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Best 13 IPTV Service Providers in London


IPTV is the short form for Internet Protocol Television. Instead of using a traditional delivery system of cable and satellite TV formats, it uses IP networks to deliver television content. One of the major upsides of IPTV is that it gives you the ability to stream video content seamlessly and continuously.

In recent years, the IPTV industry has been witnessing exponential growth. According to a report published by Mordor Intelligence on IPTV market growth. Till 2020, the IPTV market was valued at $ 72.24 billion. And at a CAGR of 17.89 percent, the market value will reach $194.21 by 2026.

With growth comes competition and innovation. One of the main reasons behind the increase in IPTV subscribers is to do with advancements and innovations in technology. For IPTV service providers, the technological edge provides a new dimension for improving their services and quality of content.

Today the IPTV market is a growing competitive market with innumerable existing players and more surfacing each year. This article will look at the top 13 IPTV providers in London. Which hopefully will come in handy while choosing your IPTV provider.

Best IPTV Services Providers in London

Among the many IPTV service providers, this list of 13 is based on in-depth research regarding the provider’s quality of services, content, and pricing.

IPTV Trends  

The platform boasts more than 20,000 live television channels. Over 60,000 VOD content. As a result, IPTV Trends is one of the most recommended and subscribed IPTV services. IPTV Trends is most suitable for watching local and international television channels live.

Features of IPTV Trends  

  • It supports HD, HQ, and 4k resolution.
  • Availability of multiple connections.
  • Compatible with all devices.

Yeah! IPTV

Second, on the list is Yeah! IPTV. Here you will be able to watch quality content at the most reasonable rates. The platform has more than 6,000 live HD and FHD TV stations and individual channels dedicated to specific content.

Features of Yeah! IPTV

  • Compatible with all devices and IPTV players.
  • No restrictions regarding the location of Internet Protocol or IP addresses.
  • Dedicated channels for sports, entertainment, children, and adults.

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is best for watching popular shows and movies with high resolution. The platform hosts a diverse range of national and international movies and web series. There you can watch in any language of your preference.

Features of Xtreme HD IPTV

  • It supports a multi-screen option.
  • More than 16,000 channels, national and international.
  • Compatible with all devices and supports all major IPTV players.

Apollo Group TV

Unlike most other IPTV service providers, Apollo Group TV has come as a high-end entertainment platform. Therefore, Apollo Group TV is fast becoming one of the most popular IPTV service providers with innovative features and functionality.

Features of Apollo Group TV

  • A massive library of high-quality entertainment content.
  • A vast array of live television channels.
  • It supports most IPTV players and is compatible with devices.


If you use different devices to watch your favorite shows and sporting events, IPTV Tune will be perfect. This platform provides stable connections and high-quality content at low price points.

Features of IPTV Tune

  • Over 10,000 channels and 20,000 popular movies.
  • The uptime percentage is 99.99%.
  • The service comes with the availability of reselling options.


MOM IPTV comes with a private server with a bandwidth of over 10GBPS. The platform has over 12000 channels and uses the latest anti-freeze technology to ensure efficient compression and high-quality output.

Features of MOM IPTV

  • Round the clock, 24/7 availability of customer service.
  • Use of sophisticated and high-end technology.
  • Robust and stable network.

Typhoon Labs TV

Typhoon Labs TV is one of the UK’s dedicated OTT and IPTV service providers. This platform is perfect for sports and games fanatics with over 300 sports channels. Game passes are available for games and sports like Football, Cricket, NBA, NFL, and others.

Features of Typhoon Labs TV

  • Over 300 sports and 1500 live television channels.
  • It supports HD and FHD with EPG.
  • The service comes with 48 hours of a free trial.

Nikon IPTV

With over 4 years as a worldwide IPTV service provider, Nikon IPTV houses over 15000 international television channels and more than 60,000 video-on-demand content. It is one of the best and most reputable IPTV services providers across the globe.

Features of Nikon IPTV

  • The platform uses state-of-the-art anti-freezing technology.
  •  Wide variety of live TV channels and a vast library of VODs.
  • High-quality service both in terms of content and picture resolution.

TV Subscription

The IPTV platform that TV Subscription provides is easy and very convenient to set up. The platform supports 4k and 8k picture resolutions. Come with a diverse bouquet of television channels and VODs content.

Features of TV Subscription

  • Over 20,000 online channels and 16,000 television channels.
  • 4k and 8k picture quality.
  • Flexible subscription plans.

4K Stream UK

Here you will be able to live stream all your favorite sports from worldwide in HD. The platform offers more than 15000 movies and television shows instantly accessible, and they update their VOD library on a daily basis.

Features of 4K Stream UK

  • Compatible with all devices, Android phones and boxes, MAG, Smart TV, Apple devices, and many more.
  • The platform comes with a reseller plan.
  • Live chat and voice support on a 24/7 basis.


This IPTV platform offers over 1500 premium, and mixed SD and HD live television channels. As a result, they are one of the fastest-growing IPTV service providers in the UK, IPTV UK has over 2500 subscribers. Their VOD database is regularly updated to bring you only the best content.

Features of IPTV UK

  • Over 2500 television channels and a collection of more than 3000 VOD content.
  • It is compatible with MAG, Dreamlink T1, WebTV, XBMC/Kodi, and IOS and Android devices.
  • Stable server with zero freezing and stuttering.

Flash Media IPTV

Subscribing to Flash Media premium IPTV service gives you access to more than 7000 VODs updated weekly and over more than 5000 international television channels.

Features of Flash Media IPTV

  • The service provides high resolution channels, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • It supports multi-device access on a single account.
  • Compatible with all streaming devices.


As the name suggests, Worthystream is an IPTV service provider worth subscribing to. The platform has an ‘electronic program guide’ functionality that makes navigation and moving from one channel extremely easy and convenient.

Features of Worthystream

  • The platform has more than 15,000 television channels and 20,000 plus movies and VOD.
  • Electronic Program Guide for easy navigation across the platform.
  • Very easy to set up and install.


The IPTV industry is booming, which means more new players in the market, resulting in more competition, and for consumers more choices. This article’s list of 13 IPTV service providers is a general list. They each have their positives and their negatives. As a consumer, it is always wise to know what you are looking for in your IPTV service provider. It can be just sports, news, movies, and so on. Once you know what you will be using the IPTV platform the most, you will know which IPTV service provider in the UK to choose.

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