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What is Food Delivery Insurance: Everything You Need to Know


According to the law, any vehicle that is in use or parked needs to have insurance; if not, several penalties can be applied to the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the appropriate insurance coverage in place if you want to work as a delivery person in the UK. Although it is sometimes more costly than a typical personal auto coverage, insurance for food delivery services is still necessary. In this article, you will learn everything about food delivery insurance.

What Does Food Delivery Insurance Mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a large number of eateries to implement food delivery services. In addition, the demand for food deliveries substantially increased during lockdown due to the pandemic.

Several well-known companies, such as UberEats, Swiggy, and Zomato, offer delivery services for many restaurants, and as a result, they advise delivery workers to have fast food delivery insurance.

Fast food delivery insurance is a type of commercial insurance created especially for the expanding food delivery industry. You must therefore have the appropriate insurance for the job if you use your automobile to carry takeout orders from fast food joints or any other type of restaurant. (presumably on a part-time schedule on weekends)

What different types of delivery Vehicle Insurance Policies Exist?

Business-use Policy

If you are using your automobile for any of the following, it must be covered by a business-use policy:

(i) Create sales

(ii) Transporting tools or equipment

(iii) Provide food

(iv) Transporting individuals

(v) Travelling to distant job sites

Without the business-use classification, accidents that occur while carrying on any of these tasks (money-making tasks) might not be insured by a general policy.

Personal Policy

The biggest drawback of a personal policy is that this will not cover any damages that occurred to your vehicle while it was in use for a “business” or while doing something that makes you money, i.e., food delivery. But, you can opt for this policy if you just want to fulfill the law requirements and avoid penalties. It’s usually a good idea to let your insurance provider know how you plan to use your car so they can let you know what kind of coverage they demand. Or else they may reject your claim and prohibit you from renewing your insurance.

Commercial Policy

A commercial policy is more suitable for food delivery persons, but it is more costly than a standard personal policy. This policy will make sure that you are covered even if you get into an unfortunate accident while delivering someone’s order. The rates and costs of this policy will be based on the type of your automobile, its condition, and your driving record.

Why is it important to have food delivery insurance for your vehicle?

You must always have food delivery insurance coverage if you are delivering food by your own personal vehicle, whether it be a car, bike, or even a bicycle.

Let us learn why it is necessary to possess food delivery insurance.

Your employer might occasionally supply you with automobile insurance to protect you while you make deliveries, but more often than not, you’ll need to discuss the food delivery coverage directly with your vehicle insurance company.

There is no requirement to get food delivery insurance if you make deliveries using a workplace vehicle because, in such a situation, your employer bears complete responsibility. However, depending on the company you work for, food delivery insurance may vary and be required if you use a personal vehicle to transport food.

You will not be insured by your standard automobile insurance policy if you use a personal vehicle to make money; instead, you might opt to ask your provider about adding coverage for food delivery. Even so, some employers typically provide you with this insurance. Still, if your workplace does not give you food delivery insurance, you must include it in your coverage as a top priority.

The main reason that you must get food delivery insurance is that you will not be compensated in any way by personal insurance if you ever get into a tragic accident. In such a case, you will have to bear losses on your own, which can be damaging to your hard-earned earnings.

The majority of the time, company owners will have coverage that protects their assets from potential damages if they are involved in a vehicle accident while on the job. Your medical costs might also be covered by this insurance, but it’s unlikely that your automobile will be repaired if it is damaged. So, it is your own obligation to make sure that you are safe from incurring unwanted losses while at work.

To learn how you are protected, talk to your manager and closely examine your employment agreement. Since your regular Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) policy will not cover you against incidents like this, everything you must do in order to secure your food delivery work is to acquire Hire & Reward (H&R) insurance.

Another big reason to have food delivery insurance is that there may be a number of repercussions, some of which could be severe if you are found driving without the appropriate insurance. These might range from a ticket to licensing penalties to have the police confiscate your automobile. Because of this, it’s crucial to confirm that your profession is covered by an adequate insurance policy.

How much would it cost you to get food delivery insurance?

The annual range for business automobiles is between £700 and £1200. Additionally, because courier food delivery vans are classified as commercial vehicles, the same fees also apply to them. Moreover, your policy’s add-ons will typically cost an extra £75 to £250 each.

If you cannot afford to have insurance, start saving up for one as it is only going to save you money in the long run!

Note: The prices mentioned above are approximated. They may vary according to the insurance provider you choose as well as your vehicle’s model, age, value, size, and other factors.


In conclusion, acquiring a takeaway automobile insurance policy will ultimately help you save money. Many people think that they will never get into accidents, and while it is good to think so, it is also necessary to make sure you and your vehicle are safe. Accidents can occur at any time, so you need to have adequate coverage to safeguard your commercial vehicle.

However, not all insurance coverage policies are reasonably priced. Therefore, it is recommended that you research prices online before choosing the insurance provider according to your requirements, as there are plenty of insurance coverage options available in the market.

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