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Top-Rated Car Loan Finance Companies in the London


If you are looking for the best loan companies for buying a car, you have come to the right place! Buying a car using loans is in style right now, with around 90 percent of all cars in the United Kingdom having been bought using loans. There are many ways by which you can apply for a car loan. You could try buying a car with a loan using a car dealership or online. Read this article to find the best car loan company for you!

Car Finance Companies with Good Interest rates in London

Alphera financial services

The Alphera Financial Services are associated with BMW and are more inclined to be a motor company than a finance company. They assist people looking for car loans. They also offer many secondhand cars and motorcycles for sale. They have years of experience since they started in 2006 and offer quality service and assistance to its customers. They offer crucial insights about the motor industry to its customers.

Blue Motor Finance

Blue Motor Finance is a top-rated finance company in London. It helps consumers get the car they want at a low-interest rate. They have some fantastic technology that offers the best customer service to its clients. They have reduced their administration time, making getting a car loan much easier. They help you make quick decisions and offer competitive and flexible finance packages to appeal to everyone.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a popular car finance company that operates in over 30 countries worldwide. They are so popular and trusted since they have experience in the motor industry of around 45 years. They offer a wide range of options in car financing for their varied clients. For example, they offer personal contract purchases, personal loans, value-added products like vehicle protection, hire purchase, etc.  

MotoNovo Finance

MotoNovo Finance is a successful car finance company that is growing rapidly. They have achieved many awards, including the Consumer Credit Awards in 2020. They got the award for being the best car finance provider. They help clients in purchasing bikes, vans, and cars. They offer helpful customer service for any doubts you have about car finance.

Close Brothers Motor Finance

Close Brothers Motor Finance was established in 1988 and has earned people’s trust. The years of experience show in their service as they have the best customer service experience. They provide a wide variety of finance products for cars, vans, and bikes. They earned the title of the Finance Provider of the Year in 2020 at the famous Car Dealer Power Awards.

Oodle Car Finance

Oodle Car Finance is a relatively new car finance company established in 2016. They aim to simplify the car purchasing process and make it as easy as shopping online. They aim to improve the technology to help people purchase cars easily and without any hassle. Moreover, they are focused on improving a customer-friendly, digital retail car buying experience. They have earned great reviews from their customers and are growing rapidly.

Northridge Finance

Northridge Finance has been a part of the Bank of Ireland UK since 1956. They are an established company in the motor finance industry and have been trusted by many clients. Even though they offer finance products for many sectors, they mainly focus on motor finance. Because of their association with the Bank of Ireland, clients can easily trust them if they are looking for a car loan.

Paragon Bank

Paragon Bank has been helping clients purchase their dream cars since 1985. They specialize in motor finance. Different finance products are available for motorhomes, caravans, LCVs, and cars. Moreover, they offer car finance services to people living with their parents, tenants, and homeowners. They are highly accessible to people from different backgrounds.

PCF Bank

PCF Bank has been in the motor finance industry for 25 years now. They offer helpful and accurate information to help you make a better decision while buying a new car. Their years of experience are useful in providing expert knowledge to their customers. They are an independent car finance company with no links to any motor companies. You get certain freedom with them to choose a car from any brand, and you can trust their judgments and suggestions. They offer you car finance on used cars as well.

Advantage Finance Limited

Advantage Finance Limited is linked to S&U plc and has provided car finance since 1999. They are very flexible and offer credit to people who have been denied by other finance companies. Their finance products are straightforward and very easy to understand. You can easily understand their hire purchase product to buy a new or used car, bike, caravan, or van. Ad Mata Finance allows you to buy a car from any registered UK dealer with an appropriate license.

Startline Motor Finance

Startline Motor Finance is relatively new and focuses on providing Finance products for the prime market. They offer fantastic terms and rates to people who have been denied credit by other prominent finance companies. They were established in 2012 and had been providing credit to people belonging to a lower credit bracket who have a low credit score.

Marsh Finance

Marsh Finance is a family-owned and independent car finance company. They are trustworthy as they were established in 1973. They focus on providing personal contract purchase and hire purchase to its customers. They are a responsible lender and offer the most sensible terms and conditions to their customers. They are a top-rated car finance company in the United Kingdom and offer credit to people with a low credit score.


Car finance companies are very useful when you are purchasing cars. They offer you credit to buy your dream car. They can be independent or be associated with some banks or famous motor companies. While looking for a good car finance company, you should do thorough research and find out their customer ratings, credit profile, financial products they are offering, etc. Go through the list above to find the best car finance company.

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