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What Is The Process Of Getting a Driving License In The UK?


Getting your driving license is an important milestone in everybody’s lives. It allows you to have the freedom to go wherever you want. You don’t have to wait for other people or beg them to drive you somewhere. You won’t be dependent on anyone to reach somewhere. A driving license is also used for identification purposes. You can use it as your address proof. It is crucial to understand obtaining a driving license in the United Kingdom. They have one of the most challenging driving tests, with a pass percentage of just 45.8%. Read this article to find out how to get a driving license in the United Kingdom.

How to get a driving license in the Uk?

Individuals who would like to receive their driving license can do so via online mode. They can go to the official website and fill out the application form. When you are applying for your driving license online, you must meet the following requirements:

  • meet the minimum age requirement set by the UK government.
  • Have the minimum eyesight score required.
  • Have a valid and legal document for identification, such as a passport.
  • Be a citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Must have no reasons preventing you from driving.

Start Driving classes to Learn Driving

In the United Kingdom, you can only start driving lessons if you have obtained your provisional license. It is advisable to learn to drive by a professional driving instructor with appropriate training. Nonetheless, you may understand the basic principles of driving with the guidance of your family members and friends if you meet a few simple requirements. It is crucial to have a large and easily visible “L” in red on the back and front of your vehicle when you are learning how to drive.

The costs for driving lessons are different for different areas across the United Kingdom. Some people who don’t grasp the concept of driving easily might need additional driving lessons to learn. However, your driving license lessons usually should cost anywhere between £20 and £30. The DVLA does not require you to undergo any training in driving classes.  On the other hand, the DVSA states that everyone needs to have around 47 hours of driving class. It suggests that everyone requires an additional 22 hours of private driving practice before passing their driving test.

Driving test-theory

The theory part of the driving test has around 50 multiple-type questions or MCQs. All the 50 questions are based on safety questions, and the different road signs mean. The minimum number of questions you need to answer right is 47 out of the 50 in under 57 minutes.

The next part is called the test for hazard preparation. Everyone who reaches this stage is shown a series of short videos in which they need to identify at least 15 hazards. You should get 44 questions right out of 75 total questions for passing theory and qualifying for the hazard test.

If you pass the theory part of the test and the hazard test, you can get your learner’s license. Only people who have managed to get a learner’s license can proceed to the practical exam. If you clear your licensing exam, you will receive your official driver’s license. The practical exam should be taken within two years of obtaining the learner’s license. It costs around £25 for this process.

Driving test-Practicals

The practicals for obtaining a driving license in the United Kingdom are divided into three parts, as mentioned below.

  • If you have reached the practical exam, you need to get your eyes checked for the first part. The driving instructor would ask you to stand 20m away from a license plate and accurately read the license plate. If you can’t read the license plate accurately, you will be disqualified from the process and can’t go any further.
  • If you pass the test for your eyesight, you will be asked several questions about vehicle safety. The driving instructor will ask you some vehicle safety questions, also known as show me, tell me questions.
  • The next part of the driving test is the final part. You will receive your driver’s license if you clear this test section. You will be asked to drive and do numerous important maneuvers that the driving instructor deems necessary. You will be required to drive about in changing traffic circumstances and in various sorts of locations without any guidance. You would also need to show you can easily reverse your car. This part of the test takes approximately 40 minutes.

There have been many changes and updates to the practical part of the driving test. These revisions were intended to bring the test updated with advanced and modern technologies and driving techniques. Some of the new changes to the practical driving test are the addition of satnav challenges, an extension of independent driving time, more questions on the distraction test, and changes in the maneuvers you need to do in the last part of the practical driving test. You must keep in mind to bring with you all the relevant documents.

If you fail to bring all the documents needed, the practical test will be postponed automatically—the practical exam costs around £75 on the bank holidays and weekends. However, the cost during the week is significantly low. It is only around £62 to take the practical test weekly.

Things to keep in mind before your driving test

You must avoid making big mistakes such as being on your phone while driving or speeding above the speed limit. However, you are allowed to make around 15 minor errors. The pass percentage of the practical driving exam is lower than 50%. People usually fail when they drive at the wrong speed, do incorrect reverse parking, use the wrong signals, or are on the wrong side of the road. You should not take the test unless you get a green light from your driving teacher and feel ready.


A driving license is essential to get your independence and freedom. The UK driving test is relatively hard, and you should have all the information about it before you decide to take the test. It would be best to go through this article to understand how to get your driving license in the United Kingdom.

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