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Best KimCartoon Alternatives Websites to Watch Cartoon in 2022


You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking KimCartoon alternatives and fantastic websites to watch cartoons online. A website called KimCartoon offers free streaming of classic and contemporary animated series like Tom and Jerry, Swat Kats, Teen Titans, American Dragon, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, and many more.

If you’re sick of paying several subscription fees, can’t find your favorite animation on any streaming site, or just want to binge-watch cartoons from the 1990s, check it out. The official website of KimCartoon is that platform. The webpage is excellent; I have used it. However, as KimCartoon gained popularity among anime and cartoon viewers, several clone websites purported to be the real thing appeared. Keep in mind, though, that these websites typically have just one purpose: to distribute malware and viruses. In addition to KimCartoon, here are some alternatives to watching cartoons.

Best Alternatives to KimCartoon to Watch Cartoon Movies and Shows


Because it is what KimCartoon is named after, it is frequently used as an alternative. Names constantly change due to the game of cat and mouse between copyright authorities and some of these websites. Sometimes, this only entails altering the final portion of a domain, as in the case of kimcartoon.li to kimcartoon.ro. However, on occasion, it also entails a name change. KissCartoon was then rebranded as KimCartoon. Nevertheless, there are a lot of KissCartoon websites.


CartoonsOn is one of the most well-liked KimCartoon alternatives. This website has a tonne of fantastic shows, including Fairly OddParents, Johnny Bravo, and SpongeBob SquarePants, to name a few. CartoonsOn is simple to use and performs nicely. Very current episodes of all the series that fans request are included. There are subtitles available for many cartoons on this website, which is another factor in its popularity.


GoGoAnime is a top KimCartoon alternative. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always have the most recent episodes of your favorite cartoons, just like some of these websites. Many people have been complaining that GoGoAnime doesn’t update as frequently as it used to. Additionally, they could improve the quality of their subtitles.


Toonova is another website that is growing in popularity. This website includes many features that KimCartoon had and is also simple to use. These are some classic shows that KimCartoon lovers are currently missing, such as Popeye, Little Audrey, The Jetsons, and other vintage favorites. Popular Nickelodeon Cartoons from more recent seasons are also available. Language difficulties may be challenging for some since Toonova doesn’t always have subtitles on the majority of their videos at the moment, so for those who won’t understand what they’re saying in English, this is crucial to note.


Kissanime is another well-known substitute for KimCartoon. The Flintstones and Dexter’s Laboratory are just a couple of the fantastic animated series available on this website. This KimCartoon substitute, like KissCartoon, provides both current and vintage cartoons for viewers of all stripes. Additionally, most of the videos on KissAnime have subtitles available.


Animedao In many ways, it is extremely similar to KimCartoon, including having just cartoon episodes. However, this location has a few unique qualities that set it apart from other KimCartoon alternatives. For instance, the majority of these videos already have both English and Spanish subtitles available. Thus, thanks to these subtitles, viewers of cartoons in a language other than their own will be able to understand the majority of, if not all, language obstacles. It also clearly states the file size of each video, which is something other websites do not do as well. This lets you know how much data the videos will use before downloading or streaming.

WatchCartoonsOnline (WCO)

WatchCartoonsOnline is a venerable fixture in the online cartoon community. Many parents have utilized WCO to amuse their children or as a resource for cartoon fans to locate their preferred cartoons online. For older episodes of shows like Popeye, The Jetsons, and Little Audrey, it’s a terrific resource.


One of the top KimCartoon alternatives on the list is Netflix. It’s a great website for watching more recent programming and many classic cartoons. Since Netflix is one of the most popular premium streaming services available, almost everyone is familiar with all of its features.


CartoonCrazy is a great KimCartoon alternative. There are also many older programs here, including Tom & Jerry, Popeye, and The Flintstones. Of course, this one also lacks any episodes from the present.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent KimCartoon substitute that appears to be a nice location for more recent cartoons. You can see a lot of contemporary cartoons here, although some older ones are still missing. For instance, while being created by Zagtoon, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir isn’t available on this website. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video is the way to go if you’re looking for something fresh and simple to use.


Cartoonrise is a popular KimCartoon substitute among users. Compared to KimCartoon, this website now has a much larger selection of shows. The website may be more organized than KimCartoon, but because cartoon links are arranged alphabetically, it is not nearly as user-friendly.


Another KimCartoon alternative with both contemporary and vintage cartoons is ToonGo. Here, you may see some pretty vintage programs, including Popeye, Little Audrey, The Jetsons, and Wacky Races. Most of the videos also contain English subtitles, making it simpler to overcome linguistic hurdles. But there are certain drawbacks. For instance, issues with licensing rights between ToonGo’s American team and the Japanese companies they work with prevent all episodes from being available.


An excellent website similar to KimCartoon is AnimeToon. Although there are some wonderful cartoons on this website, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Fairly OddParents, there aren’t many newer animations. Therefore, this is not the place to go if you want to view a lot of the episodes of recent cartoons on this list.

In fact, the majority of these videos also lack many subtitles! Many fans who want their favorite cartoon dubbed in English may find it a deal-breaker.


If we didn’t mention CartoonHD, we’d be negligent. Another well-liked website for those who enjoy cartoons is this one. There are both more recent episodes and all the old classics.


Another popular streaming service that can be used as a substitute for KimCartoon is Hulu. Here, you can view several of the venerable KimCartoon programs as well as some more recent animations. The best place to look isn’t here, though, if you’re looking for older animation episodes. On the other hand, Hulu is a fantastic choice if you want a simple, straightforward experience where you can watch cartoons in HD.


Anilinkz is a KimCartoon substitute that focuses more on anime than cartoons, yet it’s still useful for discovering obscure short animated shows. If you enjoy old-school animation, you should watch Gunbuster or Lupin the Third Part 2 from this collection. However, as they don’t currently have any movies on their website, this location is probably not the ideal choice if you’re looking to view movies.

Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy is another website that streams cartoons and offers anime movies and series. Though smaller and less comprehensive than KissCartoon, Cartoon Crazy does contain several high-caliber shows.

They generally focus on older cartoons, but it’s still a good location to view anime if you don’t want to pay for it, and since most of these cartoons aren’t Japanese, Japanese firms won’t take it down. You’ll probably wind up spending at least 30 minutes to an hour looking for your anime movie or series on Cartoon Crazy because the site might be challenging to browse. However, everything should go without a hitch once you’ve found something to watch!


KimCartoon is a fantastic resource to use if you want to view free episodes of old-school anime shows. However, you should be aware of some restrictions that apply to contemporary titles. To assist you in locating excellent alternatives for this well-known free cartoon streaming website, we’ve included our list of KimCartoon alternatives.

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