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Best Sites To Download Cracked PC Games for Windows 7/8/8.1/10


More or less, many of us enjoy video games. These games are filled with fun, amusement, and entertainment. Some games require a brain, some ask for fighting or driving skills, and others crave knowledge to play. Video games are not new words in the market.

Windows PC cracked version games: details

We all know that a PC or desktop is the best way to enjoy and play video games. It’s important to remember that different PCs come with different upgrades to the Windows operating system. Some run Windows 7, some run 8, whereas some feature 8.1, 10, 13, etc. Nowadays, a go-to word is ‘Cracked version.’ People often ask if there’s a cracked version available for any paid software. Computer games aren’t different from these. That means most of the Windows-supported computer games have an alternative cracked version. Anyone can download these games and enjoy them. Just remember that you have to know the most appropriate site. There are several link spam, backlink extortion, etc.; several users reportedly experienced the loss of money, PC hack, and virus attacks while downloading these cracked PC games.

In today’s article, we will talk about the best sites to download cracked PC games. These sites can be efficiently run in Windows 7, 8,8.1, and 10.

Computer games from day 1 to now: What’s the change?

In 1985, famous physicist William Higinbotham developed the first ever computer game in the history of video games. For the last thirty-seven years, computer games have experienced a lot of developments. From a two-dimensional setting to the use of 3D gaming technology, computer games have evolved much. Picture quality, visibly, character demonstration, sound effects, BGMs, graphics: everything has been improved by engineers.

Cracked PC games: Why are they so popular?

Nowadays, most high-quality computer games are not accessible freely. A gamer has to pay for it. Most of the time, the amount of the premium version is a considerable amount of money. That’s why several gaming companies have sold their copyrights to other professional website holders; so they can launch a cracked version of that particular game. These highly increased the number of players. Gaming companies experienced a hike in their business and achieved better profit.

Best Sites To Download Cracked PC Games for Windows

After in-depth research, we have found some of the best sites. Have a look.

Ocean of games

Here are a few websites where you may get games free of intrusive adverts. This one is one of the most downloaded games by players at a tight expense. Not due to the absence of commercials, but rather because the games are being finished elsewhere. Even installing it is simple; you must press the downloading link, and a transfer notification will display.

Additionally, installing from this page is pretty quick despite not utilizing the well-known cloud, and you may download using just one click here. Customers are amazed, fantastic!

IGG Games

Internet Gaming Gate is commonly known as IGG. It’s a China-based computer game innovator and distributor. The company was based in 2006. If you find it difficult to access the computer games of your choice, you must try out this website. They have one the most comprehensive range of collections of games. This website is extremely easy-going. You can easily download unusual and rare games using IGG. Maybe the total number of games on IGG is more than a thousand. Oh yeah, if you want to find cracked games, you might get disappointed. Come on! Please search on IGG. Haha!

OVA Games

The information must be screaming even if the presentation is plain. You will be given access to complete, full-version Windows computer videogames with a straight download hyperlink in this location. What you want can be achieved swiftly—for instance, the FightGirl download edition, clone edition, and codex edition. It would help if you first made a quest for the desired game before choosing it.

Sadly, downloading from this site is not very simple; to access the downloading URL, you must pass through a couple of Short links. No matter how crucial, it is downloadable.

Game Save

A complementary and easy-going game downloading website is called Save Game US. It’s not only a website. It’s is a game as well. All participants are compelled to live and leave Lacuna Beach, a dangerous utopia and tropical peninsula. Gamers should locate one of two artifacts and activate a flare to request removal to go away. You are searching for a website where you can acquire entire PC games for nothing. So, this is the location. The structure of this webpage is identical to that of animesave.com. The video games here are fairly lovely despite the absence of improvements in the game selection.

Apun Ka Game

Apun Ka Game is another gamers website that offers PC game install hyperlinks and an in-depth essay regarding the play. If you’re having trouble discovering the game type you’re looking for, you should try this website. More category items will be offered to you than others. Aside from that, the numerous alternate adverts and hyperlinks ensure your convenience.

New Games Box

Appealing design, quick processing, controlled and updated. Yes, it is in keeping with this webpage well. One of the locations to acquire cracked PC videogames instantly using any browser (no bit torrent or U torrent required) is New Games Box. Sadly, the downloading URL is only available in megabytes, and users must disable ADBLOCK to access it. Some prominent games available are GTA V, Fifa 19, etc.

RG Mechanics

RG Mechanics is characterized as exciting and straightforward. Your desired games will have an appealing and straightforward appearance. The video games featured are the best even though the selection is not very up to date. Why are you holding out? Let’s go! Visit their website right now to download the necessary files. You won’t be left disappointed.

Black Box Repack

The description shows that this website solely offers games from the black box. Describe a black box. Here is a crew that can hack protection software or PC games. You can enjoy video games that have been stolen thanks to them. In addition to being allowed to choose the item you desire, you may install it for nothing. Don’t fail to express gratitude.


However, it doesn’t depend heavily on visually appealing page displays, and the processing is still relatively quick. Additionally, a sizable number of substitute hyperlinks are provided here, so you won’t have to bother if some of the URLs are broken or unavailable.


Here, you’ll be introduced to a visually appealing homepage with animations that almost seem designed to lure you towards installing every game on this portal. This portal offers video games rather frequently; they can release 1-6 items daily. Despite using German, the webpage does not have sufficient improvements. It’s not abnormal; everyone can master a foreign dialect.


A plus point of Windows is: that Microsoft operates it. Microsoft has been one of those user-friendly companies that offer a large number of free games to users. So, if you have ed to download cracked games from sites, still, if you have a Windows PC or are a game-enthusiasts who enjoys experimenting with new games, you must try out the software mentioned above to download all the cracked Windows PC games.

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