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How To Trace Someone By Using Their Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing


Mobile tracking facilitates you to pursue the actions of a person of attention. You can trace somebody’s whereabouts without them realizing it by launching spyware confidentially on their required phone. These spying applications groove all phone actions like Calls, SMS, map location, Web history, Media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more, etc. virtually,

Best Spy Apps That Trace Someone’s Mobile Devices


mSpy is a mobile tracking app that facilitates remotely examining any individual’s mobile phone vigorously. This app assists you discern all their information without any difficulty. You can survey the GPS locale of your target person’s phone.

mSpy is a GPS tracker that enables you to trace any required phone motions. You can obtain an exact prevailing territory and comprehensive route narrative. It is an influential piece of equipment that can chase social media accounts, their messages, and much more.

By logging into the mSpy dashboard to detect the target device’s action. One will keep a trace of Messaging Contacts, Most Calling Contacts. Most Visited webpages and exquisite details.

The application also traces significant evidence, such as WhatsApp history and GPS location. Besides, you can witness the search history. You can also view the browsing history, emails, barred website chronicles, etc., of the individual.

Characteristics of mSpy

  • mSpy helps in activity updates of the required phone every minute.
  • This portable tracing application stimulates you to evaluate approaching statements.
  • You will obtain updates within a particular time
  • You can encrypt and insure your locale information.
  • It enables you to keep an eye on your companion’s cell phone without getting caught.


uMobix is one of the decent spy apps that authorizes you to record into somebody’s mobile and survey their phone record. This tracking app enables you to permit the target phone. uMobix is a spy app that can be used to spy on text messages, calls, and GPS locations. It is one of the most popular spy apps on the market and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers. uMobix is a very powerful spy app and can be used to spy on anyone, even if they are not using an iPhone. The app can be installed on any iPhone, and it will work with all versions of iOS. uMobix is a very easy-to-use spy app, and it’s very affordable. You can get a 7-day trial of uMobix for just $0.99, and there are no monthly fees.

Characteristics of uMobix

  • It furnishes an immediate surveillance conference to delineate the litigation of your juvenile’s phone.
  • You can trace phone signals with relief.
  • You can shortly approach the images in the gallery.
  • Inquiries improved GPS tracker.
  • It facilitates you to trace searched history.


ClevGuard is a cell phone tracking app that authorizes you to trace somebody’s online action without them realizing remotely. It gives real-moment location tracing details that authorize you to permit phone records rapidly from any spot. It also enables you to arrange program fences and signals when someone completes or exceeds the limitation.

Characteristics of ClevGuard

  • This transferable hacking application enables you to trace the mobile phone safely of an individual.
  • You can obtain real-time information synchronization by  3G or 4G network.
  • You can maintain hidden observation on phone calls on your youngster’s phone.
  • Clevguard demands authorization for multi-lingual probabilities.
  • You can apprehend screenshots for use.
  • This spy app empowers 24/7 assistance via chat, email, and other required ways.
  • It encourages you to get somebody’s detailed information and passwords.


Hoverwatch helps you to trace SMS, GPS setting, call narratives, and public statements of the required equipment. This mobile phone tracking application benefits numerous social media areas like Facebook, Telegram, and many more.

Characteristics of Hoverwatch

  • You can discover the data obtained and transmitted by the user.
  • Enables you to trace a mobile phone’s pictures, screenshots, and phone’s specific location and protect SMS messages.
  • You can effortlessly launch the software from the online statement.
  • It facilitates you to understand the Internet record of somebody’s Android cell phone.
  • This requisition enables you to regulate your worker and youngsters’ action online.
  • You can continue unnoticed while renting this location shadowing assistance.


FlexiSPY is the mobile tracing app for desktops, portable phones, and notepads. It enables you to spy on a desktop or target devices. FlexiSPY is a spy app that allows you to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing. It can be used to track their location, read their texts, and even listen to their phone calls. FlexiSPY is one of the most popular spy apps on the market, and it’s used by both parents and employers. However, it’s important to note that FlexiSPY is only legal if you have physical access to the phone, and you’re using it for a legitimate purpose (such as tracking your child’s location). If you’re caught using FlexiSPY without the owner’s consent, you could face legal penalties.

Characteristics of FlexiSPY

  • Empowers element for guardian supervision characteristic.
  • It assists you in tracing the online actions of your household units
  • It furnishes a problem-free private facility building service.
  • You can trace a teenager’s call log-on/off actions.
  • Enables you to establish software or uninstall or turn off the software in use.
  • It can operate in shadow Mode in the lost or snatched device.
  • It delivers a distinct clue mixture for desired call logs and location sharing details.
  • Furnishes dashboard warnings.
  • You can deliver remote powers from the mobile or network.
  • Voluntarily isolated updates with immediate locale history.


Cocospy is one of the nicest phone spy apps for Android. It’s a tremendous way to trace mobile without the victim’s knowledge. This steady mobile phone tracing app facilitates you to completely enter the target person’s cell in an issue of moments and trace their mobile phone site silently and in perfect time. So, if you’re peeking for a tremendous app that’s owner-friendly, reasonable, and provided with multiple features, Cocospy is a considerable suit.

It assists on both Android phones and iOS equipment, receiving it vulnerable to all users across the world. The setup procedure can be accomplished usually for iOS appliances, while for Android equipment, you’ll require to collect real accessibility. Our critics have interviewed all of the Cocospy characteristics, and these were their best of bests:

Characteristics of Cocospy

  • Geofencing characteristics and mobile phone location records;
  • Groove the locale established on GPS and as well as on Wi-Fi;
  • Call and public media tracing – social media reports such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • Track somebody’s SIM token location settings.


Although most characteristics don’t need rooting, some developed, and progressive alternatives might only require rooted devices to work on. While Spokeo can’t trace the substantial phone’s location in a short but specific time, it can assist you in finding out crucial data about the multitude’s owner.

Just type it into Spokeo’s equipment, and you’ll see to whom the phone is enrolled. Spokeo will also exhibit extra evidence, such as the city and state they are currently located in and their enormous address, and more. Spokeo invites different super composure options like dating application profile lookups in their Bonus packages.

For further expanded search issues with extra components, you will have to recruit for a premium membership. In total, for the person who’s peeking to find how to track a cell phone setting for free intimately, Spokeo is yet another tremendous economical choice.

Find My Device

You can ping a mobile phone location setting for unrestricted on Android, and we’ll exhibit how. All you’ll require is a built-in Android application dubbed Find My Device. Assume sense that this procedure is free and very simple to utilize. Nonetheless, it gives restricted phone location tracing abilities, and it doesn’t help unless the location assistance is on.

Find My iPhone is an owner-based application from Apple that helps on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Mac if they get forfeited or snatched. Utilizing this territorial tracing application, one can discover your deserted appliance on a global, aim relinquished procedure to trace the device, remove all the private data for a moment, pin the equipment, and manipulate a tone to distinguish it.


Tracing a mobile phone except the victim’s knowledge has never been more straightforward lots of thanks to the innumerable tools and applications that we have mentioned in this dissertation – go forward and try some attempts for yourself! If you’re glancing for a timely, inexpensive, and simple explanation, use Geofinder or Localize. Conversely, if you’re brought to additional complicated mobile phone tracing treatments, mSpy is the perfect path to move forward!

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