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Best 9 British Women’s Clothes Brands Made in the United Kingdom


We have compiled a list of the best womenswear brands created in the United Kingdom. Now that you will familiarize yourself with these women’s clothes made in Britain, maybe it is time to revamp your closet. Stock up on British-made women’s clothes by shopping from this list. Here you may review the best British Apparel Brands for Women.

Best British Women’s Apparel Brands in the UK

British Alpaca Fashion Company

The British Alpaca Fashion Company is a tiny, family-owned firm. It designs eco-friendly, long-lasting knitwear in its studio on the family farm in rural Exmoor, where it grows its alpaca fleece. They have their knitting and textile design workshop. They provide bespoke design services to students, designers, and businesses utilizing their state-of-the-art Shima Seiki knitting machine. More specialized fashion businesses may make smaller numbers of clothing and accessories. this is one of the famed British brands, especially For Women’s apparel.

David Neiper

David Nieper is a British fashion company that strives to be the best in the world in all we do. For more than 50 years, David Nieper has been designing and producing quality womenswear clothing, knitwear, and nightwear in Derbyshire. Every step of the manufacturing process for the own label garments takes place in their Alfreton studio and workrooms, from the drawing table to hand-finishing. They employ time-honored techniques and meticulous attention to detail in every stitch. They provide a wide selection of sizes, all skillfully made and cut to fit and flatter.

Ginger and Jardine

Ginger and Jardine is a lifestyle company that sells bamboo garments to selective country customers. The clothing is made from a soft, sustainable bamboo fabric that has qualities that make it ideal for active rural people. The various advantages of bamboo fabric make it suitable for individuals who enjoy spending time in the beautiful British countryside. Ginger and Jardine specialize in creating supremely comfortable and flattering garments and garments that can withstand an active lifestyle. They seek to provide affordable, comfortable, and helpful apparel and accessories in a rustic style. Their textiles are sourced with care, and they collaborate with small, family-owned firms where techniques and talents are passed down the years.

Pink House Mustique

When she and her husband relocated to Mustique, Lotty B began creating and hand-painting silk sarongs. Lotty B’s designs are all intended to be kept, which is the company’s foundation. When people buy Lotty’s prints, it is because they have fallen in love with them and want to keep falling in love with them again and again. Mustique is a wildlife reserve, and its well-being is taken very seriously. Lotty still begins each collection by drawing the designs. She then develops duplicates for all of the many things that make up Pink House Mustique’s line, which is inspired by the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper’s activewear for women that is made in the UK is beautifully natural. Women’s yoga, pilates, and leisurewear from Red Jasper are crafted from soft and gentle natural fiber textiles. Their diverse clothes will suit women’s different shaped bodies and provide cover where it is needed most, thanks to flattering design features and a variety of lengths. The inaugural collection from Red Jasper focuses on a simple and very comfortable t-shirt and leggings pair. It will take you from your yoga practice or gentle workout to walking the dog, grocery shopping, and meeting friends for coffee.


Sami-K is a non-profit organization that creates attractive, unisex apparel for adults and children. Products are manufactured and sourced in the United Kingdom as part of a commitment to ethically and honestly supporting local businesses. Sami Armstrong, a designer, developed Sami-K in a lockdown situation with the creative goal of making a morally responsible and happy influence on both people and their products. Sami-K is more than just a collection of products. Our commitment to ethically and honestly supporting local businesses extends to our enthusiasm for community engagement and creative cooperation.

Teddy Edward

Teddy Edward offers a limited-edition collection of high-end British-made womenswear. Their country-to-town collection is entirely made in the United Kingdom. It is handcrafted with the utmost care and expertise. Their selection will work with both your rural and city wardrobes, with a combination of new classics and very modern pieces. Make a statement with high-end designs that smoothly transport you from rustic chic to city glam and back again, as the Teddy Edward name has become synonymous with British-made perfection.


Welligogs is a family-run business with a focus on locally sourced products. Their collection is stunning, wearable, and one-of-a-kind. They believe it is crucial to promote sustainable raw resources such as wool, cotton, linen, or other fabrics. Also, the Welligogs do everything that they can to contribute back to the great world. The business also wants to use locally sourced products to help support local businesses and communities. The brand began introducing both city-ready and elegant country items by merging classic heritage style with high fashion. Classic tweeds, modern-styled jackets, practical luxury waxed cotton outerwear, totally waterproof and windproof coats with sealed seams, and waterproof, breathable leather boots were all part of the Welligogs staples.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is a luxury womenswear brand that designs, cuts, and manufactures a variety of styles. The collection featured 100 percent Egyptian cotton textiles. Each shirt was finished with a contrasting colored ribbon within the collar stand to set it apart from the competition. It was done after finding it increasingly challenging to obtain shirts that lasted and were manufactured using actual luxury fabrics. The small shirt collection was well-received by people of all ages, and a ladies’ collection was immediately introduced. The shirts have initially been all striped, but checks were soon added. Moreover, the shirts were available for purchase both online and in a number of local retailers. They exclusively utilize the best materials and ship to over 40 countries across the world now.


British-made women’s clothing is known to be one of the best in the industry. Most of these brands ship their items all across the world. Thus, it’s preferable that you check out the website or visit the stores if you happen to be a local.

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