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10 Best Computer Consultants In The UK


The computer consultant is a growing and flexible field that starts at a good rate and has an almost infinite upside, which depends on your skills, education, customer service, specialization, and ability to market yourself. Computer Consultants have a wide range of work, including tech support and customer service, repairing PC laptops at home, and advanced versions of cybersecurity work combating hacks and information theft of large companies and government agencies.

Importance of Computer Consultants

  • A Computer Consultant needs to troubleshoot and resolve the questions and problems of the user.
  • Computer Consultants can assist or support staff with computer hardware, software, and network use.
  • They need to maintain the proper documentation of libraries and software.
  • They take classes for faculty, students, and other users to provide information about computer technology.
  • A computer consultant understands the new technologies, evaluates them, and develops new products.
  • They troubleshoot multi-function devices and network printers.
  • They provide technical support for the workstation.
  • They test all the functionalities of hardware and software.
  • They also help in developing security procedures and implementing them for users.

Top 10 Best Computer Consultants Company in the UK

North Highland: Computer Consultant Company

A company is known for helping clients solve their most complex customer experience, technology, digital, performance environment, and transformation challenges. North Highland manages things at the global level. The client used to bring various strategies and ideas, which North Highland brings in real life with full effectiveness. They have more than 2800 consultants worldwide and more than 65 offices worldwide.

Valcon: Consulting Company

Valcon is a company based in northwestern Europe for technology and data consulting. Their main aim is to combine premium consulting with data knowledge and deep technology, which can add client value. They have capable employees who help clients to change operational strategy to implementation, creating value in transformations and supported by a wide array of IT tools. They ensure that every company is in good shape or fit for the future. They help companies in every possible way related to technology. Valcon breaks complex tasks into simple tasks and successfully provides tools to respective companies.


A company started 15 years ago to become a global company. They have a dedicated team of developers that helps other companies grow their startups and provide innovative ideas for growing their businesses. They support tech companies that are at an early stage by becoming an investor for them. They have senior-level engineers, due to which this company is making its way into the market. Almost 70% of clients refer iTechArt for help in technological aspects. This company doesn’t bother about caste, creed, color, age, or sex for hiring purposes. To accelerate growth, they partner with innovative companies at every stage.


A company that is properly based on knowledge provides the most effective strategies to help your IT industry grow even more and meet your future goals. They will analyze your current situation and suggest some innovative growth ideas. If you are very new to digital technology, then Objectivity will help you know the importance of emerging technologies like AI, Big data, Cloud, etc. They provide the most effective method for easily achieving your current and future goals. So you keep running while at the backend, and this company will keep supporting your organization.


Transputec is an IT company that supports businesses in London and the entire world. Transputec company is an award-winning IT support company that has been providing IT services for over 35 years. It is one of the best companies in London, with a great IT sector approach. They provide better services to their customers by exploring IT services than competitors. Their main goal is to go through customers’ requirements properly and provide tech support in every possible manner to improve your company’s performance.

Instill: Software Company

A company founded in 2005, at that time, it had two aims: the first aim was to delight its customers with well-engineered software, and the second was to educate those developers globally to follow the same rule. They successfully achieved both aims. They have a culture of engineering excellence in doing things right with continuous learning and betterment with time. This culture inspired many people, from that first crucial hire to recent hire. Today this company has developed to such a level that they have a separate team of engineers, designers, educators, and producers focused on positive impact and good change. They work with one of the best-reputed companies to give the best result.

Lambert Lab: Software Development and Cloud Computing

A company that is Python focused on software development and cloud computing is Lambert Lab. They provide different digital solutions for different reasons for global customers across different industries. They have a specialized Python and cloud computing team that can help develop any software, applications, web, digital transformation, or cloud migration. Lambert lab is essential for any business development as they take care of responsibilities across the entire tech stack.

Core Blue

Core Blue company is leading in the world for technical expertise and custom software development for complex technology-related projects in high assurance environments. They provide consultancy and advisory at every stage of technological development. They have a good team of developers who conducts end-to-end planning and maintenance of highly complex technology projects. Core Blue is a company that brings speed, expertise to projects, and agility where they do not compromise quality, security, and risk management.

Imobisoft: Software Development and Solutions

A company was founded by two friends in 2009 who saw the scenario of mobile application development. This lead Imobisoft to become a full-service bespoke software and automation, solution provider. In the last ten years, they have earned a lot of experience by doing complex projects for some customers interested in us. It is said that technology is another tool that can develop your business to a great level. They even worked with many NHS trusts and health care organizations to deliver life-changing solutions.

VTS Software: Bespoke Software Development

If you are searching for one of the best companies that can develop bespoke software, then VTS can be your choice. Several tech gurus and entrepreneurs lead this company. The main branch of this company is in Manchester, but they take projects from around the world of software development or create dynamic designs for applications. Their team comes with a motive of making common people easier by giving well-designed and functional applications or websites. In addition, they want to improve app or website development trends.


In this article, you learn about the ten best computer consultants in the UK, but the list goes on as many companies provide similar services. From the above firms, it can be concluded that every company has its way of helping IT companies. Some companies provide funds at the initial stage of business development in the technological field. In contrast, some companies go with business development. In contrast, some of them join a business, and at the back, they do their work without any disturbance while the business runs smoothly. If the client has a complex technology-based product, they can choose any of the above companies as they have specific teams for different development parts. For example, they have separate design teams, whereas automation has special teams that can follow the rules. Every company will try to solve clients’ problems within a given amount of time, and they will help you by providing the best possible solution that resolves current problems and problems that may come in the future.

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