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How to Get a Home at rent in the UK?


The UK is considered to be one of the best-developed countries that provide an adequate environment to the people who live within its premises. According to a report released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK has high environmental quality, social engagement, and personal security. This makes the UK one of the best places to stay and work, among other countries. 

People want to live in the UK for various different reasons. Many people from different countries also fly to the UK to live for a certain or uncertain period of time. The common reasons to stay in the UK could be better educational resources or platforms like Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Imperial College London. Some people also stay there to seek a good career option or continue their respective jobs there.

If you research history, then the UK is probably one of the best places to start with. In order to stay in the UK permanently or for a longer period of time, you need to buy or rent a house. Where buying a house in the UK can be a little hectic, you can always go for renting one. Renting a house keeps you out of unnecessary liabilities of maintenance and taxes. The only thing to stay concerned about is the rent to be paid.

Why Should You Choose To Rent At Home In The UK?

If you are a resident of the UK, you must have known the benefits of living in the UK. But for the people who are not a resident of the UK, the UK provides the best educational institutions and employment

36% of immigration in the UK happens due to the UK’s formal study, and 32% of immigration happens due to jobs. Since 2001, there has been a 66% increase in the number of immigrants in England, creating three million new people.

Know More About the Right To Rent Provision

If you are an immigrant to the UK, you need to prove your Right to rent before entering into a tenancy contract. Right to rent is a provision provided in the Immigration Act 2016 of the UK.

According to the provision, you need to produce every required document to prove your permit to stay in the UK as a tenant. A landlord whose property you intend to rent has the right to ask for your documents.

If he is satisfied with the documents’ validity, he may permit you to contract, but if the contrary occurs, he may reject your offer. In order to prove your Right to rent, you must show your passport or residence documents to the landlord.

If you don’t have such documents, you can provide two attentive documents that must prove your citizenship in the UK. If you are not a British citizen, you must show your passport and permission to live inside the State of the UK.  

 The Following Persons Have The Right To Rent

  • If you are a citizen of the UK.
  • If you have ILR (indefinite leave to remain).
  • If you are identified as a refugee by the government, with humanitarian protection.
  • If your visa permits you to stay.
  • If you have the Right to rent by virtue of home office, for a temporary period.

Tips to Follow To Get A Home At Rent In The UK

Home At Rent In The UK
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Uk is a land where you can find a diverse prices. For renting a perfect home, you need to know a lot about the rent system and prices in the UK.

  • There are many major cities in the UK like London, where the price of a small apartment can be very high. On the other hand, houses with multiple rooms can be easily available within an affordable price range in rural areas and other small cities. So if you want to live in a great city, you need to empty your pockets, but if you have a big family and want to stay with them, big houses with multiple rooms will be best for you.
  • If you don’t want to pay house tax, don’t buy a house. You will always have the option to rent. Renting a house avoids the tax payment, and you also don’t need to bother about the maintenance expenditures.
  • The UK has many old houses that are even before the world war, and a new house may cost you more money for rent than an old one. So go for the old houses with a reasonable cost of rent.
  • There is an advantage for students at UK universities to reduce student housing on the houses situated both inside and outside the campus.
  • You need to check the house before making the tenancy contract to ensure the house has no unwanted issues. Make sure to check for the smoke alarms and water and electricity connections.
  • After that, you must provide all necessary information to justify your Right to rent. You can provide a copy of the required documents to the landlord.
  • Except for the documents mentioned above, you also have to produce your financial documents to ensure your eligibility to pay your rent.
  • After providing all necessary documents, you must deposit a considerable amount as an advance payment. This parent shall not exceed the rent of 5 weeks if the total annual rent of the house is less than £50,000. But if the annual rent of the house exceeds £50,000, 6 weeks rent amount needs to be deposited.
  • The time period of tenancy can be from 6 months to one year, and it can be extended if any necessity arises. 
  • Along with the deposition, the landlord may ask you to sign a rental agreement which is basically an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement than ensures an agreement of 6 months between parties. Check if there is any rule for smoking, drinking, or pets in the contract terms.
  • Before you move in, ask your landlord to bring in an inventory clerk to record the condition of the furniture, paintwork, carpets, walls, pipes, and curtains so that you both can acquire the knowledge of the house’s condition and not end up sued for any damage. Also, don’t forget to check the meter readings of the electricity.

What Is The Price Of Rent In The UK

The rent price of a house in the UK varies from city to city. A small apartment with a single room in a major city can cost you a lot more than a multi-room apartment in the rural side of the UK. Before entering into a tenancy contract, one must be aware of the average price for renting a house in the UK.

 – The national average for rental in the UK is £ 600 per month. But it also varies greatly when major cities come into play. The average rental price for a house in London is £1,572 per month. Whereas in places like Chelsea and Kensington boroughs, a one-bedroom flat can cost you £2,062 per month.

  • The rental prices and houses available for rent can be found on websites related to real estate, or you can also contact a broker to act on your behalf as an agent to find a suitable place for yourself. You can find the weekly rental price on the sites instead of monthly rents.

No matter if you are a citizen or an immigrant, the UK is a great place to live in, and in order to live here, you need to know your rights and responsibilities on how to rent a house here. Follow the provided steps to avoid any malicious or fraudulent tenancy contract.

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