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10 Best Management Consultants Companies in The UK


Management Consulting can also be called business consulting, in which people take advice for the implementation of any services or management of the organization and the operational processes as several companies are working well because they take help from the management consultant industry. This article will show some of the best management consultants in the United Kingdom.

Many companies are on an international level, and they offer many perks for employers. Each Company pays a little less to the new employer, but their salary starts improving as they start working with the Company. Almost every Company follows the rule of learning and innovation because to satisfy the client, they need to learn new things quickly and apply them to their work. For employers, some companies offer entertainment materials also, like sports, social clubs, and many more. Some companies take client feedback and take it as a positive point. They start working on that feedback to make their Company stronger.

Importance of Management Consultants in UK

  • By doing strategic planning for organizations, a company can achieve its desired goals in a short time.
  • These management consultants prioritize the work according to the requirements to improve the organization’s performance.
  • As the changes are happening every year so for adapting to those changes, a management consultant can help your organization in the best possible way.
  • Every organization has a leader or CEO, and you need a management consultant to develop your leadership skills.
  • HR recruitment plays an essential role for any organization, and if you have a management consultant, it will be easier to choose HR.

Best Management Consultant Companies in the UK


Deloitte is a brand with many dedicated professionals in independent companies worldwide collaborating to provide audit, financial, risk management, tax, and services related to select clients. These firms are members of DTTL(Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited), a private company in the United Kingdom. Every member of a DTTL firm works for a given geographical area, and they need to follow the laws accordingly. However, not every DTTL member firm needs to provide all types of services, and some services may not be available for clients who come under the rules and regulations of public accounting.


Accenture is an international services company that provides a wide range of services in strategy building, consulting, digital, operations, and technology. They are spread over more than 120 countries, whereas in some countries, this Company provides specialized skills across more than 40 industries. The main aim of this Company is to improve the methodology of living and workstyle of people. In addition, they provide exceptional care for their employees, due to which they launched a new Health and Wellbeing portal that takes care of the mental health of every employee.


A company founded in Chicago in 1926 and made its revenue of $8.8 billion in 2016 with more than 26000 personnel. Now, this Company has shifted to New York. Every employee at this Company has excellent learning and network opportunities. If someone is searching for a career in which you need to travel more, then the job at this Company is open for you. MCKINSEY has made its reputation by building a high-powered career for many people. As there is a competitive environment inside the Company, the young consultants even get more boost for solving any problem. A consultant spends around two to three years in each role, from Business analyst to Partner.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group was one of the first enterprises focused on leadership, and this Company was launched in 1963. They have a revenue of $5.6 billion with more than 18,800 employees. They ranked fourth as one of the best companies to work for in 2018. This Company has different types of work-life balance where middle-rank people need to struggle most as compared to junior and senior. They are mainly focused on creative and innovative thinking than other big companies. The career growth in Boston Consulting Group varies according to the employee’s role, timing, and specialization. You will learn many new things just by doing your work regularly.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company was founded by Bill Bain, who left Boston Consulting Group to launch his own Company in 1973. They follow a concierge business model, which means one person per industry. They have over 8000 employees with 56 offices across, where they accept clients in the nonprofit and public sectors. They provide flexible hours for working, but it depends on an individual’s workload. According to Glassdoor Bain & Company secured first for a best working place in 2019 and also ranked first for North America in 2017.

Bain & Company has a unique culture of ownership that allows individuals to have a more significant say than most peer enterprises. Bain is more collaborative as compared to other firms, due to which it is often called a highly political work environment. Bain scored perfectly in the Human Right Campaign for 12 years and was named Best Place to Work for GLTBQ.

Oliver Wyman

In 2007 two big companies, Mercer Management Consulting and Mercer Delta, joined together to become a single company, Oliver Wyman. It is a fast-growing company with 60 offices in more than 27 countries, including 4500 employees. The main branch of this Company is in New York. In contrast, they have business connections to Europe and the Asia Pacific Region as they focus on financial services, which makes the working environment intense. Around 90% of the employees recommend Oliver Wyman as an employee-friendly company. For juniors to adapt to their environment, they provide a collegial atmosphere. Oliver Wyman believes growth by performance basis that weighs experience and current performance.

Booz Allen Hamilton

A company founded in 1914 is widely known for being a solid employer in the top three consulting firms. This Company has an annual revenue of $5.48 billion with more than 80 offices worldwide. The engineering services portfolio is most substantial compared to any other consulting firm. In addition, they are known for doing business in the public and nonprofit sectors.

In Booz Allen Hamilton, employees don’t need to travel as much as in similar companies. Still, meeting deadlines, demanding clients, and billable hour targets are the same as in other consulting companies. The salary for newcomers is less as compared to existing companies. They have a bureaucratic atmosphere inside, due to which decisions move very slowly, which becomes frustrating. On the other hand, the mature processes and dense infrastructure helps in recognizing new talents quickly. In addition, an employer’s growth can be accelerated if they do extra work hours.

Roland Berger

Ronald Berger was founded in 1957, and from that time, they have more than 50 offices across 36 countries with more than 2400 consultants. This Company is a crucial player in developing Asian and European markets as they practice private equity. Work-life in this Company is flexible due to which it has high recommendations from the employers. According to a survey, 81% of people call it an excellent place for working in a consulting firm. Ronald Berger pays a sufficient salary to every employee, depending on their department. In addition, in each office of Ronald Berger, they offer social clubs or sports for entertainment.


KPMG is one of the biggest accounting firms based in the Netherlands, with annual revenue of around 26.4 billion and more than 200,000 employees working. It is a well-known company in the financial sector. They offer many options for remote work. KPMG takes frequent feedback in which detailed and constructive criticism gets appreciated for the problem-solving process. Any communication gets value because this Company works based on feedback only. If you want to build a strong career early in life, KPMG will help you achieve your goal.

Ernst & Young

A company founded in 1989, and its headquarters is in London, UK. They have annual revenue of $34.8 billion with more than 260,000 employees working. The main benefits of joining this Company are that your work time will be flexible and less on the traveling part of work. The employees of this Company are satisfied as they have a strong bond with team members and get easy approval from the executive director. They are known for solid teamwork, which separates this Company from its competitors. You will also receive bonuses and raises as per your performance.


From the above list of consulting firms, we can conclude that the growth of any consulting company depends on how an employee is treated within the Company. Many companies offer fewer salaries but provide flexible time for working, due to which these types of companies are getting more popular. Most companies have some strength on which they operate and try to solve their weakest part.

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