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What Are The Importance of Greenhouses and Best Greenhouses in The UK?

Best Greenhouses in UK
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As you are reading this article, it must be no surprise that one of the most helpful gardening options is the usage of greenhouses. It does not matter if you are just getting into the gardening world or you are an experienced green-fingered person; all types of gardeners benefit from these functional structures for longer and more productive growing seasons. You can indulge in your passion for gardening all year long by using a greenhouse, guaranteeing that your plants are in the proper environment. But greenhouse structures can offer you much more!

This article has gathered a list of some of the best greenhouses in the UK. Moreover, we will include several greenhouse features that showcase how essential greenhouses are to gardeners.

What Does Mean By Greenhouse?

Before we dive deep into our article, we must know, ‘what is a greenhouse?’ A greenhouse, often known as a glasshouse, is a structure created to shield delicate or out-of-season plants from extreme cold or heat.

The modern greenhouse is often a frame building made with high-quality glass or plastic that shelters (primarily seasonal) vegetables, fruits, flowers, or any other type of plant that requires specific temperature conditions.

What Are The Importance Of Greenhouses in the UK?

A greenhouse offers several essential features that can help you grow beautiful plants with your own hands. A few of them are mentioned below:

Gardening Throughout The Year

One of the frequent issues many gardeners run into is their plants’ inability to begin growing because the season, time of year, or the weather is not right. For instance, even though strawberries are typically winter crops, you might prefer to plant them in the warmer months.

When you possess a greenhouse, you need not worry about any of this, though! You can start your planting season in any season of the year. With the help of a greenhouse, you can also manage your garden’s temperatures, allowing you to grow any plant you want throughout the year.

Highest Level Of Weather Protection

A greenhouse is a fantastic investment as it gives your plants some kind of protection from bad weather. In the UK, a well-maintained greenhouse is excellent for you and your plants in having complete plant protection from the impacts of non-seasonal temperature changes, including rain, hail, and cold waves. A Greenhouse will allow you to protect your plants from the UV sun rays and harsh winds or thunders.

Preventing Pests

A greenhouse can be very helpful in safeguarding your plants from bugs and pests, such as insects and birds because it is an enclosed building structure. It makes it harder for pests to get to your plants.

Even though it does not prevent pests to a 100% level, it still helps a lot compared to having plants in an open area. You can install screens and traps for unwanted pests like rats and rodents. On the other hand, ladybugs are thought to be advantageous to plants. They can aid in reducing the number of bothersome insects in the area.

Produce Crops Without Pesticides

Some of the most important advantages a greenhouse may provide; include pest avoidance and the ability to regulate every part of your growing process.

An enclosed room for your plants is similar to the last greenhouse benefit. That eliminates the need to spray harmful chemicals on them to ward off pests. And, of course, this also implies that you will be generating healthy and nutritious food for your loved ones to enjoy!

Your Production Will Rise

Along with gardening ability throughout the year, having a greenhouse also allows you to grow a wider variety of plants, enhancing your crop output. In addition, your harvests will likely be much larger because the warm interior temperature might promote and speed up plant growth.

You can set up the ideal growth conditions for whatever plants you like to increase your harvest. For instance, you can increase the temperature inside the greenhouse to grow summer crops like cucumbers, pumpkins, and watermelons for winter crops.

What Are The Best Greenhouses In The UK?

Polly Nicholson’s Handsome hardwood greenhouse

Polly Nicholson’s artisan startup “Bayntun Flowers” relies heavily on a three-bay glasshouse. The enclosed kitchen garden had a charming Victorian conservatory adjacent to the residence. Arne Maynard, a passionate gardener, and a garden designer, was hired to design the handsome hardwood greenhouse. The new greenhouse had to be equally gorgeous and practical with the beautiful Victorian-style kitchen garden.

The greenhouse’s central atrium is frequently used for intimate gatherings and memorable birthday parties and is surrounded by beautiful aromatic plants, flowers, and wirework furnishings. There is also a heated propagation bench for planting yearly flowers and vegetables in the “prop room” off to one side, along with a stage for unique and historic bulbs. Two thin peach trees and a trained vine are on the opposite side, both surrounded by flower- and kale-filled flowerbeds.

Every aspect of the greenhouse is gorgeously and intelligently crafted, from the heated piping to the Bath-stone flooring with its elegant grating. Even though Nicholson spent a lot of money on this greenhouse, it is for sure a treat for the eyes and will stand the test of time.

Location: The Park, Bicester OX25 6HL, United Kingdom

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

National Garden Scheme chairman Rupert Tyler and architecture designer Charles Rutherfoord must have a taste for a dynamic fusion of the traditional and the modern, as their beautiful London home is a consistent combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Therefore, they decided to make a futuristic Solardome greenhouse in the yard of their home, among an ocean of colorful tulips and plenty of plants.

Location: Newbiggin, Brampton CA8 9DH, United Kingdom

Greenhouse With A Walkway

Author and landscape architect Mary Keen selected a Woodpecker cedar greenhouse for her new Gloucestershire garden.

Mary aimed to design a welcoming and enchanting garden with a touch of astonishment, and she accomplished her aim. Mary Keen’s walk-through Woodpecker greenhouse is a component of the garden circuit, which serves as staging for raising seedlings and overwintering half-hardy plants like geraniums and chrysanthemums.

Location: Olympic House, Bramshall Industrial Estate, Bramshall ST14 8TD, United Kingdom

David Elton: Grow to cook

David Elton is a co-founder of the well-known chains of “The Pig hotels” who decided to create a greenhouse. And after creating this greenhouse for food production, it has become essential for The Pig hotels.

They offer rooms for guests near the kitchen gardens, where their menu includes ingredients from the kitchen garden and locally farmed food over 80% of the time. The chefs modify their meals based on the freshest ingredients available and collaborate with the kitchen gardening staff on what to plant.

Location: Beaulieu Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Adrian Cooper: The Alpine House

A comfortable sea of cultivated Pulsatilla vulgaris in the spring at the top of a terraced slope, where Adrian Cooper’s alpine home is located. It is situated so that it may use the house’s summertime shade and wintertime sunlight to the fullest.

Adrian Cooper custom ordered the alpine house, one of four greenhouses in this treasure trove of a landscape, from Griffin Glasshouses.

The greenhouse inside is beautifully landscaped with a reclaimed brick base built to fit two rows of Kentish ragstone rockwork.  All his alpines have been stored with a brick base since he was little.

Location: Richmond, TW9 3DS, UK


A greenhouse brings plenty of produce. You can decide to sell all the extra fruit, vegetables, and fresh flowers you’ll grow to earn some additional cash. Many folks set up a booth outside their house or sell their harvest at the neighborhood farmer’s market. You might soon be running your greenhouse startup before you realize it!

Today’s greenhouses combine aesthetic appeal with practicality. A vast selection of greenhouse types, materials, and colors is accessible, so you may find one that matches your garden and preferences. Additionally, it will further amaze the senses once it is stocked with your lovely, fragrant plants.

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