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How Many Types Of Wrenches Are There?

Types of Wrenches
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If you are in the automotive industry, a builder, a handyperson, a plumber, or in one of many other industries, there is a very high chance that you use a wrench weekly or even daily in your course of work. It could be one of the most common wrenches or a specialized, industry-specific wrench. What is probably a good bet though is that you have no idea of how many types of wrenches there are. If you chose a number any less than 50 then you would probably be wrong. Let’s take a closer look at the variety of wrenches available today.

Types of Wrenches

Standard wrenches

The standard wrench is one that can do most jobs, they may not be as successful as a specific wrench designed for the task, but they will generally do the job. These include the:

  • Adjustable wrench – the most common of all wrenches and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Pipe wrench – this wrench is designed to undo, with squashing and damaging the pipe.
  • Strap wrench – similar to the above wrenches in the fact that is not just a fixed size and can be adjusted to fit.

Although these are the standard wrenches, they are not necessarily the most common.

Common wrenches

Apart from the adjustable wrench some of the most common types are the spanner or crescent wrench, the socket wrench, and the Allen Key wrench. They all come in different sizes and as with the wrenches, some sizes are more commonly used than others. Although some of the common wrenches are job specific, like the Allen wrench, many specialized wrenches are more common and some more obscure.

Specialized wrenches

These wrenches are more likely to be industry-specific like the basin wrench, designed to make it easier to access pipes under the sink. They also include tension wrenches, sparkplug wrenches, and garbage disposal wrenches among a few.

Quality wrenches

Whatever the wrench is that you use, quality is the key. To buy quality wrenches you need a reputable dealer who only sells quality products. With almost 400 wrench products in their inventory, we recommend the team at RS for quality tools and for expert advice. Cheap tools may be fine for the home DIYer, but if your business relies on your tools, then quality is a necessity. Inferior products will break easier and leave you out of commission until you can replace them. So, don’t put your reputation on the line, buy your wrenches from a team like RS.

When we think of the wrench, our minds are often limited to the most common ones. However, in reality, there are more than 40 types of wrenches available on the market today. So, to get the right wrench for the job contacts the team at RS, online or by phone. What they don’t know about wrenches, doesn’t need to be known. Contact the industry leaders in quality tools today and get your business the tools you need to provide the best service you can to your clients.

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