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The 9 Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services In The UK


Apart from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian types of people, these days, most people are also opting for a vegan-based food diet. Many athletes, actors, and ordinary folks are opting for this diet to stay away from food products derived from animals. As a result, the number of eating options gets reduced, and one must repeatedly eat the same kind of vegan food.

The number of restaurants and delivery services serving vegan food has increased significantly, and people are more satisfied with the newer and more delicious food options. Even in the UK, many people are vegan and enjoy good vegan food from well-established delivery services like Green Chef, Gousto, Feast Box, and many more.

One can get easy and quick-frozen microwave meals or recipe boxes to create your vegan food at home. Many delivery services in the UK provide fantastic food to their customers, and people love their meals too. The following article contains nine of the best vegan meal services in the UK. One must try the mouth-watering food provided by these places.

Top-Rated Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services in The UK

If you love cooking, you can opt for a vegan food box instead of getting ready-to-eat types of meals. It will allow you to cook food for yourself, satisfying your food-related needs and enjoying the cooking experience. Also, one can add additional ingredients to the meal boxes while cooking them to enhance the taste per one’s need.

Hence, there are many options in the UK where one can find the best vegan food; only one needs to order it and enjoy it with friends and family. It’s a good decision to switch to vegan food and eat plant-based meals, as it helps in saving many animals as provides them with a good life. One can also try to reduce meat consumption in one’s diet and consume more plant-based meals to acquire the necessary nutrition from plants.

The food options for vegan people are already fewer; hence, to enjoy some good delicacies, one can check out the following nine delivery services: –

Green Chef

One can opt for the Green Chef if one wants to get the most delicious vegan meal subscription box. It stands above all the competitors, serving food prepared with the best organic and sustainable ingredients. This brand is a part of the Hello Fresh family.

Why Do You Choose Green Chef

  • They don’t utilize fake meat or highly processed ingredients in their meals.
  • Their dishes are prepared with high-quality cashew butter and coconut butter.
  • Each Green Chef meal contains a balance of all the nutrition and provides at least 20g of plant protein.

Feast Box

Feast Box is a delivery service that provides recipe boxes and allows an individual to cook the world’s tastiest vegan dishes at home with the help of essential kitchen utensils like pots and pans, which everyone has. Their weekly changing menu always includes at least four vegan food options.

Why Do You Choose Feast Box

  • They have exotic dishes from countries like Peru, China, India, and West Africa.
  • One must try the mushroom and courgette koftas from the Feast Box.
  • Each recipe box is packed with unique ingredients like Chinese Sichuan pepper, aji Amarillo chilies, and many more.


The Gousto vegan meals are tasty even though their price is low compared to their peers. They prepare meals with high-quality ingredients, and their plant-based meals cost as little as 1.19 Euros. Their recipes can be cooked in as little as ten minutes.

Why Do You Choose Gousto

  • They provide many healthy food options as body coach Joe Wicks backs Gousto.
  • Gousto also provides realistic-tasting meat alternatives for those who don’t like to eat vegetables every time.
  • One must try their nutty three veg curry with basmati rice, hearty mushrooms, and lentil pie.


Allplants is famous as a vegan company that offers pre-prepared frozen vegan meals. They provide chef-made and instantly frozen dishes to lock in freshness. Their packaging is either recyclable, reusable, or compostable, focusing on sustainability.

Why Do You Choose Allplants

  • Their meals are so tasty that one can’t believe whether they are frozen or microwaved.
  •  The meals they provide are rich in protein, iron, and vitamin C.
  • They provide a massive choice of 50 plant-based meals to choose from.

Mindful Chef

The Mindful Chef works to deliver a wide variety of fresh, nutritionist-designed recipes to one’s doorstep. This company works with small, family-run British farms to get the highest-quality ingredients on one’s plates. They offer more great vegan recipe boxes than their peers.

Why Do You Choose Mindful Chef

  • They don’t use sugar and refined carbs in their meals.
  • Mindful Chef focuses on using fresh vegetables in innovative ways.
  • They also provide ready meals and smoothies and have a good selection of broths.


Soulful Food offers twenty different meals, and one can even buy their Soulful Selection box and get each meal for as little as 2.09 Euros. If one subscribes to their regular delivery services, they also get a 10% discount. They meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance.

Why Do You Choose Soulful

  • Their PlantBoxes are more extensive and more filling than their standard OnePots.
  • One can heat their meal boxes in the microwave and enjoy good food in a few minutes.
  • For every meal they sell, they donate some portion to those who cannot afford to eat.

PEP Kitchen

PEP Kitchen was launched in 2020 and is the newest company in vegan meal delivery services. One can choose their plant-based meals and pair them with one’s side dishes or rice, which is readily available in the market. They provide cuisines from all around the world.

Why Do You Choose PEP Kitchen

  • They provide options like gluten-free, low-calorie, and high-protein meals.
  • One must try their Jackfruit massaman curry, rainbow veg, and rice.
  • They only provide 14 different types of vegan meals.


Riverford provides great organic recipe boxes that include a weekly choice of meals. Their vegan recipe boxes are prepared with organic produce and fresh vegetables that are in season during a specific time. Their 80% of vegetables are grown in the UK.

Why Do You Choose Riverford

  • Vegans must know that Riverford uses wool as the insulation in their packaging.
  • Their meals usually take 30-60 minutes to get prepared.
  • Along with vegan meals, they also provide 18 different veg and fruit boxes.


Planty focuses on serving 100% plant-based frozen meals. One can order their vegan meal boxes with a flexible subscription or as per one’s need. Their meal boxes can be kept in the freezer for a few days without getting tensed about whether they will spoil. They use compostable, recyclable, and reusable packaging.

Why Do You Choose Planty

  • One can try their ‘not-a-chicken tikka masala’, ‘mac-no-cheese’, and hearty jackfruit chowder.
  • Their delivery is carbon-neutral, making it more eco-friendly than their peers.
  • They don’t use artificial ingredients and focus only on plant-based flash-frozen foods.

Hence, these were the nine most efficient and loved vegan meal delivery services in the UK. If you live in the UK, you can try them out.


If you are a vegan, you can give the meal mentioned above delivery services a try. Those nine firms serve the best vegan meals in the UK. One can even opt for other food delivery places like Fresh Fitness Food, Vibrant Vegan Co., and many more. All these places serve the best food and satisfy the customer’s nutrition requirements with delicious vegan food.

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