8871 4188

London is like a hub of restaurants serving pure halal food with a friendly budget. Each of the cafés does not ever compromise on the ingredients taken to prepare food. Various varieties of cuisines are being served, which have a lip-smacking taste. When looking for halal food in London, these above options are a must to go and try.

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