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15 Best Low-Calorie Healthiest Biscuits For Weight Loss

Best Low-Calorie Healthiest Biscuits For Weight Loss
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People have different types of love for various living and nonliving things. But overall, their passion for food does not alter even an inch. Food has a significant impact on every aspect of life. We tend to express our gratitude to others over food. There are various foods; you can stick to them depending on your preference. But some additions come with the intake of high-calorie foods; the major drawback is today’s lifestyle of working by sitting in one place instead of burning calories.

Obesity is what it leads to. It is a condition of gaining weight, surpassing the average level significantly. A simple mistake will demand a great price. The first precaution to maintain weight is to consume low-calorie foods. Various health care centers and food manufacturing units come to the eye. So, the only conclusion will be to eat low-calorie foods that get accepted by your taste buds.

Low-Calorie Healthiest Biscuits For Weight Loss That Available in The UK

There are a variety of foods: biscuits, cereals, nutrient powders, rice, spices, etc., manufactured with low-calorie supplements for diet purposes. But unfortunately, many biscuits and other nibbles are mostly not healthy to cope with diet maintenance. In this passage, let’s discuss the top 15 low-calorie biscuits you could consume for weight loss.

Mcvitie’s Rich Tea

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories- 38; Fat- 1.3 g;  Saturated fat- 0.1 g; Sugar- 1.5 g; salt- 0.06 g.

Rich tea is one of the famous and modest biscuit brands with excellent caloric value suited for weight loss. It can be suitable for all age groups. Its sweet and salty nature will stick to your taste buds. Rich tea can be a good companion for caffeine and tea. They have proper nutritional value and caloric content for weight maintenance. The minimal fat content makes it a better preference for obese people.  

Mcvitie’s Digestive Thins

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-31; Fat- 1.5 g;  Saturated fat- 0.8 g; Sugar- 1.9 g; salt- 0.06 g.

It has fewer calories than rich tea. Their sweet and salty appearance is perfect for dry intake. The presence of 1.5g of carbohydrates will contribute to providing more energy. The carbohydrates and saturated fat can compensate for the reduced calories. This biscuit appears in the top list because of its easy digestion and low caloric content. Low Caloric value is not only a suitable identity for a healthy biscuit but also other ingredients too.

Malted Milk Biscuits

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-43; Fat- 1.9 g;  Saturated fat- 0.9 g; Sugar- 1.5 g; salt- 0.01 g.

Malted biscuits are best known for their less sweet nature. Its low sugar and salt content are best evaluated for maintaining caloric value. It also assures you high sugar tolerance for diabetic patients. The main focus of these biscuits is on fat maintenance. Their approximate low-fat value goes well with the low sugar theory. You can freely provide these to aged people without worrying about hyperglycemia.

Party Rings

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-25; Fat- 0.8 g;  Saturated fat- 0.4 g; Sugar- 2.0 g; salt- 0.04 g.

Party rings are well-known brands of biscuits for their colorful display. In addition, they have the lowest calorie content among various sweet biscuits. Also, their affordable sweet and salt content matches perfectly with the alluring taste. , they are the healthiest with low-calorie content.

Oreo Thins

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-29; Fat- 1.2 g;  Saturated fat- 0.5 g; Sugar- 2.3 g; salt- 0.05 g.

Oreos are best for their sweet and creamy texture. They have the lowest calorie content of 29 per biscuit. Also, as said earlier, their sugar content is not typical to shrug off. You have to be careful because it can increase your blood sugar in case of over-intake. Otherwise, they are good to eat with limited doses.

6. Bourbon creams

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-68; Fat- 3.0 g;  Saturated fat- 1.7 g; Sugar- 3.5 g; salt- 0.1 g.

Bourbons with tea are the best combination to complete your evenings. But be considerate of its saturated fat quantity along with calories. The sugar level is high and is not the healthiest to follow daily.


Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-46; Fat- 1.5 g;  Saturated fat- 0.7 g; Sugar- 2.6 g; salt- 0.1g.

Ginger nuts are exceptionally famous for their iron content. They consist of iron molasses, indicating that intake of at least three biscuits daily will maintain your blood iron at a safe level. They also provide enough calories- 46 to act efficiently. Theirdutyful action in iron maintenance and calorie content place them in the best choices of biscuits for low-calorie intake nibbles.

Mcvitie’s digestive

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-71; Fat- 3.1 g;  Saturated fat- 1.5  g; Sugar- 2.2 g; salt- 0.2g.

Digestives have nearly double the number of calories of rich tea. They also have high fat and sugar content. Therefore, they are not the best nutritional biscuits but can be prescribed for weight loss. The sole reason is their wheat content. The wheat grains help ease digestion by acting as a fiber source.

Maryland Cookies

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-52; Fat- 2. 35 g;  Saturated fat- 1.2  g; Sugar- 3.65 g; salt- 0.06g.

They have preferably low saturated fat content, which makes them appropriate for consideration. It helps to ease caloric value in your body. However, the caloric value is not unacceptable and can withstand the reduced fat content. They are sweet biscuits with a high sugar content of 3.65g. But, it can be a better choice for caloric maintenance.

Custard Creams

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-59; Fat- 2. 5g;  Saturated fat- 1.5 g; Sugar- 3.4 g; salt- 0.1g.

As the name indicates, custards are creamy and crunchy as an absolute classic. But they are not fit to be perfectionists on a nutritional basis. But the intake of a limited number of biscuits will be no harm. As creamy cookies, they are absolutely sweet with high sugar and fat content.

Mcvitie’s Chocolate Hobnobs

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-93; Fat- .4.4g;  Saturated fat- 2.2g; Sugar- 6.1g; salt- 0.14g.

These are famous chocolate oaty biscuits from Mcvitie’s. They are not full of nutritional value per the dietitian report but can be appreciated for their ingredients content. Its chocolaty nature is the only drawback of its intake.

Fox’s Viennese biscuits

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-64; Fat- .3.4g;  Saturated fat- 1.8g; Sugar- 4.2g; salt- 0.07g.

They are made up of hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are unsuitable for health. Despite their high saturated fat content, their taste is unbelievable. You can try those in limited numbers, especially if you are in a weight loss campaign.

Mcvitie’s chocolate digestives

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-83; Fat- .3.9g;  Saturated fat- 2.1g; Sugar- 4.8g; salt- 0.16g.

Their ingredient content is not compatible with one another on a nutritional basis. These are good in taste, but each biscuit tends to provide 83 calories with 3.9g of fats and 2.1g of saturated fat. Also, their sugar content is high enough to limit it to two every day.

Jammie Dodgers

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-74; Fat- .2.5g;  Saturated fat- 1.2g; Sugar- 5.3g; salt- 0.11g.

Dodgers are creative with a real-like raspberry on its center. They are childhood favorites for almost all people. But when it comes to calorie maintenance, they are not good, but several two will be no harm.

Fox’s Golden Crunch Creams

Ingredients per biscuit: Calories-78; Fat- .3.7g;  Saturated fat- 2.1g; Sugar- 6.4g; salt- 0.10g.

They are not the healthiest but can supplement an appreciable amount of calories in a diet. Crunch creams are sweeter than chocolate hobnobs. The limited source is prescribed because of its high calorie and fat values.


The list of low-calorie biscuits will help you plan your dietetic schedule if you intend on weight loss. However, ensure to include other nutrients in your plan because all the nutrients are interdependent for coordinator function and action. I hope this article will be enough to assist you in choosing your favourite and healthy biscuit brand. Your health is not the choice, but the foods can be, so choose wisely.

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