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What is Business Automation? Types of Business Automation


Not sure what business automation is? Great, then this post is meant for you. We will cover everything from the definition and different business automation types to how they can help your company.

What is Business Automation?

Business Automation is a strategy companies use to optimize their operations and gain a competitive advantage by reducing wasted time and effort, responding better to new opportunities, or achieving more with fewer resources.

A key way that you can use business automation at your company is to allocate automated processes more strategically and in a way that enables human involvement when needed but also minimizes the need for human involvement in areas where it no longer makes economic sense or becomes inefficient due to lower volume of use.

Using business automation in your business can give you a competitive advantage over others in your industry or even those not using the same technologies. But before we get into how it will help your company and how to decide if it’s right for you, let’s cover what business automation is. And if you aren’t sure what automation is, this post on the definition of automation will also help you.

How does Business Automation work?

Business Automation refers to using software either as a service or on-premises to automate routine processes and tasks to increase efficiency and free up staff for other activities within their area of responsibility.

Specifically, this includes repetitive tasks involving manual work and multiple steps to be carried out. These tools can trigger specific actions in the system or produce alerts when certain conditions are met. This can also be done manually by a human but is made more efficient by machine automation and has a greater impact due to being more automated.

Automating processes and tasks within a company is meant to cut down on costs in terms of time spent on them and human resources used for their execution. The goal of any business is to have a competitive advantage in their industry, and using business automation can help to be more competitive as a result of using the right tools, which we will also discuss later in this post. The software automates repetitive tasks in business processes to save time and improve efficiency. This type of automation is often integrated into existing software applications, such as CRM or ERP solutions.

Types of Business Automation

HPE Care Automation

The HPE Care Automation solution provides an end-to-end automated lifecycle management solution to help customers manage their IT environments while focusing on their business. With a unified view of all IT resources, the solution helps large companies drive faster business outcomes and lower costs. Another automation that is associated with HPE is the HPE Pointnext. HPE Pointnext helps organizations deploy and manage cloud, converged infrastructure, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), and IT operations analytics (ITOA) solutions to improve business processes.

Microsoft Azure Automation

Azure Automation is a web application service that provides programmatic access to Azure services. It allows IT and DevOps professionals to automate parts of their workflows without writing code. The service includes creating, deploying, and scheduling agents in the form of scheduled tasks, triggers, and HTTP scripts that run against Azure resources such as virtual machines (VMs) and databases.

Genesys Digital Commerce Platform

The Genesys Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) is a multi-channel commerce solution for consumer-facing and B2B commerce organizations. It enables them to rapidly integrate sales channels and third-party applications and support their omnichannel initiatives across all consumer sales channels, including traditional phone, online via desktop or mobile devices, in-store via POS terminals, or social media.

SAP Automation

The SAP Automation Framework (SAF) offers a platform for rapid development, deployment, and governance of highly scalable business processes in the cloud. SAF is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). SAP Integration Cloud is a cloud-based integration solution with SAP Process Orchestration and integration technologies from Mercury Interactive. It simplifies connectivity between enterprises through modern and mobile user interfaces, flexibility in process design, native integration with SAP solutions, enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, and data security and integrity support.

Advantages of Business Automation

The advantages of business automation are many and varied. They range from the ability to scale up or down processes easily to implementing a single platform for managing all operations. But automation has its downsides too. Automating repeatable tasks is much more efficient than doing them manually, but some things can’t be automated — such as customer service and innovation themselves.

Lower Cost

The benefits of adopting automation range from increased efficiencies that can lower operational costs, more streamlined processes for product delivery, and more streamlined employee roles for enhanced sharpness and focus on key projects. There is no question that business automation will continue to grow as businesses realize its true potential


One of the main pros is that automating workflow increases quality via consistency and lowers production costs through reduced errors.

Life Cycle

When creating a system, you want to create as much automation as possible – but you also want to work through the full lifecycle so that it will work for each stage of your business. If you have a new product launch planned, it’s best to use automation in the beginning stages so that everything is set up correctly before you go live with your new product in the market.

Quick Processing

One of the ways to do this will be by streamlining your processes into more streamlined methods. Automating many key functions saves you serious time back, even hiring new staff members.


Business automation is the way to go for just about any business. If your job is to manage a company and make sure it functions as well as possible, you’ll want to explore what automation can do for you in terms of efficiency.

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