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10 Best Construction Contractors Companies In The UK


The contractors are responsible persons to overlook an ongoing construction site daily. They are also referred to as main contractors or prime contractors. The contractor may be an organization or an individual who tends to complete a construction process under a contract between the owner and the builder. The contractors may either be hired by the builder or third-party employers. Their main role is to manage the construction process for the owners in an independent manner.

The contractor is provided with certain legal rights to take when it comes to their customized construction building. The hiring company selects the appropriate contractor for a process depending upon their qualification and skill. In another way, the contractors compensate for a hiring company’s insufficient human resources. Either way, the contractors get a project from the construction contractors’ companies.

10 Top-Rated Construction Contractors Companies In The United Kingdom

Contraction-based construction has been proven with quality ones over the years. The main reason is that they work under-regulated rules and contracts. So, they must be loyal to their signed agreement to avoid unnecessary legal problems legally. These are most obvious in many foreign countries, only change with the law. In the following passage, let’s discuss the ten best construction contractor companies.

1. Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty is one of the leading contractor companies in London. Their infrastructure design is the top-notch property of their work. George Balfour and Andrew Beatty founded the company, hence the name. They successively provide their work in financial management, planning, activation, infrastructure designing, and innovation.

Key Features of Balfour Beatty

  • Over 26,000 employees are working.
  • Located in the UK, Ireland, and North America.
  • Mind-blowing projects are Thames Tideway Tunnel, Crossrail, and HS2.

2. Kier Group

Kier’s contractors are best known for their designing and building capacities. They work efficiently to provide each project with a special one, whether large or small. It is also one of London, UK’s leading construction contractor companies. It was initially founded as a concrete company in 1928 and slowly progressed to a construction company over the years.

Key Features of Kier Group

  • It consists of over 19,000 employees.
  • Notable projects: Hinkley point, Deephams Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Luton Direct Air-Rail Transit.

3. Interserve

As a leading contractors company in the United Kingdom, the company delivers infrastructural, engineering, and fit-out services with utmost quality and hard work. They also rebranded their company to Tilbury Douglas, especially for its engineering services. The firm was founded in 1884 as the Tilbury Lighterage Company Limited. They deliver their projects with crucial designs and construction.

Key Features of Interserve

  • Over 60,000 employees across 230 branches over the world.
  • Specialized in designing and building capabilities.
  • Particularly in the healthcare sector.

4. Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall is a construction company that also provides regeneration services. Regeneration is the renewal of a place without disgracing its qualities and properties. They mainly focus on household projects, urban regeneration, construction building, and infrastructure design. John Morgan and Jack Lovell together founded this company in 1977.

Key Features of Morgan Sindall

  • Holds subsidiary complementary business firms.
  • Over 6,600 employees are working.
  • The main projects are Tideway Super Sewer, Werrington Grade Separation, and M5 Oldbury Viaduct.

5. Galliford Try

Galliford Try is known for its best construction services but mainly focuses on improving the UK’s built speculations and local community development. They are highlighted in their works in the aviation field, infrastructure designing, and building construction. The original Galliford was founded in 1916 and merged with another company named Try in 2000 to provide coordinated construction services.

Key Features of Galliford Try

  • Contribute majorly to local communities.
  • Has over 3000 employees.
  • St. Pancras Chambers restoration, Tottenham Hale development, and Lincoln Eastern Bypass are notable projects.

6. Amey

Amey is a leading construction company in London. However, they are in the top five sectors providing services for roadway and railway construction and infrastructural development projects. They are not entirely contractors but are considered for their immense contribution to the management and investment processes. William Charles Amey was the founder of this company in 1921.

Key Features of Amey

  • Its turnover reached about 2.67 billion euros in 2019.
  • A successful one with over 16,000 employees.
  • Identifiable projects are Heathrow Airport and National Grid Overhead Line Fittings.

7. ISG

ISG, as one of the leading construction companies in the UK, provides its constructive services in five different sectors: offices, science and health, hospitality, technology, and education and public orientations. In 1994, Ivan Millar was the one who founded the company. They almost deliver their projects worldwide and are quite bold in their fit-out management.

Key Features of ISG

  • Over 3000 people are employed here.
  • Worldwide service.
  • Peculiar projects: Aldwych Quarter in London, Network Rail Offices, and Allied World Offices.

8. Keller Group

The Keller group is filled with many engineering specialists from various constructive fields. Ground engineers are educated to provide advanced services related to ground behavior to the building industry. Their specialized areas are ground retention, groundwater control, conservation, and rehabilitation, underground excavation, and environmental stability. They have all contributed to many social-related works. Johann Keller founded it in 1860.

Key Features of Keller Group

  • The social service sector mainly works for ground behavior.
  • There is around 10000 staff working here.
  • Notable projects: London Power Tunnels, Crossrail C310, and South Cliff Stabilisation Scheme in Scarborough.

9. Tarmac Trading

Tarmac Trading mainly focuses on highway maintenance, construction, and off-site manufacturing. It was founded in 2013, although they have been working since 1903. They are highly specialized in transport constructions. Also, they supply many construction-based products like cement, tiles, concrete mix, asphalt, aggregates, and lime.

Key Features of Tarmac Trading

  • It consists of over 7000 employees under 400 branches in the UK.
  • This company constructed the famous Wembley stadium.
  • Other projects: The shard and the Silverstone.

10. Laing O’Rourke

It is a UK-based construction company that works in the designing, manufacturing, constructing, and maintenance of built environments. It is a private-oriented company located in three different countries: Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. Lay O’Rourke founded it in 1978.

Key Features of Laing O’Rourke

  • It consists of over 13,000 employees in the sector.
  • Notable projects: the Leadenhall Building, London Heathrow Terminal 5, and Ascot Racecourse.


The list, as mentioned earlier, of ten construction contractor companies are the best for their excellent working in the built environment. They are versatile in their way of designing and execution. Each has its specific properties and achievements. Make sure to contact the service depending upon your need if you are looking for one. Use the above passage for any doubts and guidance.

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