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How to Get a Birth Certificate Reference Number in the United Kingdom?


The reference number is one of the sequences of letters followed by a string of numbers. You will find it on the upper right-hand edge of the birth certificate if you have it. The birth certificate’s top right or top left corner usually has the reference number printed. You can generally find it in the upper-right corner of the birth certificate. Along with it, one can find a state code, a year code, and a sequential number. A birth certificate reference number is a one-of-a-kind number assigned to an individual.

Key Features of Birth Certificate Reference Number

  • Three digits of area code and two digits for the year of registration, which is your date of birth, make up the birth certificate number.
  • One can obtain the birth certificates in printed form from the municipal or general registry office. The reference number is a nine-digit system number that will appear at the bottom of the margin.
  • You can find the number in the upper corner of the birth certificate. A state code, sequence number, and country-code are all included in this.
  • In the United Kingdom, there are two different kinds of birth certificates. The short birth certificates solely contain information about the child. The long birth certificates include information about both the child and the parents.

Benefits for Birth Certificate Reference Number in The UK

  • Millions of children under the age of five die from various diseases one can avoid every year. Unregistered children are less likely than registered children to be able to obtain health care services. Some families cannot afford these services. On the other hand, a birth certificate ensures that the child has access to the medical attention and vaccines they require to remain healthy and fit.
  • Getting this reference number is necessary. There are chances that children will not be allowed from entering schools if their births are not in the government database. Children will, however, be able to enroll in a state-funded school if they have a proper, registered birth certificate.
  • Government officials do not have a document proving the presence of a child if you do not have an identification card. As a result, the law falls short of safeguarding children against everyday crime and abuse. On the other hand, effective birth registration protects the child and provides them with legal protection.
  • The birth certificate reference number in the UK establishes an indelible record of existence. Without proper identification, it may be impossible to reunite children with their families if, let us say, a calamity hits.

Importance Of Birth Certificate Reference Number in The UK

  • Everyone should have a birth certificate reference number. It is due to the fact that the birth certificate reference number in the United Kingdom can be used as a reference when applying for a passport, a driver’s license, and even a job.
  • The birth certificate reference number verifies that you are who you say you are. It also serves as a valuable tool in preventing identity theft.
  • You can use your birth certificate reference number to verify your criminal record, work history, and even your credit score. As a result, this is a vital document that everyone should keep in hand.

Uses of Birth Certificate Reference Number in The United Kingdom

  • The birth certificate reference number has also been helpful in verifying one’s identity. When applying for passports, social security cards, and other government documents, it is frequently requested.
  • In specific instances, it may also be necessary to apply for a job, create a bank account, or apply for insurance. Very rarely, but it happens that sometimes, it is needed for proof when you are getting yourself registered for marriage.
  • If you are unsure if you will be required to produce your birth certificate reference number, it is wise to be safe and bring it with you just in case.


An individual’s birth certificate reference number serves as a permanent and official record of their existence. A child who has not been registered at the time of birth can be denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name, and nationality. Because registration entails collecting data on vital statistics, it is also an essential tool for the country’s development. It plays an indispensable role by serving as a demographic foundation for national child planning.

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