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When Do You Really Need a Civil Solicitor?


Civil solicitors deal with offenses harmful to individuals, their rights, or their property. This article will explain who are civil solicitors and why you need a Civil solicitor.

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What is a Civil Solicitor?

Civil solicitors issue court proceedings and deal with disclosure and drafting witness statements. They instruct the Counsel to attend the trial and prepare trial bundles and all the documentation required by the court, both pre-trial and post-trial.

They generally handle legal disputes concerning personal injury, family relationships, employment, and real estate and work with government entities and business institutions.

They understand all the noncriminal aspects of a legal dispute between two parties.

They always try to resolve conflicts and disputes between two affected parties. And also redress for all the damages in the form of monetary compensation for their clients.

When Do You Really Need a Civil Solicitor?

Civil Solicitor covers all legal issues that do not involve criminal activity or breaking the law. Generally, in this, one party always sues another because they would be “wronged” in some way and want some compensation for that “wrong.”

It also covers legal agreements, real estate transactions, divorces, and other matters where all the legal paperwork is always necessary to protect all parties involved.

There are some reasons that when do you really need a civil solicitor:

1. HMRC Investigations

An HMRC tax investigation happens when Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) decides to take a closer look at the finances of your business. You should immediately seek assistance from an HMRC civil tax investigation defence and specialist solicitor in London to keep your finances safe.

2. A Complex or Nasty Divorce

When the couples mutually agree on a split, there is no real need for a solicitor. However, when there are issues of property, investments, savings, support, and child custody arrangements, only a fool neglects to get legal representation.

The divorce terms are very binding and can be changed by going back to the court. All of this can be avoided with a good lawyer upfront.

3. A Car Accident with Injury

If you got injured in an accident and there was no fault of your own, then the other guy’s insurance company will go over all the faults to settle your claim as quickly as possible. In this case, you should only talk to an insurance company representative once you have consulted a personal injury attorney.

You may not know the laws or the average compensation rates, but seasoned attorneys are. If you got injured or harmed in a car accident, you should not talk to anyone except the Solicitor to answer cursory questions from the police on the scene.

4. Denial of Workman’s Comp or Disability Claim

It is often the policy of such institutions to deny a claim the first time around. This is because they know a certain percentage will accept that ruling and give up. Don’t be one of those people. Get a solicitor upfront. They will help you, and also, they will take the fee out of the settlement, so there are no up-front costs.

5. Drug Charges

Drug addiction is very harmful to everyone, and when anyone gets tracked in this case when it is not your fault, it is tough to get out of this case as the government has a crucial and strict punishment for these cases.

In this case, you should hire a civil solicitor as they have all the knowledge related to this case, and they will help you get out of this case and also get all the respect again.

6. A DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) has become a serious charge. These include fines, jail time, loss of license, or any combination of these. A good solicitor will always meet with the prosecutor and will get the charges reduced, especially if this is your first offense. Only go to court if you get a DUI charge with a solicitor if you are willing to accept the maximum penalty.


Civil Solicitors are regulated by solid legislation and procedural laws. As we went through the article, we learned how civil solicitors work and play an essential role. Civil solicitors regulate the entire legal system by protecting the legal rights of the individuals as well as that of the country.

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