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guide for Best Tyre Maintenance and Care


Usually, we don’t pay much attention to our car’s tyres unless they are punctured or need to be replaced. Even yet, our attention to these critical components is quite restricted. However, this carelessness might have catastrophic repercussions. Poor tyre maintenance can lead to frequent punctures, poor ride quality, poor vehicle stability, and inefficient braking.

What to do for Tyre Maintenance

Depth of Tread

If your tyres do not have enough tread depth, you may experience a variety of problems, including less forceful braking, imprecise handling, and decreased vehicle stability, particularly on wet terrain. This is when having a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm on your tyres becomes important.

A tyre’s tread pattern is made up of grooves, sipes, and ribs. All of these contribute to your vehicle’s traction and stability. However, insufficient tread depth might cause your car to slide and cause an accident, especially when braking. As a result, it is always important to guarantee that your vehicle’s tyres have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm.

Pressure in the tyres

Admit it or not, maintaining proper air pressure is the most important step in extending the life of your tyres. Air pressure has an immediate effect on ride quality, handling accuracy, and vehicle stability. Overinflated tyres make your automobile bouncy and unstable, especially while cornering. The tyres wear out faster from the centre than from the sides due to excess pressure.

Under-inflated tyres, on the other hand, need more fuel to roll and increase tyre tread wear, shortening the tyre’s life. Running tyres with low air pressure lowers fuel economy and cause the tyres to wear out rapidly on the sides.

Alignment and balancing

Both of these are issues that a business owner should never overlook. Proper wheel alignment helps to extend tyre life as much as feasible. They not only increase a vehicle’s stability but also improve its handling. However, when radials are misaligned, they are more prone to wear and safety is jeopardised. It causes poor cornering and makes driving on wet and slippery roads extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, it creates vibrations and difficulties with the suspension system. As a result, proper wheel alignment is required to provide safe and enjoyable driving. Balancing, on the other hand, is another factor that contributes to the smooth operation of tyres. Vibrations on your steering wheel, especially at high speeds, and decreased steering precision are typical signs that your wheels need to be balanced.

Tyre rotation

Many of us ignore this step because what difference would altering the location of our tyres possibly make? Well, quite a bit! This is the phase when you receive the most bang for your buck. We frequently remark that our front tyres wear out faster than our rear tyres. This occurs when the tyres are not rotated.

Let us first comprehend that the tyres on the front axle are responsible for turning your car and even dragging it ahead. Obviously, they are the ones that are under the most strain, especially when braking hard. Rotation ensures that tyres wear evenly, reducing the need to replace front tyres more frequently. It also helps you to get the most mileage out of your tyres. To get the most out of your tyres, we recommend rotating them every 5000 to 6000 kilometres.

Best tyre care products

To keep your car’s tyres in good condition, you must know how to care for them. But how can you care for them if you don’t have suitable tyre care products? The following is a list of the most significant tyre care products.

Inflator for Tyres

A tyre inflator is an absolute necessity for each automobile owner. Tire inflators can save the lives of tubeless cyclists who get punctures. This device is a fantastic addition to any home or workplace because it is simple, portable, and simple to operate. They generally come with a pressure gauge. Unexpected events may occur when you realise your tyres are losing air and need to be pumped. An inflator ensures that your tyres are always inflated to the appropriate pressure.

Kit for Patching

To remedy the problem in a flat, all you need is a patch kit. As a result, it should be the first item you bring with you everywhere you go. A 12ml rubber cement tube is frequently included with a patch kit. And, of course, there’s a handle to help with installation.

This kit will come in helpful if you have a small puncture and want to mend it as quickly as possible. The kit includes all you need to know, so you don’t have to be an expert to use it! Simply follow their directions to fix the tyre.

Pump Your Car Tyre

Foot pumps for cars function in the same manner as tyre inflators do, with the main difference being that foot pumps are manual while tyre inflators are automated. You may choose either one for your car’s tyre.

Tyre cleaning polish

In the summer, frequent tyre cleaning and dressing are critical because it maintains an exact PH level and keeps the tyre rubber non-crackable. As a result, the tyre life has been extended. As a result, we’ll need some tyre cleaner and polishing chemicals.


Without tyres, no matter how elegant, fast, or comfy your car is, it simply cannot roll. That’s how significant they are. And they aren’t too difficult—just a few easy actions and materials such as tyre shiner, and your tyres will always perform admirably.

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