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Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Manchester


Digital marketing is crucial in today’s world. Everyone wants to use the internet’s vast power to capture their audience’s attention. Digital marketing comprises numerous important components such as social media, SEO, content, advertising, emails, etc.

Most people find products and services through these means. Your digital marketing strategies should be carefully planned if you want to capture their attention and stand out from other companies.

Hiring digital marketing agencies is a smart choice since they can assist you in building a presence on different marketing channels on the internet. They can help you set achievable goals, stay under your budget, and successfully track ROI.

Fortunately, Manchester has many top-rated digital marketing agencies. Go through this article to find Manchester’s best digital marketing agencies and their unique features.

Top-Rated and Experienced or Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agencies in Manchester

Top-Rated and Experienced or Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agencies in Manchester
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1. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is a trustworthy digital marketing agency that has helped many enterprise clients with search engine optimization and achieving lasting success.

They have many years of experience in the digital marketing industry and are based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Some of their major clients are Lina, Clad Home, Dream Team, and Loan Pig.

Why Do You Hire Pearl Lemon for Digital Marketing?

  • They provide a wide range of services to their clients for the entire duration of their relationship. Some of their services are UX design, overall brand presence, UI, visuals, etc.
  • They have an award-winning and highly-trained team of SEO specialists that help you dramatically increase your organic traffic.
  • They use local ranking factors to enhance your company’s organic visibility.
  • They help solve on-site problems that hinder your growth.

2. Novi.Digital

Novi.digital has won several awards for its exceptional work. They have worked with many top clients from the United Kingdom and abroad. Some of their top clients are Trybooking, MTCS, Crayon, Adventure Travel, etc.

They have taken on many clients from diverse backgrounds, but they usually work with hospitals and healthcare, marketing, and media and entertainment companies.

Why Do You Hire Novi.digital for Digital Marketing?

  • They do data-driven research and are a Google Premier-Partner digital marketing agency.
  • They offer detailed research, analysis, consultancy, SEO, and PPC services to their clients.
  • They believe in putting people first, including their team and their clients.
  • They focus on top-notch communication as they believe it is crucial to offer a satisfactory service.
  • They have a relatively high conversion rate of their clients.
  • They provide excellent email marketing services, PPC marketing, and SEO to their clients. They run social media campaigns for their clients and provide results.

3. PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks is a popular pay-per-click digital marketing company. Housing Hand has been one of their previous prominent clients. Even though this agency is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, it has helped clients worldwide succeed in their goals. They are in the top 3% of the Google Premier Partners.

Why Do You Hire PPC Geeks for Digital Marketing?

  • They focus on innovative and creative ideas to develop strategies for digital marketing.
  • They aim to give their clients more sales on a tight budget and provide them with free PPC audits.
  • They offer carefully researched strategic plans for digital marketing.
  • They can help companies cut costs on baseless advertising.
  • They have many years of experience and provide data-driven plans.
  • They offer a complete analysis of their client’s competitors and business-centered reporting.

4. Digital Media Team

The Digital Media Team is excellent in paid advertising. Its mission is inspired by progress, honesty, and providing results. They are one of the few agencies that employ smart marketing software to enhance their client’s performance.

Why Do You Hire a Digital Media Team for Digital Marketing?

  • They provide advertising and marketing services at an affordable price.
  • Their team focuses on getting the highest returns on money spent on advertisements.
  • They offer excellent quality customer service for their clients.
  • They offer their clients a wide variety of services, such as Shopify web builds, reporting, PPC, email marketing, paid social, and audits.

5. Atomic Digital Marketing

Atomic Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that does not adhere to the idea that one size fits all. Instead, they focus on customizing their marketing solutions and strategies according to their client’s needs. One of their top clients was Appleton Paws, a dog-walking service.

Why Do You Hire Atomic Digital Marketing for Digital Marketing?

  • They offer many digital marketing services to their clients, such as SEO solutions, PPC services, and web design.
  • They focus on content development and on-site optimization.
  • Their team develops a website for your target audience and runs numerous PPC marketing campaigns.
  • They provide expert services, drive targeted leads to increase sales and run crucial campaigns on various search engines.

6. Indiespring

They focus on finding innovative solutions to solve any problems faced by their clients. They offer a transparent cost calculator on their website, which informs you how much a mobile app would cost precisely. They have over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field.

Why Do You Hire Indiespring for Digital Marketing?

  • They are experts in UX design, UI, and application testing mainly focused on mid-market firms and mobile application development.
  • They focus on creating customized mobile apps for their clients to meet their audience’s requirements.
  • They use excellent analytical tools to gather useful data and provide valuable insights about the target audience to their clients.
  • They help you set and achieve goals and offer new opportunities.
  • Their experienced team uses technology to solve their client’s issues.

7. Creative Individuals Digital

Creative Individuals Digital is a widely popular digital marketing agency. Numerous enterprise clients have worked with this agency and are greatly satisfied with the results. They have considerably impacted companies globally, even though they are based in Manchester.

Why Do You Hire Creative Individuals Digital for Digital Marketing?

  • They provide UI, visuals, enhancing the brand image, UI design, UX, etc.
  • They have a collaborative approach and provide studio facilities.
  • They have the latest equipment and ensure a fast turnaround for your business.
  • They are highly affordable and focus on finding creative solutions to your problems.
  • They have an experienced team of creative experts in web design, videography, and photography.

8. CTI Digital

CTI Digital is a trustworthy digital marketing agency, established in 2003. It has won various awards for its work and has a highly coveted team of 150 designers, developers, digital strategists, and marketers. They have worked with numerous clients such as the luxury hotel chain De Vere, Little Green, and The Public Sector’s Greater London Authority.

Why Do You Hire CTI Digital for Digital Marketing?

  • They aim to help their clients understand and succeed in the digital world.
  • They mainly focus on e-commerce development and web development.
  • Their web development work creates customized websites that are easy to use.
  • They offer supplementary advice content and email marketing.


Digital marketing is necessary if you want your business to succeed in today’s world. You cannot ignore the power of the internet and stick to old marketing strategies anymore. It is best to hire a digital marketing agency that fits your requirements.

Before hiring an agency, you must know all the details about the different agencies. Go through this list of the best digital marketing agencies and their features to find the most suitable one for your company.

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