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Diamond Concrete Sawing: What Is This And Knowing About Its Different Types


Nowadays, diamond concrete sawing is becoming very popular on construction sites. If you are unsure what it is, then don’t worry; we will try to clear all of your concerns about this technique through this guide. We will also explain why it is a chosen and preferred method utilized by many workers within the construction sector today. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our discussion.

What Is Diamond Concrete Sawing?

Diamond concrete sawing or cutting is a diamond drilling technique that enables construction workers to control and manipulate concrete to the best of their capabilities. This particular method plays a vital role in remodeling, removing, and cutting extremely easily.

Various Types Of Saws To Know About

People use different screw heads to open or securely adjust shelves, weigh scales, cupboards, and draw while carrying out basic DIY projects. The same thing applies to concrete sawing techniques utilized within the construction sector. While carrying out this concrete sawing technique, you use a wide variety of specially built saws to carry out particular tasks.

Different types of saws include:

Floor Saws

These are also known to be flat saws. Think about cutting into the floor with the help of a saw. It seems somewhat impossible, right? But a drill can do this job effectively.

Now, the main question that arises in this aspect is, how can you cut a flat surface with the help of a flat tool. Here comes the role of floor saws. These are perfectly designed to cut through pavements and roads. Not only that but these floor saws are also used to carry out a wide variety of other works, which include asphalt overlay and creative garden slabs.

Wire Saws

These are solid industrial tools that mainly use cables to make cutting easy. One of the essential things to note is that these possess an unusual sawing. Wire saws usually use abrasion, and one can use these to carry out different tasks, including mining.

Wall Saws

Wall saws are sometimes referred to as track saws. These are robust units that are mounted onto solid aluminum tracks. In this case, the blade will move along, creating clean, deep, and accurate openings in a wall. You can use these specific tools to make windows and doors quickly.

Ring And Chainsaws

These specific tools are generally of the handheld variety, which one can use to accomplish smaller and simpler jobs. It includes sawing through concrete pipes and bricks. One thing to note is that the ring and chainsaws come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

According to your project requirements, you can choose one suitable for the job which you have at hand. Physically, ring saws and chainsaws are somewhat distinct. A ring saw blade is rounded, making it a perfect option for cutting into awkward places, which the other saws fail to do.

On the other hand, the blades of chainsaws are oblong, and it also possesses a diamond chain that effectively rotates along the blade to make deep cuts. Due to this reason, these are considered to be great options for homeowners who are looking forward to chopping down trees and firewood. But, industrial chainsaws are suitable for cutting out doorways through concrete and brick.

Different Sawing Methods

Now that you have gained an overview of the different types of saws let’s look at different types of concrete sawing techniques.

● Dry Sawing

Dry sawing is considered a concrete cutting technique suited for outdoor projects. It is characterized by the production of a significant amount of dust. So, the contractors make use of this method for large-scale outdoor projects.

In this case, a diamond blade is utilized for dry sawing, and therefore, it helps prevent it from getting overheated in the absence of water. Again, the diamond blades help in effectively minimizing the dust buildup.

● Wet Sawing

Wet sawing is regarded as an eco-friendly technique for cutting concrete. This technique is characterized by the production of a lesser amount of dust. Due to the water, the blade remains cool, which helps prevent or minimize harmful dust production.

Various Types Of Sawing Techniques

● Wire Sawing

These are designed in such a manner that it aids in creating exact cuts or openings in reinforced concrete and steel. It is regarded as a great option if you look forward to creating various shapes in multiple sizes.

Wire saws are mainly diamond embedded cables utilized to form openings and holes. These offer a lot of flexibility to the contractors and minimize wastage. As wire sawing is an anti-vibration technique for creating cuts, it does not produce any cracks around the openings.

● Floor Sawing

The floor sawing technique is utilized to develop perfect cuts and holes into slabs, concrete floors, roads, etc. It suggests that the floor saws are designed so that it aids in the formation of accurate cuts on flat surfaces.

● Wall Sawing

The primary function of the wall sawing technique is to make cuts on vertical structures that are developed of a heavily reinforced concrete-like wall. Another name for wall saws is track saws, and these are primarily utilized in construction projects to create windows and doors, etc.

● Ring Sawing

Ring saws are handheld tools that contractors mainly use to execute medium and small-sized concrete sawing projects. In this aspect, one thing to note is that ring sawing is much similar to chainsawing. Contractors prefer both of these techniques for creating openings and holes in confined spaces.

At The End!

After reading this particular guide, we hope you have clearly understood diamond concrete sawing and its different types. Finally, if you seek to hire floor sawing, wire sawing, ring sawing, and wall sawing services, it would be good to establish contact with a recognized diamond drilling London company like CA Drillers.

They have a team of highly skilled and competent concrete cutting specialists who are always there to serve your unique requirements. Get in touch with them today to know more.

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