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11 Super Luxury Restaurants in London With An Eye-Catching Ambience


London is the capital city of England and is one of the most visited places in the world. The town has many art galleries, upmarket boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, bars, music, and sporting venues. Also, London has countless luxurious hotels and cafes. The restaurants in London not only have good food, but each has a unique ambience and well-designed architecture.

After visiting this city, one must create a proper itinerary to see all the restaurants mentioned above and taste the unique flavour of the food and drinks served there, along with the splendid ambience. The city has many great shopping places and tourist places to visit too. Hence, one can shop for the whole day, watch a movie in a theatre and enjoy a great dinner in highly recommended restaurants.

Book a ticket to London, explore the city, eat great food and add great memories to your photo album. Also, one must experience a cruise ride on the Thames river with your spouse and enjoy every second of the cruise. Harry Potter fans can also take the Harry Potter guided walking tour and relieve the childhood memories of watching and reading Harry Potter. Visit London as early as possible and enjoy the culinary experience with your loved ones.

There are many great restaurants in London, but finding the right restaurant as per one’s mood is a challenging task; hence here is a list of the eleven most luxurious restaurants in London. One can visit any of these restaurants to spend quality time with spouse, friends, colleagues, or family.

11 Most Luxurious Restaurants In London

Most Luxurious Restaurants In London
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One must visit the following below-mentioned restaurants at least once in a lifetime. These restaurants are luxurious, offer fantastic cuisine, and have a wonderful ambience.

1. The Maine London

The Maine restaurant has a great ambience with a show-stopping chandelier. Also, the jazz band in the restaurant provides fantastic entertainment to the visitors, which adds more flavours to the meal. This underground glamorous jazz club is the best place to enjoy dinner with your loved ones and the jazz music. The restaurant serves fantastic seafood and specialises in signature dishes like the shrimp cocktail and tuna tartare with avocado.

Attractions of The Maine London

  • For the main course, the Maine lobster is the best choice.
  • One must try the pink cedar salmon with sriracha butter for dinner.
  • Along with the flavoursome food and jazz music, one can also enjoy seeing the burlesque dancers.

Address: Unit 6, Medici Courtyard Back Entrance of, 20 Hanover Square, London W1S 1JY, United Kingdom

2. Madera at Treehouse London

The Madera restaurant is located at the top of the Treehouse hotel in London and specialises in excellent Mexican food. One can enjoy excellent food here along with the eye-catching view of London. The restaurant offers fantastic Mexican food with bold flavours, prepared with organic ingredients. The restaurant’s lights, ambience, and décor add more flavours to the food. Hence, this is one of the best places to go for a dinner date with your closest one.

Attractions of Madera at Treehouse London

  • The restaurant offers a finger-licking selection of food throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner.
  • One must try the Pan Plano Mexican flatbreads and chorizo bowls in this beautiful restaurant.
  • Even on weekends, the restaurant offers the best Mexican flavours for brunch.

Address: 14-15 Langham Pl, London W1B 2QS, United Kingdom

3. Darwin Brasserie

This luxury restaurant named Darwin Brasserie in London is located at the top of the Walkie-Talkie. The restaurant provides its customers with the city’s best view and mouth-watering food. It is an all-day brasserie that offers a fabulous view of the city during the day and at night. The restaurant is expensive as it provides various dishes which one can find in high-end business hotels.

Attractions of Darwin Brasserie

  • It is London’s highest rooftop brasserie and gives a view of the Thames from the 36th level.
  • One can also visit their wonderful sky gardens and enjoy delicious food.
  • One can spend a good evening here with one’s friends and drink incredible drinks.

Address:  Level 36 Sky Garden, 20 Philpot Ln, London EC3M 8AF, United Kingdom

4. Helix at Gherkin

The Helix is a posh and lavish restaurant located on the thirty-ninth floor of the Gherkin. It offers an epic 180-degree view of the city. The best time to visit this restaurant is during the night, as night London looks like a Gotham city from this restaurant. The restaurant serves fantastic British-style cooking and has rustic canteen-style seating.

Attractions of Helix at Gherkin

  • The restaurant offers not only proper ambience but also offers impressive meals.
  • The price of the meals is reasonable, and one can enjoy the bustling streets and the river below.
  • One can come to this place to relax with friends and enjoy delicious evening snacks.

Address:  The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BF, United Kingdom

5. Sketch London

The Sketch is a high-end restaurant in London that is popular for the original art decoration it displays. The restaurant’s art and theme attract many citizens to it daily. It is the best place to have dinner with one’s complete family. The restaurant displays more than 200 artworks created by the famous artist David Shrigley.

