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Facebook Introduces TikTok-Inspired Full-Screen Video Player


Facebook is rolling out a new mobile video player that mimics the popular vertical format pioneered by TikTok. This update will encompass all video content on the platform, including Reels, Facebook Live, and long-form videos, according to a recent announcement on Meta’s blog.

The refreshed video player will first appear on iOS and Android devices in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand globally in the upcoming months. This move marks a shift from Facebook’s previous practice of using multiple video formats, which varied from horizontal views for longer videos to vertical videos embedded directly in the user’s feed.

The new design promises a seamless viewing experience, automatically adjusting to a vertical orientation while also offering a full-screen mode for horizontal videos—users simply need to rotate their devices to switch views. Additionally, the updated player features a slider for easy navigation through different video segments and enhanced controls for pausing and rewinding, aiming to improve user interaction and engagement.

This initiative by Facebook reflects an ongoing trend of social media platforms adapting to the full-screen vertical video format that has been hugely successful for TikTok, indicating a continued evolution in how video content is consumed on major social networks.

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