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Top 10 Colleges and Universities for Technology in the United Kingdom


This is the world of technology in 21st centuary. we are presenting for you below top of the colleges for Technology and innovations located in The United Kingdom. know more here about Best 10 Colleges which is best for the Techies and geeks in United Kingdom.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is placed in the central part of the ancient Cambridge city, located almost 50 miles from London. It is a public research institute. Cambridge University is a family and home for almost 18000 students that come from all over the world. It is one of the finest colleges for engineering and technology in the Uk. The institute has 31 different campuses, which are all autonomous universities divided into numerous distinct buildings. Most of the buildings are situated on the River Cam, a very famous river in the UK. all the living facilities are available in the colleges themselves for the convenience of the students, and they are tough inside the premises as well. The students can apply to their desired campus directly. There is no requirement to apply officially to the university.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is known to be one of the oldest universities in the world of English speaking. The University of Oxford is considered so old that no one knows the exact date of the foundation of this university. It is situated in the middle of the city of Oxford. It consists of 44 different institutions and is known to have the biggest library all across the UK. The University of Oxford is a family and home to almost 22000 students, partially undergraduates. It has almost 40% of international students and is a dream college for many students who wish to study technology.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College is located in Albertopolis in South Kensington, London. The locality was known to be the vision of the 19th century. It was known to be a place where art and science would collide, established by Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole. The Imperial college is not just a greatly regarded college for technology, but is also a place to be sitting in the lap of nature. The campus is filled with greenery, the primary construct being two royal parks located in the center itself at ten montes walk in the campus.

University College London (UCL)

The UCL ranks in one of the topmost technical colleges all across the Globe. It has a very advanced and progressive academic learning and is also known to provide one of the best college life experiences to its students. Almost 30 Nobel Laureates come from the former staff and student community of the UCL. UCL is a dream college for most engineering and technical students as it is considered one of the biggest brand names in these fields. The UCL is a very diverse college wherein students from all across the Globe pursue their careers and are given equal opportunities.

The University of Manchester

Manchester is known for the wide number of degrees the campus offers from almost every field. It has approximately 1000 programs from humanities, business, science, and engineering subject areas. They offer foundation courses, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, PhDs, and also MBAs. The University of Manchester is known to be doing its research and advancing in various fields, specializing in the research against various life-threatening diseases. The University of Manchester is also known to be having the most international students all across the UK. It is said to have almost 180 nationalities on its campus.

The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh comes under the list of the top 50 technology colleges all across the Globe, and it has been consistently present in the lists for a long time now. It is a family and a home to almost 40000 students from as vast as 156 countries. It is said to attract the greatest minds from all across the globe. The University of Edinburgh imparts offline full-time campus education and gives out part-time online open education where the time of education imparted is constricted. It gives out around d70 different online and offline programs.

University of Southampton

The university of Southampton is a university-based research-intensive and is also one of the founding members of the Russell Group. Initially, when it was founded in 1862, it was known as the Hartley Institution. Queen Elizabeth II also gave it a royal charter in 1952 during one of her first official acts as a MOnarch. The university comprises five different campuses and is a home and family to almost 21000 students from 130 different countries.

University of Bristol

Bristol is known to be a great combination of academic excellence and an independent and forward-thinking spirit. It was founded in 1876. bristol was one of the first universities in the Uk to have introduced climate emergencies on its campuses. With forward green thinking in the university, the key vision for the future of Bristol University is solely sustainability. The students at the University of Bristol get an opportunity to collab and learn from the academic leaders of their respective fields. It consists of students from almost 150 countries all across the world.

The University of Sheffield

Sheffield is ranked among the top 100 universities for engineering and technology and is also a leading university for conducting research. It is reputedly known for its excellence all across the Globe. The University of Sheffield is also one of the founding members of the Russell group. It is located in the heart of the UK and is known to provide world-class education and living facilities to its students.

University of Nottingham

The university of Nottingham is located in the East Midlands in England, Uk. It was founded in 1881. It is ranked joint 84 in the world QS World University. It is a very well-known research center and has students from all across the globe to pursue their bachelor’s and other programs.

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