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10 Best Companies In The Security And Commodity Contracts Brokerage Industry In The Uk


The security and commodity contracts brokerage industry is the broker in dealing with the financial sectors, non-financial operations, and government-oriented problems and functions. They take over the financial accounts and dealings on behalf of other sectors in the business. They generally assure that their financial status on products and transport will be adequately maintained with utter sincerity. They are primarily government-oriented sectors for the maintenance of security and commodity contracts.

Their services are expanded to the company’s equities, their product’s rate, the constant income monthly and annually, currency exchange, security brokerage, commodity brokerage, financial contract activities, and other related activities. In other words, the industry is an intermediate between the buyers and sellers of securities. The sole reason for this arrangement is that most industries may lose their capital while maintaining security issues. So, it is beneficial for them to accompany security and commodity contracts brokerage.

Biggest Companies In The Security And Commodity Contracts UK

Many companies have emerged in the security and commodity contract industry recently. The main reason for this is the development of trading and marketing with progressive expansion. The growth simultaneously demands its security to travel the process without any drawbacks. It is applicable in almost all countries, including the United Kingdom. Several companies in the UK provide security assurance in this sector. Let’s discuss 10 of them in this passage.

Threadneedle Asset Management Limited

Threadneedle is a private limited company actively working in security and commodity contract management and funding activities. The company was founded in 1956 with its headquarters in Cannon Street, London. They provide services in all types of subsidiary financial securities other than insurance. They are also involved in pension funding operations’ security and commodity contracts.

Importance of Threadneedle Asset Management Limited

  • It consists of over 200 to 249 employees.
  • Working sector: security and commodity contract brokerage.
  • Estimated turnover: five million to ten million euros.

Glencore PLC

Glencore Private Limited is one of the biggest commodity brokerage trading and mining industries in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1974, with its headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, UK. It is best known for its oil and gas agency in London. The founder of this company is Marc Rich.

Importance of Glencore PLC

  • It will have over 1,35,000 employees in 2022.
  • The working sector includes security and commodity brokerage and marketing of metal and non-metal products.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is the global leader in financial services, including asset management, commodity brokerage, capital delivery, security services, and advisory actions in client interactions. It is a French-based baking company that now stands as a merger of Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas. It was founded in 1822, with its headquarters in Paris, France.

Importance of BNP Paribas

  • Over 1,90,000 people are working as employees here.
  • Total turnover will be 2.6 lakh crore.
  • Their subsidiaries are BNP Paribas Fortis, Cardiff.
  • They offer market servicing, asset servicing, equity management, etc.

Barclays PLC

Barclays PLC is a British International company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Barclays managed two grand divisions, Barclays UK and Barclays International. Barclays UK is the exclusive management system for security and commodity brokerage in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1896. Its current CEO is an Indian, who is named C. S. Venkatakrishnan.

Importance of Barclays PLC

  • Over 83,500 employees are working here.
  • The annual turnover exceeds 1.38 lakh crore.
  • The main auxiliary branches are Barclaycard and Barclays bank, Delaware.

Signal Capital Partners Limited

Signal capital partners limited is an asset management company running successfully in the United Kingdom. It is a London-based company but mainly focuses on European asset composure and maintenance. They are involved in both real estate and corporate business management. The company was founded in 2015 with a skillful asset management team of experienced members.

Importance of Signal Capital Partners Limited

  • Walk in the distance from the Royal Academy of Arts.
  • Their primary focus is on financial dealings.
  • The subsidiary branch is their asset management.

Morgan Stanely & co. International PLC

Morgan Stanely is an American- based multinational investment company with its headquarters in New York. The company was formed by J. P. Morgan & co in 1935. The firm manages all clients, including government, private, individual, and institutions. The current edition of this company is the merger with Dean Witter Discover & co.

Importance of Morgan Stanely & co. International PLC

  • It was expanded totally to 41 countries.
  • It consists of about 75,000 employees.
  • Provide both public and private offers.

Citigroup Global Markets Limited

Citigroup is one of the major companies present in the United Kingdom in the security and commodity contracts brokerage industry. They provide various brokerage services, including equity management, fixed income, commodity security, trade market exchanges, and other advisory services. In addition, they provide their work worldwide.

Importance of Citigroup Global Markets Limited

  • Offer over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives.
  • Worldwide service.
  • A private company but works all around.
  • Website: www.citigroup.com

8. RBC Dominion Securities

RBC Dominion Securities is a famous brand accustomed by the Royal Bank of Canada for its brokerage services. Now the company is called RBC capital markets and RBC wealth management. The company was first formed as Dominion Securities CorporationLimited in 1901. Gradually growing in the partnership, the firm entirely became a subsidiary part of the bank mentioned above.


  • It is a part of RBC’s wealth management.
  • Trust, asset management, insurance, banking, and other solutions are provided.
  • Website: www.rbcroyalbank.com

9. Octopus capital limited

Octopus capital limited was founded by Simon Rogerson, Christopher Hulatt, and Guy Myles in 2000 as a fund-holding company. Although, it exceedingly works in investment management, real estate business, venture capital, and security brokerages.


  • After 2019, its customers will increase to more than1.5 a million.
  • Their subsidiaries are Octopus energy group and MedicX Holdings Ltd.
  • It is a private-based company.
  • Website: www.octopusinvestments.com

10. Invesco holding company limited

Invesco is the parent organization of this private company. The current CEO of Invesco is Marty Flanagan, who efficiently runs the business on a rightful path. The company was founded in 1935. They are imposing in their service field their most responsibility.


  • Its parent organization is Invesco.
  • The subsidiary branches are Invesco Pacific Group Limited and Invesco Inc.
  • Website: www.Invesco.com


The companies mentioned above are the best-running firms in the security and commodity brokerage field in the United Kingdom. Some other firms also work efficiently with different patterns of ideas and dealings. You can always get to know the advantages if you are looking for one. It is undeniably true that all trading and marketing companies need a security and commodity brokerage system to manage their assets and funds. If you are looking for one in the UK, use the above passage.

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