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8 Luxury Turkish Restaurants in London With Yummie Taste


Turkish cuisine is as diverse as its culture. Savory dishes, sweet dishes, and any other food it offers will satisfy our cravings for different tastes. People often like new cuisines, but if their first try does not appeal to their taste buds, their experience with that cuisine will end before it begins. So if you want to try new cuisines, it is better to look for places that offer the best.

Fancy cuisines can be available at different places, but luxury restaurants are places that will not disappoint. They offer the best cuisine, food, services, and ambiance. Their designs and atmosphere are designed to help people relax and enjoy the true essence of their food. Turkish cuisine in London is gaining fame, and some of these places offer the best Turkish cuisine for anyone.

Where To Find Delicious Turkish Food in London

1. Ishtar Restaurant

Ishtar is a contemporary and traditional Turkish cuisine; charcoal-grilled skewers, live entertainment, and belly dancing are available at the restaurant. The restaurant is located on Crawford Street, London.

Things You Need to Know about Ishtar Restaurant

  • The restaurant designed the interior to give the customers a feeling of warmth and relaxation to enjoy their food.
  • The restaurant offers Turkish and Mediterranean, European, and Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • Under each cuisine, they also offer meals for different kinds of diets, including vegetarian, gluten-free and halal.
  • The restaurant is a complete luxury restaurant with a takeaway and delivery service and a full bar, and it is also wheelchair accessible, so it is customer friendly.
  • They try to accommodate all kinds of diets, and this service is available for delivery also.
  • Many customers suggest trying Mediterranean cuisine starters.
  • They also list Turkish coffee and wines as a must for anyone who eats at the restaurant.

Address-  10-12 Crawford St, London W1U 6AZ, United Kingdom

2. Petek Restaurant

Petek restaurant is a family-run restaurant that offers well-known Turkish food in a warm, comfortable setting. The place is located at Stroud Green Road, London.

Things You Need to Know about Petek Restaurant

  • The restaurant was established in 2005 and had Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine on the menu.
  • It has interior designs and art pieces on the wall that reflect the culture.
  • Customers love the ambiance as much as they love the food.
  • They offer meals for diets like vegetarian, gluten-free and halal.
  • They offer wheelchair-accessible services and outdoor seating for those who want it.
  • They have various cuisines and an extensive menu.
  • The restaurant has Turkish-style hot and cold meze plates for starters, a meal that customers often choose.
  • They also have an extensive menu of Turkish drinks and wines.

Address- 96 Stroud Green Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3EN, United Kingdom

3. Tower Mangal Turkish Restaurant

Tower Mangal is a casual place that offers hearty Turkish cuisine and teas. The site also offers a takeout service located at Tower Bridge Road, London. The restaurant is open for meals from lunchtime until late-night drinks.

Things You Need to Know about Tower Mangal Turkish Restaurant

  • Their menu boasts Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • They also designed the indoors for customers to feel comfortable while having their meals.
  • Their menu includes vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and halal meals with specialties available from each cuisine.
  • They are children-friendly, and their staff is polite, friendly, and helpful.
  • The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible, with indoor seating plans only.
  • Due to Covid regulations, also follow a strict sanitizing plan between customers and provide sanitizers at every table.

Address- 55-57 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4TL, United Kingdom

4. Sumak Restaurant

Sumak Restaurant is a late-night friendly restaurant. Its menu features traditional Turkish food. The restaurant is located on Tottenham Lane, London.

Things You Need to Know about Sumak Restaurant

  • The restaurant offers Turkish and local cuisine, along with a few others.
  • It is open from lunch to dinner and gives drinks but not after dinner hours.
  • They offer takeaway and delivery service, and it is also wheelchair accessible.
  • Customers can request a high chair if they need one.
  • It is the perfect restaurant to have a meal with friends and is well-lit and comfortable.
  • They have a large selection of traditional Turkish drinks and affordable Turkish wines for you and your friends.

Address- 141 Tottenham Ln, London N8 9BJ, United Kingdom

5. Haz Bar and Restaurant London

HAZ is a restaurant founded by three skilled and enthusiastic Turkish entrepreneurs. They wish to introduce visitors to authentic flavors. The restaurant is located at Houndsditch, London.

Things You Need to Know about Haz Bar and Restaurant London

  • The restaurant has vegetarian-friendly meals on its menu.
  • They offer two styles of cuisine – Turkish and Mediterranean.
  • They have a warmly lit interior, giving it a homely feel.
  • It is open for lunch and dinner with drinks available.
  • You can make reservations or order takeout or delivery that is wheelchair friendly. You can also ask for highchairs if needed.
  • They have a full bar, and customers can also use free Wi-Fi.
  • The restaurant always tries to give its customers authentic Turkish meals and tastes.

Address- 64 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AW, United Kingdom

6. Beyti Ocakbasi London

Beyti is a typical Turkish cafe that has been open for 16 years. The restaurant serves kebabs and other comfort foods that can be purchased for delivery or immediate consumption. The restaurant is located at Green Lanes, London.

Things You Need to Know about Beyti Ocakbasi London

  • They have Turkish cuisine and a few others.
  • The restaurant also offers meals that are diet-friendly for those who are trying new diets.
  • Their menu specializes in meals made from traditional and authentic Turkish recipes.
  • They also offer a seafood platter that most Turkish restaurants do not.
  • In addition, they have takeaway and reservation services, although it is not yet wheelchair friendly.
  • Their menu has lunch and dinner meals and courses, and smaller groups can try out their special meals styled after Turkish recipes.
  • The staff is friendly, and the interior has a very authentic and warm Turkish atmosphere.

Address- 113 Green Lanes, Newington Green, London N16 9DA, United Kingdom

7. Fora Restaurant

Fora are one of London’s most excellent Turkish restaurants. It is another restaurant featuring Turkish cuisine located in Houndsditch, London. The place mainly cooks meals that are inspired by Ottoman cuisine.

Things You Need to Know about Fora Restaurant

  • They provide Turkish cuisine for lunch and dinner, along with drinks.
  • They have various services, are wheelchair friendly, and provide high chairs.
  • Their menu has a variety of Turkish dishes perfect for a warm lunch or dinner.
  • The restaurant promises quality food to all their customers and always tries to reduce the waiting time for all their customers with their efficient team.

Address- 34-36 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7DB, United Kingdom

8. ET House Turkish Restaurant

ET House Turkish Restaurant is a modern-styled Turkish restaurant serving mouthful dishes and a warm environment. The restaurant is located at Fortress Road, London.  

Things You Need to Know about ET House Turkish Restaurant

  • Their interior has a modern design and colorful Turkish pieces – a combination that customers love.
  • They offer reservations as well as takeaway services.
  • It specializes in Turkish cuisine with an extensive menu of over thirty Turkish dishes.
  • They have essential Turkish starters and also Turkish drinks.
  • Unlike other Turkish cuisine restaurants, this one also has local cuisine and has various sections on the menu with these dishes.

Address- 151 Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HR, United Kingdom


Turkish dishes are exquisite, but these restaurants offer not just the food but the dining experience. They offer traditional food and design indoors and outdoors to give customers a warm feeling. The atmosphere, or ambiance, completes the meal experience.

Other restaurants have Turkish cuisine. But without authenticity, the meal will feel like any other meal. So check out restaurants that give you the entire experience, not just the food you are looking for.

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