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13 Top Higher-Secondary Schools in the United Kingdom


There are many schools located in the United Kingdom, but only a select few might be perfect for you. To find the perfect school to attend, you would have to spend quite a lot of time searching all through the web or asking people about it, overall it is quite a hectic process. Hence to make it easy for you, this article has the top 13 schools in the United Kingdom from which you can choose the one you want to go to, which would be perfect for you.

13 schools for Higher Secondary Education in the UK

The top 13 schools are listed after learning about their fees and overall performance and more schools are also good but the schools listed here are some of the best ones.

Tower House School

Founded in 1931, it is a preparatory school for a total of 180 boys where they prepare the pupils for the senior schools which are the top in the UK. They are located in London, England and the students they train are well prepared for life after school and they will be able to contribute fully changing and challenging the whole world.

It is a nonselective school and there is no entrance test at 4+, although siblings of the students are given preference during admission, and the primary registration fee is £100 which is non-refundable. Their fees structure is quite affordable which is within the range of £13000 to £15000.

St. Stephen’s School

Founded in 1951, it is an outstanding school that has a supportive community and dedicated staff who are all committed to excelling in the education field. Here, they offer a wide range of clubs that promote art,  social development, and sports. They aim to provide the children with a varied, rich, and memorable curriculum which is done through parent workshops, educational visits, special visits who share their expertise, and through themed days and weeks. They ate located and Newham, London.

Their fees structure is a bit high which is approximately within the range of €25000 to €30000.of which the tuition fees annually is €25650.

Alleyn’s School

Founded in 1976, it is one of the leading HMC co-educational day schools in the UK and is committed to achieving excellence in academics. They have a history of 400 years with their, Edward Alleyn who had established his College of God’s Gift in the year 1619. It was one of the first schools to have become co-educational back in the year 1976 and it has still managed to retain that. They cherish their community of pupils, staff, parents, and alumni and honor their commitment to the charitable foundation of Edward Alleyn named “God’s Gift”.

They charge £6375 per term for the junior school, and for the senior school, they £6950 per term and it is compulsory for all the year 7 students to pay £220 per term for lunch.

Oakham School

It is a boarding school that has achieved great academic results at IGCSE or GCSE and it is one of the top IB Schools in the UK. They help their students develop lifelong learning skills and incorporate all their teachings at school. Their academic facilities include an art and design center, a theatre, a Science and Design Technology Centre, a school library, and a music school. They have a national reputation in music, drama, sports, and arts.

Here, the students regard their House as ‘home’ and the Headmistress or Headmaster as head of their family at the school. Each student is supported by a personal tutor and there are small tutorial groups that meet regularly. The junior and senior day tuition is around £5205 and £5875 respectively. The junior and senior boarding fees are around £7985 and £9785.

Marymount International School

The school is located in the countryside near London on a beautiful private estate. It is a Small Catholic School with a strong academic tradition and it is an International Baccalaureate World School. Since 1979, it is an IB school with more than 30 years of experience with the curriculum of IB which gives teachers increased expertise, outstanding facilities, and a high degree of personalization.

The students who opt for boarding get to enjoy a family atmosphere in the houses, where there is the supervision of excellent staff.  The day tuition fee is approximately around £17520-£20020 and the boarding tuition fees is approximately around £29810-£33790.

Woldingham School

This is an all-girls boarding school located in 700acres of Surrey countryside, Woldingham which is only 35 minutes away from London. The school prizes in intellectual achievement while also providing a nurturing environment to the students to bring out the best in them.

The school has been awarded the highest marks mark of excellence in each one of the categories by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, which is a quality assurance body for all the independent schools in the UK. There is an extensive menu of extra-curricular activities which complements the main curriculum to give the students as much experience as possible while they are in school. The day tuition fees are approximately around £5925-£6455 for each term and the boarding tuition fees is around £9470-£10315 per term.

St. Peter’s School

This is a prestigious British School located on the edge of the city of New York in the woodland of 47 acres. The school provides its students with outstanding education along with access to top-class drama, sports, arts, science facilities, and personal care. There is tutors present in-house who monitor the progress of each student and while the house parents create a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

The day tuition fees are around £8781-£14286 annually and the boarding tuition fees is around £6480-£8395 for each term.

Sevenoaks School

Located in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, they take in a total number of 1023 students of which 343 are in the boarding house and about 10% of them are foreign students. The education programs provided by them are GCSE and IB and the graduates enter the best universities around the world like Cambridge, Yale, University of California, Oxford, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The fees for the students are approximately around  £14028 per term.

Strathallan School

This is a leading school which welcomes both boys and girls who are between the age of 9-18 and provides them with an education where they can find something to excel at. The students from here sit A-Levels, GCSE, or Scottish Highers and the school is regularly at the top of the results league tables.  The fees for the senior day and boarding tuition are £6358 and £9355 per term.

Beford Schoo

It is one of the top boarding schools in the UK which encourages its students to learn to lead and be ambitious and prepare themselves to challenge the whole world that lies ahead of them. They have outstanding academics and have achieved some of the best IB results in the country.

The Tuition fees for the day is £3799-£5862 and the boarding tuition fees is around £6761-£9915 per term.

Uppingham School

Founded in 1584, this school has a long history of helping young people to excel in their life. It is a full boarding school that has achieved a 96.5% A-level pass rate in 2012 exams and also a 99.1% GSCE pass rate at grades A-C. The day tuition fees are approximately £7366 for each term and the boarding tuition fees are around £10523 per term.

Harrow School

This school is regularly ranked among the top 10 best UK schools for Oxbridge Entrance band exam results having a long history of English tradition and academic achievement. It is a boarding school for boys where the students are offered one-to-one support to help them develop their potential in all areas. The boarding tuition fees of the school are around £12050 per term.

Stowe School

This is a historic British school that provides its students with first-rate British education which is grounded in tradition while also remaining outward-looking and progressive. Each student is fully supported in the development of their talents and potential. The day tuition fees are ¢22500 annually and £30975 for the boarding tuition fees.


We have listed the top 13 schools of the United Kingdom in this article and we hope you can choose the perfect and the most suitable school for yourself with the help of this list.

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