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Google Maps Update Enhances 3D Building Display Sync with Android Auto


Google Maps has introduced a new update for its Android app that enhances the integration with Android Auto, specifically regarding the display of 3D buildings during navigation. This update, currently in beta, brings a welcomed synchronization feature that aligns the 3D building settings on users’ mobile devices with their in-car display settings.

Previously, the visualization of 3D buildings—a feature that Google Maps rolled out earlier this year—had to be controlled separately on Android Auto and the mobile app. With the latest version, Google Maps v125, changes made in the mobile app’s “Show 3D buildings” setting will automatically sync with Android Auto. This means that if a user disables 3D buildings on their phone, this preference will be mirrored on their car’s display upon connection.

This functionality is akin to what users experience with Maps on iOS, where disabling 3D buildings in the app also affects the display on CarPlay. However, it’s important to note that any changes made on the phone while Android Auto is active will not reflect immediately; they will only apply the next time the devices connect.

As of now, this feature is only available in the beta version of Google Maps v125 and is expected to undergo further testing before a wider release. This update promises to streamline how settings are managed across devices, potentially reducing the need for adjustments while driving and improving the overall user navigation experience.

The full rollout of this syncing feature to all users is anticipated to take a few weeks, aiming to make driving and navigation more seamless for Android Auto users globally.

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