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Microsoft Delays Launch of Recall AI for Windows 11, Shifts to Insider Testing

Microsoft Delays Launch of Recall AI for Windows 11
Image Source- Bleeping Computer

Microsoft has announced a postponement in the rollout of its Recall AI feature, originally scheduled to debut with the new Windows 11 Copilot+ PCs on June 18. The decision to delay comes as Microsoft aims to refine the feature based on feedback from the Windows Insider Program before it becomes broadly available.

Why Microsoft Delays Launch of Recall AI for Windows 11?

Initial Plans Altered

Recall AI, which was intended to enhance user productivity by allowing them to search through past activities on their PCs, will not be included in the initial launch of Copilot+ PCs. Instead, the feature will enter a preview phase exclusively within the Windows Insider Program, where it can be rigorously tested and improved upon.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Recall AI has faced scrutiny over privacy implications since its announcement. The feature operates by capturing screenshots of user activity at intervals and organizing these into a searchable timeline. Although Microsoft has emphasized that data processing and storage for Recall occur locally to safeguard user privacy, concerns remain. Enhancements include making the feature opt-in and requiring Windows Hello authentication for access, but critics point out that these measures may still be susceptible to security loopholes.

Steps Forward

Microsoft’s recent update explains that the adjustment in Recall’s launch schedule is to ensure the feature adheres to the company’s standards for quality and security. The move to first release Recall to Windows Insiders underscores Microsoft’s cautious approach to refining the feature amid feedback.

Upcoming Availability

The company has not specified an exact date for when Recall will be available to Windows Insiders, but it has committed to providing detailed instructions and additional information shortly. Those interested in testing will require a Copilot+ PC equipped with an NPU-capable CPU, designed to handle sophisticated AI tasks necessary for Recall’s functionality.

By postponing the official launch and opting for extended testing through the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft demonstrates a commitment to addressing privacy and security concerns head-on. This cautious approach may help enhance user trust and ensure that Recall AI meets expectations for both functionality and user safety once it fully launches.

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