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How to Nail a LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn Campaign
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Linkedin is one of the many channels that can provide B2B companies with amazing results. But only if it is leveraged effectively. In this comprehensive blog post, we run through our 3 tried and tested tactics, all of which are essential to launching a successful LinkedIn campaign. With these at your disposal, you can ensure you continue to generate outstanding results well into the future.

1. Understand your funnel stage

Understanding the funnel stage of your campaign, and where your audience is at in their buyer’s journey, is crucial to securing Linkedin Ads success. Most importantly, your funnel stage needs to match the offer you’re promoting.

For example, if you’re building a top-of-funnel campaign, make sure you have offers that reflect this e.g. ungated blog posts, videos, and infographics. For mid-funnel – eBooks, whitepapers, webinars. For bottom-funnel – case studies, comparison pages, demos. If you don’t find alignment here between the offer and funnel stage, it will be difficult to meaningfully connect with and appeal to your audience.

Your funnel stage also needs to be aligned with your decisions about audience, content, messaging, objective, reporting, ad format, KPIs, and beyond. Funnel stage alignment is our 1 tip for setting up an effective LinkedIn campaign.

2. Nail your audience

Having a clear idea of who your audience is (down to persona), and being able to translate this into the audience you build on LinkedIn is key to perfecting your campaign. If you’re setting up an audience from scratch, we’d recommend using a bunch of trusty filters.

Our go-to’s are location, job functions or titles, industry, seniority, and company size. Get these as targeted as possible and then move on to excluding any people that may fall within these parameters that you don’t want to see your ads e.g. sales managers. Try to stay within the 40,000-400,000K range for optimal results.

If you’re looking at building a warm audience – there are a whole bunch of options for you from retargeting off-website page visits to lead gen forms, LinkedIn page visits, event RSVPs and more. Be strategic!

3. Strategically select your bids

After your audience, your budget and bidding strategy are key to seeing results through this channel. For budget, whether it’s LinkedIn carousel ads, video ads or inmail, we’d recommend going no longer than $100 a day.

For bids, we’d recommend sticking to manual CPC and starting at the bidding floor. This gives you the best chance of maximizing the number of clicks for your budget. From here, check in with your spending and if you’re not spending your budget every day, increase incrementally from there.

Get out there and start smashing your LinkedIn goals

Voila! Our three tips for ensuring Linkedin marketing success. Deploy these and there’s no way your LinkedIn ads campaign will miss the mark. If you need a little bit of a helping hand with your LinkedIn campaign management, Campainless is the ad optimization tool you need. With a steady stream of AI-backed suggestions to keep your campaigns at their best, you’ll be kicking goals in no time.

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