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10 Best Local Places To Visit In London During The Weekend


London is one of those cities that will always have visitors throughout the year. As a result, it has a long list of places to visit throughout the year. Some trips will not take more than a few hours, so you can even go to more places on the weekends. Each place is often of historical importance to its locals and the world. At the same time, others have been built purely for recreational purposes with no history behind them.

If you are looking forward to enjoying the weekend on tour around London, you can use the many tour packages the city offers. However, if you would like to explore the city yourself, there are some landmarks that you must visit to experience the city to the fullest. The weather is another consideration if you would like to explore. You will always need an umbrella because the weather is never consistent.

Local Attractions To Spend Your Weekend In The London

Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey became popular after shows were created and books mentioned the place.

Westminster Abbey
Image Source- Unsplash.com
  • It can be found on several tour packages Just because this is the top attraction in London. The price will differ depending on what will be explored during the tour.
  • It is a place of great historical importance and was often called a seat of power when it was first established.
  • It has several landmarks which are also often visited by tourists.
  • Visitors can also explore it individually without the tour and guides.
  • The Abbey is usually filled with visitors so spending two hours or more there would give the best experience.

The London Eye, London

The London Eye is a recent instalment in the city. But it is also prevalent among locals and tourists alike.

  • The London Eye was built in 2000 and has been a popular attraction since then.
  • It is a Ferris wheel that can give you a magnificent view of London.
  • The entire ride can go on for 30 minutes, but the waiting line can take longer.
  • It is open every day.
  • They do have a ticket that is at a higher price that can allow you to skip the line.

The Tower Bridge, London

London’s Tower Bridge is often mistaken for the famous London Bridge. However, these two are different.

The Tower Bridge
Image Source- Unsplash.com
  • The tower bridge has a lot of Victorian architecture that is interesting to many visitors.
  • There are Victorian Engine Rooms in the Towers.
  • Although it is not the iconic “London Bridge”, it is still popular.
  • The suggested time to go around the towers is an hour or two to fully experience the towers.

Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is the most significant open space in the city of London. People from around the country and the world often visit it.

  • The Park does not have any entry fee, it is entirely free.
  • It is 350 acres of land featuring a few landmarks.
  • There is a lake that has been named Serpentine inside the Park.
  • It also houses Apsley House, the first ever Duke Wellington residence.

Big Ben, London

The most iconic landmark that is often associated with London is Big Ben.

Big Ben London
Image Source- Unsplash.com
  • Big Ben is open at different times on different days of the week.
  • It is a legendary tower that has remained standing for centuries.
  • The clock it houses is known for always telling the correct time.
  • People often visit it to see the famous clock at the top of the Tower.
  • The entry fee is reasonable, and people enjoy the experience it brings.

National Gallery, London

The National Gallery in London is the perfect place to visit if you are an art enthusiast.

  • The Gallery houses paintings dating back as early as the 13th Century.
  • It is a grand collection of Western European paintings.
  • There is no entry fee for the National Gallery and it is free.
  • People often visit it for this reason, and there are usually large crowds in the Gallery.
  • To truly experience the art pieces, exploring for about three or more hours is a must for any visitor.

Borough Market London, London

Borough Market is not just a monument but a still functioning public place today.

Borough Market London
Image Source- Unsplash.com
  • It has been where shops have been built since the 13th Century.
  • Although the original buildings no longer exist, the site is still used as a market by people today.
  • The Market is open every day of the week until 5 pm each day.

The British Museum, London

The British Museum not only house British culture but from all over the world.

  • The Museum is open every day of the week until 5 pm.
  • There is no entry fee for visitors and it is open to all.
  • The Museum houses artefacts, historical books, and pieces of history that date back millions of years.
  • The artefacts are also brought in from all over the world.
  • They are displayed at the Museum with high security.
  • The most noticeable are the artefacts and remains they brought back from Egypt.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

It is considered to be the biggest and most famous church in London.

St. Paul's Cathedral
Image Source- Unsplash.com
  • The existing building is not the original but still follows the same foundations and structures as the original.
  • The first structure was destroyed in a fire.
  • It is famous as a symbol of English architecture.
  • Its features, structure, designs and two towers are considered representations of the height, of the best era, of English architecture.
  • It has witnessed many events in history, including the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

The Tower of London, London

The Tower of London is considered a historical monument that has witnessed centuries of London life.

  • It was first established as an outpost in Roman times.
  • It is among London’s most valuable areas in the current Century.
  • The Tower houses a millennia’s worth of London history.
  • It is also considered a World Heritage Site.
  • The Tower of London has played many roles in history, from an outpost to a prison to a vault and now a site that houses so much history.

These sites are all of some importance to London, both in the present and the past. They are of historical importance not only to London but to the world as well. Visitors often do not have enough time to visit every place, so going on a guided tour can give people more of an experience of the various places of London.

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