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Free Email Marketing Services to Start Small Campaigns

Best Free Email Marketing Services
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Nowadays, the business world is adopting different strategies. All these strategies will help them attract customers. Some of these strategies will come quickly, and some will go soon. But there is only one strategy that will remain the same. That one strategy is email. It is one of the top marketing strategies. You can consider using email for B2C and B2B marketing campaigns.

Almost 87% of B2B marketers use email to attract their customers, and 77% of B2C marketers use email for their marketing campaigns. If you are starting a small business or campaign, free email marketing services will significantly help you.

It will help you to save time and money. Free email marketing services play a significant role in ROI. There is also excellent hype for free email services in 2021. Free email marketing services will help you to reach your targeted audiences. It will also help you to engage your selected audience with zero investment. This article aims to discuss a few free email marketing services. You can consider them for your small campaigns. So, let’s discuss those:

How to Choose Free Email Marketing Services

Several ways can help you to choose the best free email services, including how to write a professional mail. These things will help you to select the best free email services for your business. Let’s discuss those now:

  • You should check the number of subscribers. These are the numbers you can mail.
  • You should also make sure to check the daily email sending limit. You should also make sure that it applies daily or not.
  • Apart from this, it would be best to look at all the features of free email services.

These three things will help you to select the best email services. Apart from this, it will help you to develop your future marketing plan. Now, let’s discuss free email marketing services in detail:

Best Free Email Marketing Services Provider

1. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is a powerful email marketing service that helps businesses reach their desired audience. With NotifyVisitors, creating email campaigns, automated email triggers, dynamic email content, and much more is easy. The software helps companies quickly set up email campaigns utilizing email lists.

It also offers detailed analytics of email campaigns so businesses can track the performance of individual emails and measure the effectiveness of their overall email marketing approach. NotifyVisitors is a great tool for companies looking to increase customer engagement through email marketing.

2. Moosend

It is one of the top free email marketing services. It also offers marketing automation services. It will help you start marketing campaigns for your business. It also offers a wide range of email newsletter templates. Its drag-and-drop email builder will help you become an expert.

For only 1000 subscribers, you can receive unlimited emails per month. It is the best free email service for eCommerce, SaaS, and SMEs. It also offers a segmentation feature.

This feature will help you to organize your email management and content. The Moosend account has reporting and analytics features. It will help you to track your marketing performance. You can increase your efforts to enhance your performance.

3. HubSpot

According to a dissertation help firm, HubSpot is the best among all other free email marketing services. It will help you to enhance your entire marketing strategy. It is one of the unique platforms that will help you grow and scale your business. It is the best platform for SMBs and SaaS. It is offering 2000 emails per month. Apart from this, it also provides free CRM.

HubSpot software comes with other tools. These tools will also help you increase your email marketing efficiency. CRM will help you gain insights into your customers, enhance your marketing efforts, and provide you with signup forms.

These forms will help you capture your targeted audience. So, HubSpot will help you increase your audience. It will also help you manage your email lists. Its software will ensure the deliverability of emails to your audience.

4. Sender

It is another free email marketing service. It will also help you ensure the deliverability of your emails and create newsletters. If you do not know HTML, it will help you. You can create your newsletter from the list of templates. Later, you can customize it with images and text. It will also help you create a personalized email newsletter.

It will also have a big impact on your marketing strategies. It uses a robust feature that makes it unique. It will also help you know who opened your email and accessed the link. Apart from this, you can make buyers’ profiles depending on their actions.

5. Sendinblue

It is a unique marketing platform that uses both free emails and CRM. Apart from this, it uses a landing page creation feature. It uses more than 70 plus templates. These templates will help you to create a good email for your business. Apart from this, there is another unique feature of these templates. All the templates are responsive. It will also help you know the results of your email design on any screen and in any format. After creating the email, you can use the testing feature for your targeted audience.

6. Mailchimp

It is considered a leader in email marketing tools. It is also offering free email marketing services. With the email marketing feature, you can create and schedule an email. It also uses an intelligent recommendation feature. It is the feature that makes it unique. It will help you to target a valuable audience. Apart from this, it will help you to enhance your marketing efforts. Its Content Manager feature will help you to design emails. It will also help you to store images and access them easily. It will also help you to organize your buyer’s data and develop their profiles.


There are several marketing strategies that you can consider for your small business. Free email marketing service is one of the most important strategies. It will help you to save time and money. It would be best to look at their feature before deciding. You should know how many emails you can send every month. This article discusses a few free email marketing services. Each of these services has unique features that will help you to attract an audience. Apart from that, you can use templates to design emails. You can maintain the record and maintain the profiles of your audience.

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