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Best 10 Laundry And Dry Clean Services Apps In The UK

Laundry And Dry Clean Services Apps In The UK
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As people are shifting toward online mode, almost every service goes to online mode too. Similarly, laundry services started taking online orders for cleaning and drying the clothes because working people don’t always have time to give their clothes to the laundry person. In the United Kingdom, different types of apps started only for laundry services, and we will talk about them in this article.

A laundry app promises to deliver your clothes within 24 hours of pick up. Some companies even went global. The laundry app is the best technology for modern people as some people are busy with their job, some are busy with parenting, and some people are single. Most of the above apps have ratings of more than 4, with a great number of reviews by Google. Most brands offer home delivery service and pickup services, and they don’t even cost high. Some laundry services take prices based on the weight of clothes, while some of the services take prices for different types of clothes like wedding dresses or regular clothes.

Most laundry services offer clothes washing and other services like household textile, Shoe repairs, Trainer cleaning, leather fur, and linen. Every app is developed in such a way that it can be used by people in an easy manner, whereas some apps even give updates through SMS. Each laundry service has a separate team for different tasks like ironing, washing, or folding laundry. They all hire professionals to satisfy their customers with zero complaints.

Top-Rated Dry Clean and Laundry Service Providers in The UK

30 Degrees Launderette & Dry Cleaning

30 Degrees Launderette provides service for individual customers with high-quality laundry service. This app was founded by John Cushing, who has experience of more than 40 years in the laundry business.

Specifications of 30 Degrees Launderette & Dry Cleaning

  • It is best for individual laundry services.
  • They try each possible way to satisfy customers.
  • They even offer a dry cleaning service.

Miracle and Dry Cleaning

The first store of Miracle and Dry Cleaning was founded in Kensington, London. They take care of your laundry needs and have a dedicated team that takes care of every small thing.

Specifications of Miracle and Dry Cleaning

  • To maintain their great service, they invest more in staff and technology.
  • The price starts from £2.
  • The benefits include dry cleaning, alteration, repairs, and hand-finished cleaning.
  • They give free delivery.

Hamlet Laundry Ltd

Hamlet Laundry can be one of the best laundry services in London because they give free pickup and delivery. They mostly deliver to all parts of London, including West London, East London, Central London, North London, and South London.

Specifications of Hamlet Laundry Ltd

  • The services include washing and ironing, dry cleaning, home and bedding, and wedding dress.
  • They offer a 30% discount for first-time users, which will automatically be applied.
  • Hamlet offers eco-friendly dry cleaning services, and they place our clothes in a separate locker.

Be Smart Dry Cleaners

Be Smart Dry Cleaners save time by providing services at the door with all the catering you need. Whether you are a busy parent, single, or working, they never disappoint with their services and release your stress from laundry service.

Specifications of Be Smart Dry Cleaners

  • They not only offer laundry services but also have an affordable price for alteration, ironing, bedding, and household chores.
  • They will according to your free time, their service is very flexible.
  • The app is user-friendly, and the service will save time.


When you have the Laundryheap app on your mobile, you do not need to worry about washing clothes repeatedly by ironing them. Their app is so user-friendly that you can book your pickup point and delivery time within a few touches. According to the review on the play store, they provide fast service with no delay.


  • They are best for picking up and delivering service with an extremely easy-to-use mobile app.
  • They don’t take the price per clothing. Instead, they take pride in a weight basis which is around £14.95 per 6kg.
  • They accept payment through credit cards.


If you want to customize the service, then you can easily do it with the app. They provide quality services, whether you have specific garments that need dry cleaning, need to automate some household chores, or just looking for a professional team to make your life easier. In addition, they try their best to keep your clothes looking their best for a longer time.

Specifications of Laundryheap

  • They collect your clothes and deliver them within 24 hours of time from anywhere in London and across the United Kingdom.
  • They have a specific team for washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and folding your clothes.
  • They offer many services, which include bed linen, wedding dresses, alteration and repairs, leather fur, and many other benefits.


They offer services from laundry to shoe repairs and Textile Cleaning. Ihateironing became a global brand after expanding in different parts of the United Kingdom. By using their app, it became easy to use and reliable.

Specifications of Ihateironing

  • They also offer free pickup and delivery service within 24 hours. They provide services around the United Kingdom with a convenient app.
  • Their services are not only in London but also in New York and Sydney.
  • They have different prices for different types of clothes.

Master Dry Cleaner

From the past 23 years of industry experience, Google gives a rating of 4.9 on the play store. In addition, they provide numerous services like Shoe Repairs and Invisible Mending, which make their laundry service excellent.

Specifications of Master Dry Cleaner

  • It has a rating of 4.9 on the google play store which means it is one of the best apps recommended by people.
  • Their reputation allows old customers to visit again and again.
  • To avail of the great discount, you need to book from their website.

Stratford Dry Cleaners

They know that their customer doesn’t have so much time for washing their clothes so they offer all services for dresses and you need to pick them up when it is completed.

Specifications of Stratford Dry Cleaners

  • There are a total of 73 reviews which gives a rating of 4.3, and they are locally owned with personal services.
  • The price range is competitive as compared to other laundry services.
  • They are proud of themselves because they use environmentally friendly cleaners.

Laundry Republic

Like another app, you don’t need to always turn on your internet to get updates. Instead, they inform you through an SMS system. So you don’t need to worry about dragging your clothes to the nearest laundromat.

Specifications of Laundry Republic

  • They have a total review of 290 due to their rating of 4.4 in the google play store.
  • They provide convenient booking through an SMS booking system with pick up and delivery.
  • They offer every type of laundry service and do their work with perfection.


Above are the ten best laundry apps that can help release stress from washing clothes, ironing, shoe repairing, or any alteration.

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