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Best Free video player apps for Android TV?


Regarding entertainment in this new generation, it means only Netflix and games. These days, with new inventions every day, smart TVs or android TVs are quite common and available in every house. And now when it’s about watching a movie or a video on a TV a media player is a must-have in these smart TVs. Here are some essential and popular picks from the list of the 10 best video player apps for Android TV. They are as follows:

Latest Free Video player apps for Android TV for free

1. MX Player

It is the most powerful video player apps for android tv with advanced hardware hi-tech features. It is the most downloaded app from the Play Store.

The features are the following  

  • It provides you with free online streaming videos and audio content.
  • It supports all video and audio file formats.
  • This player has many advanced features like subtitle support, gestures, MX file sharing, etc.
  • It also facilitates auto-rotating while watching videos.

2. VLC Player

VLC video player is one of the common names heard by everyone, and it is used as a media player by many users across the world.

The features are the following

  • It is an open-sourced and a sort of cross-platform video player tool.
  • VLC video player is very famous for its universal use on PC/laptop devices.
  • You can easily download subtitles between videos.
  • It provides several filters, even weird audio formats.

3. KM Player

KM Player is a common one used by many globally because of its unique features and next-level performance.

The features are following

  • It has a perfect playback tool and plays all types of video files and subtitles.
  • It supports 4K, 8k, and Ultra HD videos.
  • They also added new features like video zoom, quick button, playlist settings, subtitle settings, etc. in the new updates.
  • They also provide some of the best sites to stream and watch live TV from this player.

4. BS Player

BS Player is a new multimedia player in the market for all Android smartphones. It is uniquely designed and built by BS Player Media making a 4.2 user rating in the Google Play Store.

The features are following

  • It serves the best available quality and performance.
  • It offers a free play mode with lots of inbuilt options and features.
  • It plays the multicore HD decoding improving the basic playback speed.
  • It can even stream newly launched videos at HD quality without any lag.

5. X Player

It is the most professional video playback tool developed by shot-inc. This video player also carries many downloads all over.

The features are following

  • It plays all types of video formats and can even play 4K video files very easily.
  • It also upholds features to protect your private videos from being deleted or seen by unwanted persons accidentally.
  • Some features like a private folder, ultra HD video support, audio, subtitle adjustment, etc. makes this app a successful one all over.
  • It facilitates the Auto-rotate feature throughout the video.    

6. Player Extreme

Player Extreme is making its performance at its best and however, and users are loving it. In spite of being only available on the Google platform, it supports all the android features to compete with all the other apps available.

The features are following

  • It facilitates subtitle downloader action and it is built with it.
  • It makes it easy to stream video directly from the PC or from a website.
  • The actions of playing the video and adjusting the brightness are highly appreciated.
  • It provides features for sharing videos directly to your social platforms. 

7. FX Player

It is highly used by most users and gets a lot of attention by referring to friends. It is one of the new apps in the market.

The features are following

  • It is built with a better UI and user-friendly experience.
  • Users enjoy 4K video, making it the best video player for Android Smart TV for free.
  • It facilitates adjusting the screen size accordingly and is the best feature for your eye.
  • Even if you are continuously using the smart TV, this player prevents your eye from basic eye issues from happening.

8. N Player

It came to the market and everyone found it unique as it can convert video files easily. It is one of the underdogs among them.

The features are following

  • It can import video from the cloud servers.
  • Various cloud server supporting nPlayer is Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, One Drive, and even Yandex.
  • Amazingly the developers and the creators are resolving and making it a zero bug in each update.
  • It can easily convert any audio file to a video file.

9. Kodi

It is a new app launched recently, This app allows you to watch and record live tv. It also works with a number of popular backends such as MediaPortal, NextPVR, etc.

The features are following

  • This is an open-source video player, as it supports all video formats.
  • It supports free switching to perform Live TV performances.
  • A collection of library space has been enabled for the best experience.
  • The voice control facility and streaming action are highly adapted to this video player.

10. VL video player

You will be surprised by the feature of HD-quality videos that are easily watchable. This app supports all types of video, and audio files as well as network streams.

The features are following

  • Multiple language subtitles. 
  • Auto-rotation, as well as auto-ratio adjustment facility.
  • Smart TV’s free channels are easily navigated.
  • Users will be experiencing the smart choice ever.


This available free software for video players makes our new innovations easy as we can get many unique features from it. They make all types of videos easy to watch and convenient on all platforms. The incoming technology of 4k videos and 5d audio is also supported by many of these software as they keep us updated. Here the above-given list of players is heavily recommended because of highly appreciated by the users. Bring the benefits of enjoying a smart TV experience using the top-rated Android free TV players available online. 

So by this article, it should be clear about all the down-loadable video players available for Android TV.

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