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Best 10 Free apps for video editing in 2024

Free Apps For Video Editing
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So, 21st century. A century that has seen much in its first two decades and still continues to see reality perfectly and is much experienced. In recent years, YouTubers, Tiktokers, and remakers have taken an interest and increased in number. Earning money and fame is more of a piece of humor, editing skills, and content script nowadays. In these races, the most important part falls to the video editors and, to be appropriate, the video editing apps. Here we will discuss the top 10 video editing apps.

Best Free Apps for Video Editing for iOS and Android Users

Adobe Premiere Rush

Among all the video editing apps, this one is the best for creativity. This app supports professional work as well as home editing. It includes filming, creating, editing, and sharing. This app produces all kinds of high-graphic works. Nature is fun and intuitive, so this app provides the facility to be as fast as social media.

Features of Adobe Premiere Rush

  • This app is for Android and PC purposes. It can also be used for iOS.
  • This app provides accessibility to being a procreative artist in the digital world of videos.
  • The graphics provided by this are high; thus, the picture quality is also high.
  • The app allows easy editing and operation and thus heaven for the editors.


Though filmr comes second in the list, its features are not at all less. It has exactly what the professionals need for ease making and editing of videos. From noobs to pros, from beginners to the advanced ones and to the movie directors, filme is used and liked by many of them.

Features of Filmr

  • It provides the facility for easy editing.
  • The interface provided by it is fast, intuitive, and simple such that editors of different levels can learn the editing part.
  • The graphics provided are a total of high level and thus the picture quality is 4k or HD.
  • It allows the video editors to add songs from a vast range to input in their picture videos or video videos.


Quik or GoPro Quik are two of the best video editing apps famous worldwide. Available for free for maximum features. It brings to life your memories by producing and creating auto edits of cinematic delusion. It consists of many of the most powerful editing tools and controls them in such an easy way that it feels nothing for the editors.

Features of Quik

  • The interface provided by it is also intuitive.
  • The mural feature and music adding ability energize the footage of the video seamlessly.
  • Multiple music tracks can be applied in the video
  • Another important feature of this app is it allows making rapid to slow-motion videos.


It can be said as the best free app with HD video editing and making. This app has all its features free of cost and has the most useful editing tools required and wanted. This app is totally fun and exciting in editing apps for YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

Features of FilmoraGo

  • This app gives all the features free of cost irrespective of their importance.
  • It provides videos to get high picture quality.
  • Slow-motion videos can be made
  • This app also insists on video trimming and cutting, audio adding, making memes, stickers, sound effects, etc.
  • This app makes the movie scenes practical and easy to edit.


This app makes video editing total fun on your phone. It’s especially for those who love editing at any time, any place, anyhow. And for those who have not experienced editing on PCs. The app provides enrichment for beginners to take their first step towards editing. It is also very efficient in professional works like movie filming.

Features of Kinemaster

  • This app provides the pacification of editing.
  • It provides the facility of having video outputs of various qualities. This saves storage space according to the editor.
  • It provides us with many inbuilt themes so that less effort is needed to draw a perfect outcome.
  • It allows the user to add music and edit in their own professional or personal ways.

Viva video

This free-to-use editing app is used for professional purposes. Its lots and lots of features provide the user with a perfect interface that is simple, unique, and can be operated with ease. This app insists the users carry on their editing. Beginners can obtain their basics and lots of experiences from this app.

Features of Viva video

  • The app allows the user to use the interface with ease and fun.
  • The user can get every useful tool.
  • The editing here includes cutting, trimming, slow motion, adding text or title to the video.
  • Editing videos with music for YouTube makes this app very extravagant.
  • Also, it provides videos of different picture qualities.


Video editing features with excellent work efficiencies are offered by this app. This app makes it easy and fun for the editors to edit their content with full heart’s desire. It helps beginners to get the first knowledge of editing and slowly increase its passivity. It is also used for professional movie making and editing.

Features of VideoShow

  • This app helps to easily spice up content in the video clips.
  • It also has many inbuilt templates which need adding the clips and following a few steps making the video fascinating.
  • It also has licensed music, sound effects, stickers, filters, and light shades.
  • It makes the editing so much fun with making interesting things with 4k export quality.


Incredible video editing apps include Magisto. It’s a specialized app where you can not only edit videos but share them so that it becomes a trend or so that anyone catches you up with the idea and have fun making videos together online. This app also makes editing so easy for beginners.

Features of Magisto

  • This app has high and also modes of resolutions for graphics and picture quality.
  • It is used for professional movie making, audio attaching, clipping multiple videos and audios together.
  • It is also used for high-defining and evaluating moving slideshows and collages with slow motions.


Inshot with its high features and qualities comes in the top 5. But due to some of its pro-paid features, it’s left behind. It’s generally used for making slideshows or image videos with audio.

Features of Inshot

  • This app has many inbuilt templates for the user to perform tasks peacefully and easily.
  • It has useful filters and beautiful slideshows which makes video editing more exciting.
  • This app is also used for movie directing for songs in movies.
  • It has such power as well as useful tools for editing like cutting, trimming, slow motioning.
  • Adding multiple clips and songs with various resolutions of export is also offered by this app.

Power director

Stunning and fascinating videos are made using this app. High-quality professionalized creativity is unleashed through this app.

Features of Power director

  • This app allows 4k quality editing and exporting.
  • Allows production of fast movements as well as slow-motion videos.
  • It gives the camera shot video stability.
  • It gives the beginners and advanced ones too with some competent info about editing.

So, what are you waiting for! Pull up! Choose the best-suited app for you.

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