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Best 11 Fast Food Delivery Apps in London

Fast Food Delivery Apps in London
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Getting your favorite McDonald’s burger or KFC chicken no longer has to be one of life’s great mysteries! Here are the best fast-food delivery apps for London that will make ordering your next lunch or dinner.

Top-Rated Fast-Food Delivery Services Apps in London


Deliveroo has become one of Europe’s most successful food delivery services. It works a lot like Uber: You select your favorite restaurant and enter your address to estimate how long you’ll have to wait for your meal. The only thing that sucks about Deliveroo is its lack of pizza delivery. Otherwise, it’s pretty great. And if you’re not in London, it’s coming soon to your city.


UberEATS is Uber’s new on-demand food delivery service. The company says that it can get you the best local food from your favorite restaurants within 10 minutes, so you don’t have to miss out on a delicious meal just because you don’t want to leave your couch.

On-demand restaurant services are booming, not just for takeout and home delivery. There are services for everything from ordering lunch at work to getting coffee delivered in Italy. You can add another one to your list of apps: getting fast food delivered from a vast network of restaurants, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

Ordering UberEATS couldn’t be easier: enter your postcode on the app, browse through their restaurants, select what you want, and wait for them to deliver! Orders placed before 7 pm will arrive within 30 minutes; otherwise, they’ll turn up within an hour. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tip drivers through UberEATS yet. This isn’t ideal as many people rely on tips when delivering takeaway food. However, as soon as tipping is available, I’ll start using UberEATS again!

Hungry House

Hungry House is a food delivery app that helps connect you with local restaurants. Thousands of hungry customers order from hundreds of Hungry House restaurants in neighborhoods across London every day.

Ordering online is easy and convenient, with Hungry House’s customer service team available to help 24/7. Enter your postcode on Hungry House’s home page and enjoy fantastic food from restaurants nearby! Hungry House – delivering great food to your door! Eat well and love life!


In 2000, Just Eat was one of Europe’s oldest delivery services. It covers a wide range of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese and Indian food. Unlike many other services, Just Eat isn’t just for restaurants—you can also order things like flowers or party supplies through its app.

Just let you order from almost any restaurant that delivers in your area. But it doesn’t offer delivery itself: Instead, it connects you with existing local delivery services to get your meal delivered right to your doorstep. While it sometimes takes a little longer than others.


Deliveries are made via Quiqup vans, which are refrigerated, so most food can be delivered without losing its freshness. You can also track your order while it’s in transit, which is handy if you need to follow a fridge.

Only set menus are available, and you can only pay with a card. Deliveries for takeaways that use Deliveroo will cost £1 each. You can avoid paying by signing up for a subscription plan or paying upfront for three deliveries.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express offers a service where you can place your order via telephone or on their website and then pick it up at a time and location of your choosing. This option is great for when you’re pressed for time and need some cheesy goodness. With deals that include multi-pizza meals available at discounted prices, they’ll bring a smile to your face—and an appetite. Plus, there’s no minimum spend!

 If you’re craving a slice of pizza but don’t want to break the bank, try ordering from Pizza Express. They have locations all over London with plenty more opening soon, so the chances are suitable to be close by. And remember: You get what you pay for. While these pizzas might not be as fresh as those made in your kitchen, they are still delicious and worth every penny! Check out Pizza Express today if you want something fast and tasty without breaking your budget.

Sushi Gosh

One of Sushi Gosh’s biggest draws is its online menu, which makes ordering a breeze. It also provides delivery until 1:00 am and has excellent vegetarian options. The portions are generous and tasty, focusing on sustainable ingredients where possible.

Customers will appreciate how easy it is to make an order, with each dish containing details on price and descriptions. In addition to Sushi and sashimi, there are also burgers and pasta dishes available for delivery or pick-up only. If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere, look no further than Sushi Gosh, where you can dine in or take your meal home.

YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi is one of London’s more affordable sushi options. The app includes creating your sushi roll option and selecting various ingredients to start your dish. The app also allows you to pre-order food and pay before it is delivered. YO! Sushi also has a loyalty program that rewards every dollar spent. And if you order online through Hungry House, delivery can be free if your order is more than $20.

Food hub

This is a fast-food service delivering different foods from restaurants all around London. They deliver their products within 30 minutes or free of charge. The app has had over 1 million downloads, so it’s safe to say that people like them. If you live in a city where they have an office and are looking for fast delivery of food, then download their app and try them out. You will be glad you did because they make your life much easier when it comes to ordering food and getting it delivered right to your door with no hassle involved!

Just eat

Founded in 2001, Just Eat is an online food delivery service. The U.K.-based company owns a number of other brands, including Hungry House and DiningOut. On Just Eat, you can search for takeout or delivery options based on your location and what you’re craving. From there, browse menus, customize your order and submit it all to one place — voila! If you find yourself strapped for time or money when it comes to planning a restaurant trip, be sure to check out Just Eat first; plus they often have coupons you can use as well!


$5 off your first Jinn order and free delivery on orders over $35 with code JINNWELCOME (valid until January 14th) Jinn, a British start-up that specializes in-home delivery of fast food and convenience items, is offering $5 off your first Jinn order and free delivery on orders over $35. Just use code JINNWELCOME at checkout. For example, if you want to order some McDonald’s fries then type MCFRIES in their search bar; you’ll get a selection of local McDonald’s along with photos of what they currently have available.

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