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How To Get A Marriage Certificate in The UK?


Marriages are ceremonies that unite two different individuals together and name them husband and wife. Marriage legitimizes the child born out of the wed-log. Marriages are conducted in specific customary manners. These standard manners must be recognized by law to be valid. The marriage process differs from place to place and religion to religion. Still, to get the State’s recognition, marriage must be registered under the law’s prescribed code.

The certification of a marriage is a way of recognizing marriage by the State. It requires registering the names and required details of the persons associated with the wedding. After the successful registration, if the provided details are sufficient and the persons willing to marry are in a legal position to enter into the marriage, the State generates a certificate that gives evidence of the marriage.

What is the Eligibility of Getting a Marriage Certificate Uk

Like other countries, the UK has its provisions relating to marriage. The requirements include the eligibility of persons willing to marry. Some restrictions are imposed on certain people who can’t get married unless they satisfy the given criteria. The provisions apply commonly to both ceremonial marriage and civil partnership.  

Who can get a marriage certificate UK?

  • According to the provisions of the UK, any person who is sixteen or above is eligible to marry.
  •  To ensure no bigamy is committed, a person needs to be either single, widowed, or divorced before getting married. When there is a civil partnership, the partnership needs to be dissolved before getting into another marriage.
  • Persons under 18 who want to marry must consent from parents or legal guardians.
  • If a parent denies consent or you can’t get permission for any reason, you can apply for a permit to get married in court.
  • In the case of a transgender person, a gender recognition certificate by the Gender Recognition Panel is needed to be produced. This certificate will provide a new birth certificate with the recognized gender. This can create the opportunity to choose a partner per your gender preference.
  • In the case of same-sex marriage, religious ceremonies are restricted to some extent, but they can marry in a civil ceremony. If the same-sex couple marries in any other country, the marriage will be recognized as valid in the UK.

Who can’t get a UK marriage certificate?

There are some common restrictions on marriage related to a person who is related to their partner in some specified way. If such a marriage happens, it will be declared void.

  • You can’t marry your own child, including an adopted child.
  • The same goes for the parents. You can’t marry a parent, including the adoptive parent.
  • You can’t marry your brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister.
  • You can’t marry your parent’s brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister.
  •  You can’t marry the child of your brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister.
  • You can’t marry your grandparent or grandchild.

Why is a Marriage Certificate Necessary in the UK?

The marriage certificate is considered a necessary document that can prove the validity of your marriage when any dispute arises on the topic. A marriage certificate has various importance in many places.   

  • A marriage certificate can help you get tax benefits by providing marriage allowance, capital gains tax advantages, and inheritance tax.
  • If any changes are required in immigration, a marriage certificate is needed to show proof of immigration.
  • If you intend to change your surname to your spouse’s surname, you will require a marriage certificate as proof to change your maiden name.
  • A marriage certificate may be required for insurance claims in some medical emergencies.
  • A marriage certificate can help anyone who wants to change the name on their passport or driver’s license to show their maiden name, a new name with the modified surname, and the date of marriage.

What is the process of issuing a Marriage Certificate in the UK?

To issue a marriage certificate, you need to go through the specific provisions set by UK law. If your marriage is valid according to the rules provided, you need to apply for a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate helps to prove the legitimacy of the wedding. If any dispute arises over whether the marriage is legal or not, a marriage certificate helps the court decide.

A marriage certificate contains every necessary detail about the marriage. It contains the full names of both partners, both the previous name and the name with the changed surname. It also consists of the date when the marriage was accomplished.

The marriage certificate is not automatically given after the marriage is completed. You need to apply for a legal copy from the General Register Office. The general register office will give you an application form to fill out with every necessary detail.

The marriage certificate application form of the General Register Office consists of 5 sections. The first section asks about the customer details, which contain the General Register Office account number and general customer information, i.e., name, address, email, phone number, etc.

Section two of the application form asks about the details of both parties involved in the marriage. It provides space to fill in the name and father’s name of both the party and the date when the marriage was constituted.

While the third section requires filling in the register number, entry number, registration date, the fourth with the referee’s name, and the fifth with the payment details, the process is cheaper if you register online.

Fees for Getting a UK Marriage Certificate

To approve the marriage certificate application form, a certain fee must be deposited within a specified duration. The application form asks for the payment details in the fifth section.

With the General Register Office index reference number, the application fee for a marriage certificate is £11 and paid during the filing of the application form for the marriage certificate. 4 days after the payment, the General Register Office sends a valid copy of the marriage certificate. The process gets chipper if registered online. If you don’t have a General Register Office index reference number, you will have to pay £14, and you will receive the certificate 14 days after you apply for the same.


A marriage certificate is one of the best proof of your marriage. It gives evidence about the legitimacy of your wedding and helps you in various aspects. Acquiring a marriage certificate is an easy but crucial step. So follow the details and apply for your marriage certificate now.

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