Attractions of Sketch London

  • The restaurant resembles some setting of a Wes Anderson movie.
  • Their authentic menu, along with the architecture, mesmerises the customer immediately.
  • It is a Michelin-star rated restaurant in London with post and inviting interiors.

Address:  9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG, United Kingdom

6. Aqua low-lit restaurant

The Aqua low-lit restaurant is situated on the 5th floor in a building and offers the best view of London’s riverside cityscape. It is located at the right height and allows the citizens to enjoy fantastic views. One can enjoy the view from Tower Bridge to the London Eye in the daytime. And, at night, one can enjoy the reflection of light on the water and the fantastic food in the restaurant.

Attractions of Aqua low-lit restaurant

  • One can enjoy unique contemporary British flavours in this restaurant for dinner.
  • For an afternoon cup of tea, one can even spend time in the casual lounge.
  • The meals here are pocket-friendly, and one can enjoy quality time here with one’s date.

Address:  5th Floor 240 Regent Street, (Entrance 30 Argyll St) W1F 7EB, London W1B 3BR, United Kingdom

7. Le Pont de la tour : French Restaurant London

Le Pont de la tour is one of the top-rated restaurants in London, and it offers fantastic views of Tower Bridge and beyond. The restaurant is well-lit and offers unique flavours around the globe. The restaurant’s architecture and atmosphere are peaceful and enlighten one’s mood after visiting it. It focuses on unique dishes all around the world.

Attractions of Le Pont de la tour

  • The riverside beauty adds to the restaurant’s ambience and the food’s flavour.
  • This restaurant also offers a conventional brasserie-style bar and grill.
  • One can also try their Bistrot, which recently opened.

Address:  36D Shad Thames, London SE1 2YE, United Kingdom

8. Chinese Restaurant Min Jiang

Min Jiang is an underrated yet very fantastic restaurant in the city. It offers an amazing view of the city’s surroundings and authentic Chinese food. The restaurant is situated on the tenth floor of the most famous Royal Garden Hotel. The restaurant is designed with white wooden furniture and mirrors in some places in a simplistic manner.

Attractions of Chinese Restaurant Min Jiang

  • The long dining room of the restaurant gives a panorama of Hyde Park.
  • There is also jazz music, which plays most of the time.
  • The Beijing duck served here is the best dish to try.

Address: 2, 24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT, UK

9. Japanese, Brazilian & Peruvian Cuisine at SushiSamba

Sushisamba is a lavish restaurant situated at the top of the Heron Towers and has a very glittery ambience at night. The restaurant serves fantastic Brazilian-Japanese food at pocket-friendly rates. The best thing about this place is the fusion it creates with food. One must visit this place to experience its attractive décor.

Attractions of Sushisamba

  • One can try the premium shakes and cocktails on their menu.
  • Also, the views from the terrace are splendid compared to other places.
  • The dishes are pretty affordable and contain many great flavours.

Address:  Heron Tower, Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, United Kingdom

10. Roof garden at pantechnicon

This roof garden restaurant’s greenery and wooden architecture are unique and more pleasing than any other garden-themed restaurant. One can visit this place, enjoy the food, relax and get a chic vibe. It is located on the fourth floor and provides a decent view of the surroundings, along with tasty meals and unique drinks.

Attractions of the Roof garden at pantechnicon

  • It offers not only Nordic but also Japanese-inspired flavours.
  • One can try the beef short rib sando with wholegrain mustard and seasonal cocktails.
  • Also, trying the lingonberry cosmopolitan and pine forest cocktails can be a great option.

Address:  19 Motcomb St, London SW1X 8LB, United Kingdom

11. London Stock

The London Stock is a fine dining restaurant located in the Southern part of the city. The intimate tables, low lights, and architecture establish this place’s relaxing and cosy dining environment. The restaurant has a very industrial type of décor, which makes it different from other dining places. They offer a seasonal eight-course tasting menu priced at 70 Euros.

Attractions of London Stock

  • One must try their most recommended cocktail, the Final Fig.
  • The restaurant offers flavourful delicacies from most parts of the world.
  • Vegetarians can always opt for oyster mushrooms and creamy risottos.

Hence, these were the best-rated eleven restaurants in London, which one must try after going on a London trip.

Address: 2 Bubbling Well Square, Ram Quarter, London SW18 1UQ, United Kingdom


These were the top-rated restaurants, but London still has many great places other than this. London is a city where one can find more than fifty excellent restaurants, cafes, and bars to eat good food, enjoy with friends, and drink incredible drinks, cocktails, and wines. The other equally popular restaurants in London are the Parlour, Hide, Amazonico, Trullo, Amaranto, Lucky Cat, Gloria, and many more exciting places.

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