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10 Beautiful Parks In South London for All Ages


After almost three years of being cooped up in homes and rooms, some people love to spend time outdoors whenever possible. As a result, various parks in and around South London are open to all. As long as the pet owners follow each Park’s rules, some parks even permit bringing dogs.

The Parks in South London are all different from one another. Some are plain rolling fields with copses of trees here and there, others have more trees than open areas, and others may have a stream flowing through the entire Park that people can enjoy. These parks are open to the public, and people frequent them or with family whenever they want to be outdoors.

Best Beautiful Parks in South London

Greenwich Park

The historic hunting park, Greenwich Park, is one of the largest parks founded in the heart of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest enclosed parks in the capital.

Attractions in Greenwich Park

  • It is a sprawling park that houses many facilities.
  • It is located in Southeast London and houses many buildings and sites of historical importance.
  • You can visit the Park and the National Maritime Museum near the Park.
  • There are a variety of national sites, including The Royal Observatory. These sites all have some ties to the royal family.
  • Other facilities you can find here include the Rose Garden, Tennis Courts, and Picnic Tables.
  • There are also facilities for children and parents, a large sand pit, washrooms, and facilities for changing babies’ clothes and diapers.

Peckham Rye Park

Peckham Rye Park is an open area at Strakers Road in South London. It has a wooded area and a lake, which makes the place quite interesting regarding wildlife conservation and history.

Attractions in Peckham Rye Park

  • Peckham Rye Park and Peckham Rye Commons are two different areas next to each other. Peckham Rye Park is towards the south end of the grounds.
  • The Park boasts large areas of wooded land and a lake.
  • It opens as early as 7:30 a.m. daily, while the closing time varies daily.
  • It has a dog-free picnic area, a duck pond, and a Japanese garden.
  • The Park also has various facilities for children, such as playgrounds and an adventure yard that is wheelchair friendly.

Dulwich Park

The Park has a huge children’s playground, an excellent cafe, a well-liked bike rental kiosk, interesting historical sites, entertaining amenities, and great picnic spots. Dulwich Park was opened in 1890 as a part of the Dulwich College Estates.

Attractions in Dulwich Park

  • The estate gave the Park to the Metropolitan Board of Works for them to make it a public park.
  • It is also popular among locals and other visitors from outside the city.
  • It still has most of its Victorian-styled layout from when it was first created.
  • It was later open for all because the owners wanted to preserve its beauty and history.
  • It has a lake where boating facilities are provided and also a cafe.

Norbury Park

Norbury Park is a park located in an urban area. It has a playground for children: open space, and walking trails. Between Norbury Avenue and Green Lane is where you will find the Park.

Attractions in Norbury Park

  • It is more prevalent among older children, although not as large as the other London parks.
  • It has a miniature golf course that people frequent throughout the week.
  • It has playgrounds for children of various ages.
  • The Park also has a BMX track that is open to all.
  • It also has a public parking lot which makes it easier for visitors.

Burgess Park

Burgess Park is considered to be the largest Park in South London. It stretches from Camberwell and Walworth in the west to Old Kent Road and Peckham in the east.

Attractions in Burgess Park

  • The Park boasts several playgrounds for children and adults and a separate play area for children under five.
  • They have climbing facilities for adults, as well as an outdoor gym.
  • Visitors have free parking in the surrounding streets.
  • Parents can also utilize the picnic tables around the play area for children.
  • In summer, the Park has water fountains that often become the main attraction.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is located along the Thames river. It is a large Park with several facilities that are open to all. However, some areas may require payment before use.

Attractions in Battersea Park

  • The Park has two cricket pitches often used by the King’s Road Cricket and Social Club.
  • It was initially built as an entertainment area for the lower class of Victorian London.
  • The Park now has a cycling track open to children and adults.
  • It has a mini golf course, a children’s zoo, and an art gallery.
  • Toilet facilities are also available around the Park.

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park was constructed between 1852 and 1854 to be educative and innovative for future generations. The former Crystal Palace Exhibition building surrounds Crystal Palace Park.

Attractions in Crystal Palace Park

  • The Park houses various facilities like a children’s farm, a maze, the national sports center, and playgrounds.
  • It has a lake for water birds and a lot of green space for people to take walks.
  • It has a cafe within the park and toilet facilities for those who need them.
  • It also has free parking for visitors and a boating area for summer.

Brockwell Park

The Park is a very pleasant place to visit and is considered one of the best parks in South London. One of the main features of the Park is that the Park is uncrowded as compared to the other parks.

Attractions in Brockwell Park

  • The Park has open spaces, flower gardens, and a network of ponds that make the overall Park very refreshing.
  • It is also a “Green Flag Heritage Park.”
  • The Park has playgrounds with many games for children, and in the summertime, they also have a water fountain.
  • It houses several cafes and tennis courts and has beautiful scenery with wooded areas and ponds.

Ladywell Fields

One of the hidden gems constructed in the 1800s, Ladywell Fields, is a public park constructed from three historic fields in which the river passes through them in Southeast London.

Attractions in Ladywell Fields

  • It is sometimes considered one of the hidden gems of Southern London.
  • The Park has rolling fields with the Ravensbourne River flowing through it.  
  • It was built in the 1800s but has undergone renovation as recently as 2011.

Hilly Fields

Hilly Fields is a beautiful park that opened in 1896 and is quite famous amongst people for running, cycling, and family picnics. One of its main attractive features is that you can visit the Park when there is live music outdoor stage inside the Park.

Attractions in Hilly Fields

  • The fields offer a beautiful view of London that is slightly more elevated than its surrounding areas.
  • It was built due to worry that urban London would not have open spaces as it continued to grow in the 1800s.
  • It has open areas and lanes where people often go for walks to enjoy the fresh air and the London view.

Parks in South London have been built for various reasons because of the fear that large open spaces would no longer exist in modern London. As a result, each Park is beautiful and unique. There may always be a crowd in some parks, but others will be more refreshing for parents and children, even pets!

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