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Best Online Tools for SEO


SEO tools rescue you from having to embark on tedious data analysis and keyword research. With online SEO tools, you can figure what is working for you and how tweaking your existing strategy can prove to be beneficial. If you manage multiple websites, SEO tools enable you to evaluate the productivity levels of each site on the go. But how to figure which keywords help your business reach the determined target whilst boosting sales? How can a website screen transactional traffic from those who are simply visiting? How can your business progress in its ability to attract targeted traffic throughout the depths of the internet? Below listed are the best 14 online SEO tools to help you achieve all those:

14 Best Online SEO Tools to use in Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console

Available for free to anyone with a website, Google Search Console allows you to report and monitor the presence of your website in Google SERP. All that is required for you to do is verify your website by adding a code to its structure or having to go through Google Analytics and submitting your sitemap to be indexed. Although you will not require a Search Console account to pop up in the search results of Google, you get to determine what gets indexed and how your websites receive representation with your account.


Marketing SEO tools such as SEMRush are fan favorites amongst the SEO community. Experts love that they offer easy evaluation of your rankings as well as identifying modifications and new ranking prospective. One of the most demanding features of the SEMRush SEO tool is the Domain Vs Domain analysis, which lets you easily compare the productivity levels of your website against your competitors. If you believe analytical reports will enable you to achieve a better understanding of your website’s traffic, search data, or even your competition’s, you can analyze comparisons between keywords and domains.


Ahrefs possesses the largest backlink index to its name amongst top SEO tools, with more than 295 billion indexed webpages and over 16 trillion backlinks. Add to that; an advanced keywords explorer, tools that monitor the competition, and an ample amount of user documentation, Ahrefs is definitely the tool you have been looking for to increase traffic and rank better. Ahrefs is equipped with all the tools you would require to grow and explore your online incidence. A central dashboard provides you with an overview of the ranking of your projects, backlinking as well as traffic.

Microsoft Bing Webmaster

Microsoft Bing Webmaster provides access to a plethora of tools that allow insight into your website such as reporting, SEO tools, and diagnostic. The SEO tools that it provides for free possess the capacity that lets you analyze your website, review keywords, and manage backlinks to make sure your site is optimized fully for garnering organic reach. Bing Webmaster’s SEO tools offer you a backlink profile to a better understanding of your page referrals, anchor links as well as domains. It also offers the site scanning feature for website crawling and identifying technical SEO blunders.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an SEO software that has earned quite some name as one of the best SEO tools used by actual experts. A few specialists have even raved about how Moz always remained updated despite Google’s frequent and regular algorithm modifications. Whereas, others have praised Moz’s chat portal which enables users to receive an insightful response to any questions that you might ask it. Whether you are looking for site crawling or keyword recommendations, Moz is effectively an all-in-one powerhouse. If you look forward to learning more about SEO, you should check out MozCon, their annual conference.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free online SEO tool that lets you easily generate topics to write about in your blog. It lets you create content around specific keywords to provide for a better ranking online. If your business happens to be the ‘fitness’ niche, you can use Answer The Public for free as an SEO tool to generate content involving keywords such as exercise, fitness, running, CrossFit, yoga, and encompass the entire spectrum of your niche. If you hire a freelancer to write content, all you need to do is download the list and send it to them.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO tools have received consistent praise from SEO experts since their release in 2011. It is also one of the oldest SEO tools still running today. It mainly focuses on backlinks, with increased representation of links between multiple websites. Users are given the option to browse both a ‘Fresh Index’ which is updated and crawled daily, in addition to a ‘Historic Index’ which features lightning speed for its online retrieval. One of the great features of Majestic SEO is its ‘Majestic Million’ that displays ranks of the top one million sites.


Although the premium version of SpyFu is worth spending, many experts are often found appreciating its free features. If you are a beginner in the SEO field, SpyFu lets you adapt its paid features as you progress. It conveniently displays the number of times a keyword is searched every month whilst determining its ranking difficulty with ease. It also enables you to research your competitors to find out which keywords they avail. Furthermore, you can monitor their organic keywords, the monthly clicks they receive, figure out their paid and organic competition, and more.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is named as one of the SEO tools online by professionals. You will be awed by the much time they save by analyzing your website very quickly so as to evaluate site audits. Reviews and ratings indicate that Screaming Frog provides insights faster than most other SEO tools available online. Screaming Frog also figures and reports users of plagiarized content, bugs to be fixed, corrupt redirections, and areas of improvement for building links. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider tool is said to be its best feature according to top SEO experts.


As a top online SEO tool, Woorank provides both free and paid subscriptions to monitor and report your online data. It also lets you view = keywords used by your competitions to target the same and form an overlap with theirs. It improves keyword performance over time while optimizing for users and search engines in every direction possible. Moreover, it lets you realize the components your website is missing from both a content as well as a technical perspective. Woorank also identifies copied content, security issues, and downtime, and helps fix them.


Seolyzer is an SEO tool that allows site crawling, log analysis, and helps to figure out how search engines such as Google assess your website. Seolyzer sweeps the data that crawling bots leave among the log files of your server whilst browsing your site to recognize and generate your SEO KPIs. Seolyzer also helps identify redirects, error codes and performance, and page speed. It lets you segmentize your web pages to figure out the pages that are crawled most. You can even compare web pages that Google ranks as most important with the ones most important to you.


Seoability is an SEO-checker tool with which you can check your website’s level of relevance with modern-day SEO trends. Once you enter your URL, it analyses your site and provides tips on how you can improve the optimization of your website. In addition to a comprehensive SEO audit of your URL, you will be allowed access to 1,000 subpage audits, keyword monitoring, alerts, and email reporting. Seoability lets you figure technical errors and such SEO issues with quick resolution. It also provides users with an SEO score determined by various factors such as link structure, meta-page data, quality, and more.


BuzzStream provides a combination of tools that enable project management, email marketing, and domain research. It is a multifaceted platform and the sheer number of choices users can make, can be overwhelming. BuzzStream can help you assemble lists of results from keyword research that users embark on. It then furnishes users with analytics about each of those sites, which include domain age, related social media accounts, overall rankings, authority, and more. Moreover, it also lets you create lists of their authors and keep monitoring their strategies.


Linkody is the Jack of backlinking. It allows you to view out who is linking to your site, learn the keywords they are availing, and even destroy links if you do not like them. This feature is especially handy if you suspect someone of linking to your website as spam because you would not want search engines to think you are a part of the spammers. It also provides the option to create reports to be sent to clients, monitor social connectivity, and connect with Google Analytics. Overall, it’s a pretty useful tool if intend on link building.

A Final Word

The SEO tools listed above are the best in the biz. They provide insights that would usually take ages to produce. However, users need to put in their work to obtain the results they intend to achieve. This involves creating SEO-optimized content, editing product descriptions, and using knowledge gained from these SEO tools, and modifying your reach accordingly.

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