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Simple Steps to Book and Pass Your MOT

Book and Pass MOT
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Your MOT (Ministry of Transport)can be a nerve-wracking time, especially if you do not fully understand what your MOT inspector is looking for. Added to this is the concern that there is no grace period when it comes to renewing your MOT even one day overdue is as problematic as several months and can result in you losing your car, being given penalty points on your license, and having to pay a fine. You need to be careful of MOT penalties in case you are planning to travel around the UK  metropolitan areas like London or even Scotland.

Here are some simple steps you can take to book and pass your MOT in pain-free ways

Timetable It

Make sure you know when your car is going to need its MOT test and keep a handy reminder on your phone or if you are more old-school note on a calendar somewhere that you will see it often. Do not note down the exact anniversary date: by the time you see this, you are unlikely to have the time to book the MOT before its expiry! Instead, note it down for one month ahead. (See the last point for why you should do this.)

Understand the MOT

Now you know when your MOT will be, you can find out what an MOT test actually is. The full MOT checklist is available online, and checking it afresh each year will ensure that you see all the new additions to the list, which has grown from the original three items (lights, brakes, and steering) to some thirty-odd items as of 2022. Read through the checklist and understand what the MOT inspector will be looking for and why – this will help with the next step.

A Little Bit of DIY

Now is your chance to boost your vehicle’s chances of passing the MOT test. Make sure the car is clear of clutter and that the windows and mirrors are clean, properly positioned, and in a condition that helps you to drive better. Bumpers, number plates, door handles, and external mirrors should all be firmly attached, and the various systems: brake, fuel, suspension, exhaust and steering, and so on, should all work well and have no tampering devices fitted for any reason. Tyres should be in good condition with sufficient tread depth and proper inflation. Work your way through the checklist and perform whatever small maintenance tasks you can – even relatively minor faults can tip the inspection towards an overall fail if they are numerous and egregious enough.

Double Up with a Major Service

Once you have taken care of the small tasks, employ your local garage to take care of the bigger ones. Teaming your MOT with a major service is an excellent way to make sure that as many potential fails are cleared up long before the MOT inspector sits in your driving seat. Often, you can use the same garage for your major service as will be doing the MOT test. You can even book them at the same time and have peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted to any problems before the MOT inspector is given control of your vehicle – or even have the problems solved on your behalf should you have a previously agreed budget in place. Moreover, if you are looking to book MOT from a reliable garage,  Fife Autocentre lets you book MOT on their website in easy steps and all their branches are VOSA approved.

Book It in Good Time

The DVLA allows for MOTs to be completed during the month prior to your MOT’s expiration date without losing the anniversary – effectively meaning that you could end up with a thirteen-month MOT (although, of course, you will need to plan for the next MOT in good time too!)

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