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WhatsApp Enhances Video Calling Features for Desktop Users

WhatsApp Enhances Video Calling Features for Desktop Users
Image Source- Wabetainfo

Meta continues to refine WhatsApp’s video calling capabilities with the addition of three new features designed to improve the user experience on both Mac and Windows platforms. These updates are set to align the desktop experience more closely with the app’s mobile capabilities, particularly in supporting larger group calls and enhancing interactivity during calls.

Video Calling Features for Desktop Users

1. Expanded Video Call Capacity

WhatsApp has extended its video call participant limit to 32 people on its desktop applications for both Windows and Mac. Previously, the participant cap was set at 16 for Windows and 8 for Mac users. This update ensures that large groups can collaborate or connect seamlessly across all devices, making the platform more versatile for both personal and professional communication.

2. Screen Sharing with Audio

A significant upgrade in the new feature rollout is the ability to share screen content along with audio during video calls. Previously, users could only share visual content without accompanying audio, which limited the usefulness of sharing multimedia content. Now, users can share videos, presentations, and other audio-visual content directly through WhatsApp, making shared experiences more engaging and enjoyable.

3. Speaker Spotlight

To improve the dynamics of group conversations, WhatsApp has introduced the Speaker Spotlight feature. This feature automatically highlights the person speaking by placing their video feed prominently and outlining it with a white border. This visual cue helps users easily identify and focus on the current speaker, enhancing the clarity and flow of discussions.

4. Rollout and Availability

Meta has announced that these new features will be rolled out to users globally over the next few weeks. This phased approach will ensure that all users benefit from the enhanced capabilities, irrespective of their device platform.

With these updates, WhatsApp significantly enhances its video calling service, particularly for desktop users, bringing its functionality on par with its mobile service. By expanding the participant limit and introducing interactive features like screen sharing with audio and Speaker Spotlight, WhatsApp aims to provide a more comprehensive and engaging communication tool that meets the needs of its vast user base.

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