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UK Accuses China-Linked Groups of Cyber Attacks on Democratic Institutions

UK Accuses China-Linked Groups of Cyber Attacks on Democratic Institutions
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The UK, with support from allies worldwide, has called out China for being behind cyber attacks aimed at democracy-focused groups and politicians. This includes efforts from regions in the Indo-Pacific and Europe standing with the UK.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that the UK Electoral Commission’s systems were likely hacked by a group linked to China between 2021 and 2022. Another finding shows that a Chinese cyber group, known as APT31, tried to spy on UK politicians in 2021. These politicians were known for criticizing China’s actions. Fortunately, they didn’t break into any accounts.

This isn’t the first time China-affiliated groups have targeted democratic systems and politicians in the UK and elsewhere. As a response, the UK has taken steps against these activities. The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office called in the Chinese Ambassador to the UK. Also, the UK and the US have put sanctions on a company and two people connected to APT31.

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron emphasized that such attacks on the UK’s democracy won’t be tolerated and mentioned the sanctions against those involved. He has also spoken directly to the Chinese Foreign Minister about this issue.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden and Home Secretary James Cleverly both stated the UK’s commitment to protecting its democratic systems and values against such cyber threats. They stressed that the UK would keep calling out and taking action against any malicious cyber activities that threaten its security and democratic processes.

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