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10 Best Jewellery Stores In London


Regardless of whether you are organizing an elaborate engagement party or hope to quietly propose to your loved one, there is one thing you must get right, you guess it right-the ring! The quality of the ring says a lot about how much you value your wife or husband to be. Even if you are sure they will say YES to your proposal, you must get them the best ring you can afford.

As the time to pop the question draws near you’ll have a lot on your mind. You have to prepare the proposal speech, search for the perfect place to propose, and also think about creative ways to pop the question. With all that going on, you should also look for a place to buy the perfect ring for the love of your life. We have carefully selected 10 jewelry stores in London where you could buy quality rings for your Life Partner and Wife.

Top-Rated Jewellery Stores In London To Buy a Ring For Your Fiance

  • Taylor and Hart
  • E.C.One Jewellers
  • 77 Diamonds
  • Lewis Malka
  • Hearts of London
  • Ingle and Rode
  • Stephen Einhorn
  • Reve Diamonds
  • London Diamonds
  • Diamond Boutique

Taylor and Hart

This is one of the top bespoke jewelry dealers in London. It was originally Rare Pink before it rebranded in 2016. They are known to offer personalized experiences to customers. You’ll work together with experts in the store to get the ring that symbolizes your story. That may explain why they have a 4.9 stars customer rating.

There are several customer support options, you could reach them via email, WhatsApp, telephone, and live chat. Taylor & Hart offers several design options. The rings are affordable, beginning at about £1500. They also make deliveries to other countries, so don’t fear making the order if you are not within UK. If you can’t buy the ring out of your pocket, you could make arrangements for installment payments.

E.C.One Jewellers

EC one has been creating beautiful jewelry pieces since 1997. They are careful about where the materials used come from. Diamond, gold, and other materials used to make rings and other pieces of jewelry come from all over the world. Some are even stolen or from unethical minds. Your fiance will not feel good if they discover that the ring was made from materials from unethical sources.

EC One offers custom ring designs, just contact online support and they guide you through the process. If you are looking for rings made from diamond and gold alternatives, EC One has a range of precious materials such as emerald, topaz, sapphire, and aquamarine. If you are not happy with the purchase, you may ask for a refund within 2 weeks of purchase. You get free deliveries if you are within the UK.

77 Diamonds

People searching for quality diamonds are affordable prices don’t look beyond 77 diamonds. They are known to offer a price guarantee of 1% cheaper than what competitors are charging for the diamond. 77 Diamonds offer six prime styles namely bespoke, diamond band, halo, solitaire, and trilogy.

After consulting with you, they will create mock designs of what the final product will look like, and if you happen with it, they will produce the real thing. If the ring doesn’t fit, they resize without charge (within 30 days of making the purchase). 77 diamonds offer a 30-day refund guarantee policy.

Lewis Malka

This jewelry store is named after its owner, who is very passionate about creating bespoke rings. Milka has mastered the art of designing best hope rings, they work with you to design a ring that your fiance will not overlook. You may check out their website to have a look at some of their top collections.

However, you can’t order the ring through their website, you must go to the physical store. Creating a perfect ring is not a process that should be rushed, lewis Malka understands this very well after creating hundreds of quality rings for clients. The customer ratings can prove that almost all customers are happy with his work.

Hearts of London

As the name suggests, Hearts of London is located in the heart of London city. It was created in 2010 to offer people quality jewelry coupled with memorable shopping experiences. You can either order your ring online or get it from the physical store. It was recognized by the UK Retailer Jeweller Awards as the bridal jewelry store for 2020. If you are not happy with the purchase, you can request a refund within 40 days.

Ingle and Rode

If you are looking for a premade engagement ring to purchase on the go, Ingle & Rhode boast a wide range of bespoke ring collection. The sale rings online and offline. But if you want to visit the store, you must make an appointment first. The rings are priced fairly, from about £1500.

 Jewelry by Ingle & Rhode is manufactured in the UK from ethically sourced materials or recycled materials. To put your heart at rest, they offer a 10-year warranty; not many jewelers offer such guarantees.

Stephen Einhorn

Established in 1995, Stephen Einhorn is popular for custom jewelry. They offer jewelry made from a wide range of materials. Since they offer custom designs, a team works together with you to create a ring that is uniquely yours. They have a wide range of premade rings that customers can order online. You can only request a refund within two weeks of making the purchase, the same is true with resizing.

Reve Diamonds

Custom engagement rings and other top-quality pieces of jewelry shouldn’t be very expensive. Reve Diamonds prides itself on providing customers with quality rings at affordable prices. They can work with you to design high-quality rings within a comfortable price range. All their diamonds are GIA certified. If you are not happening with the product, request a refund within 30 days.

London Diamonds

London Diamonds are known to offer top-quality diamond products. They pride themselves in only using diamonds from ethical sources. The diamonds are also GIA certified. They have a wealth of information about diamonds on their website, for those who want to learn more about diamonds. London Diamonds deal directly with wholesalers, which means they can offer you the best price on the market.

Diamond Boutique

When you talk about quality rings, a diamond is the first thing that comes to most people’s mind. There is a wide range of gemstones that act as great alternatives for diamonds. Diamond Boutique deals in more than just diamonds. They have a wide range of rings made from diamonds and other precious stones. They have affordable options at about £500. They offer a 60-day refund policy, which is fair compared to most jewelry stores.


Gifting your fiance a high-quality ring can take your relationship to the next level. However, getting a unique ring that will melt your loved one’s heart can be very challenging. Experienced jewelers know how to import the ring to you, and so they work with you to create designs that symbolize your personal story. As you look for where to shop, it is important to look for jewelers who source materials ethically and also involve you in the creation process.

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